George W. Bush Confronted on 9/11 & war crimes in Florida!

George Bush Jr. comes to Florida to promote his new book , "Decision Points",memoirs, we are change tampa confront him on 9/11,torture and him being a war criminal. We are assaulted by police and are followed and confronted by secret service for speaking truth.

Good job reminding him..

that he is a war criminal.

Go Patriots

Nice work guys ! Brave confrontation. Disappointing to hear so many uniformed people cheering this criminal. I can't believe he repeats he saw the first plane hit!

He repeats he saw the first plane hit?

Don't have the time to watch the video, but if he insists that he actually saw the first plane hit LIVE, or even only minutes after the event, shouldn't an effort be made to summon him to court to testify, as the first hit was only broadcast later in the day?