‘Building What?’ lands on Fox TV’s Geraldo At Large By Jerry Mazza Online Journal Associate Editor


‘Building What?’ lands on Fox TV’s Geraldo At Large
By Jerry Mazza
Online Journal Associate Editor

Nov 16, 2010, 00:23

Miracle of miracles, memories of an even younger, crusading Rivera talking on his show, Geraldo at Large on Fox News about the “Building What?” TV ad campaign!

Geraldo began with the standard reference to all those edgy protestors who rallied in front of Larry Silverstein’s new Building 7, shouting “9/11 was an inside job.” He added “c’mon, get a life.” But then, lo, he turned the phrase to say perhaps these protestors weren’t so nutty after all.

Now, he said, there was evidence that Building 7 was taken down in a classic internal demolition. He then introduced his panel, Bob McIlvaine (who looked ready to jump out of his skin). Bob had lost a son in Tower 1 and still carried a deep grief that often, understandably turned to anger. Geraldo treated him with all due respect. He also introduced engineer Tony Szamboti to explain the technical aspect of the internal demolition. It was good to see Rivera willing to help explain the technical talk in TV speak to his audience.

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Again, since this story is getting out there...

Take a look at this thread.


says the Silverstein recieved $500 Million in compensatition for WTC7.

this thread

yes there is not a one big conspiracy of all elites including old money (big banking families of last 100 years) and new military power mongers (CIA bush I, neocon), etc marching in lock step

its an expanding empire

those consist of the wealthy, politicians beholden to moneylenders or election backers these days, military power mongers thru CIA etc these days

the wealthy have a split within themselves of patrician/populist

parallels to rome highlighted by michael parenti in his recent book , The Assassination of Julius Caesar

within an empire there are military people a la octavian (like neocons)
patricians (old money) like the metelli (eg rockefellers, wealthy thru industry, central banking con trick and resources exploitation)
populists - that is to say amongst the aristocrats there are some who want to benefit the people
eg the kennedys
populists that get popped off
(READ THE BOOK- jc was a populist over land reform)
JC similar to JFK RFK Lincoln

when the military/political people have a populist leader threatening the upwards redistribution of wealth then the patricians pop that leader off

when the military/political have an octavianesque leader - bush (either one) obama who benefits the patricians they happily coexist
during empiric expansion the upwards redistribution of resources of conquered nations benefits the patricians

but remember within the elites there are patricians and populists

the populists know the dangers so they arent lemmings jumping off cliffs anymore like a long line of lincolns and kennedys

and as Zbigniew Brezinsky said, the key to world domination is a stranglehold on Eurasia, thats what 9/11 is all about

Endless upwards redistribution of wealth

Endless War enabling it

Endless referencing 9/11 as the reason for it


pls donate to Building What / NYCCAN- work some overtime to pay for it - thats what i did
looking at Bob McIlvaine on Fox makes me feel i got enormous bang for my 2000 bucks

quoting from: http://www.voltairenet.org/article165906.html#article165906 :
"Since the beginning of the Anglo-American invasion, the U.S. Department of the Interior and the British Government have been sending engineers from the U.S. Geological Survey and the British Geological Survey. Current financial estimates are based on their 2007 reports. They certify the existence of gigantic quantities of iron, copper, cobalt, gold, lithium, etc..

It was equally on the basis of these reports that both the Bush Administration, towards the end of its mandate, and the Obama Administration made their decision to escalate the U.S. and NATO military effort in Afghanistan."