Geraldo Follow Up On "Freedom Watch"

Here's a follow up with Judge Napolitano cajoling Geraldo to say...pretty much what he said a week ago.

See for yourself

Douche Quote of the Segment

"I've investigated the Bermuda Triangle."

More Progress

Interesting that Geraldo was the man to first air the Zapruder film and that the Zapruder film of 9/11 (WTC 7 collapse footage) persuaded Geraldo to re-visit 9/11.

Having respected figures like Napalitano and Rivera seriously discussing who was behind 9/11 on Fox News is huge progress.

I agree. "Repeat the message"

"Repeat the message" is a key element in forwarding 9/11 Truth. Having these public figures "repeat the message" is a windfall investment return on the Building 7 Campaign.

Public figures range the spectrum in awareness (just like the common citizen). Some are more awake and more responsible than others.

They seem to be taking the building what ad seriously,

The emotionl card has been pulled out but the OC for years, now it is pulled out by the truth movement they have seemd to taken heed.

We have come a long way since the Beck comments about 9/11 family members.

this is still a little bizzare, after years of ingorance, I expect some twist to this...

Is Fox going rogue?

Could there be some seismic shift at play?

When I heard Sen. Jay Rockefeller say he wants to shut down Fox and MSNBC it makes you wonder.

Certainly not...?

Fox is owned by PNAC signatories, the government does not have control over pay to use television as that is a free enterprise.

The is a stinking Rat here, or maybe there are 'hissy fits' going on within the elite, maybe some are not playing the game for others.

I sure hope so, as the best way to dissolve the power of these people is to infultrate them from the inside.

Regardless, the exposure the truth is getting only excellerates the effeciveness of the truth movement.

I have very recently been banned fro the Speakers corner (political forum) of my usual website after i debated the deniers into a corner. I was banned for a personal attack (calling someone an idiot) all the whie others were allowed to call me nutjob, tin hatter, idiot [go figure], etc etc.). The moderator (that banned me) is looked at, and respected as an intellectual by the others and has invested his reputation and integrety in the OC over the past 8 years while we have been debating the subject/s of 9/11. Banning me was the best/only way to shut me down as they were pushed into a corner over nano thermite and it's residues.

They (the deniers) are certainly running out of excuses and alternative tactics are needed now to keep the lies afloat.

We all know it will sink at one point, but when will that be?

Good job, but...

I wonder what they would have done if you had not called anyone an idiot? Would they have somehow found another reason to ban?


Usually however they just run silent or make some straw man argument to detract from the point.

The usual denier stuff.

It is only because of the hard work done by many here and in other avenues that allowed me to have the information to put them in the corner, the research had been done, the presentations made and the papers peer reviewed.

Keep up the hard work guys.

Your "hangout"

Like you, I had sort of a "hangout" place, called I got banned from the common thread too, but, was given a thread, that none go to, to discuss that which we all know, and they dare not even look. I drop links for them to see. No comments follow. Cordiality is the best they can do. Evidence galore, and they choose to ignore it, ignorance intact, and intentionally so. They really resent my reminding them how courageous the firefighters were that day, yet they haven't the courage to merely look at evidence of that day. So, my greatest crime, is that I confront them with their own "scream" objectivity. Yeah, that is the scariest thing of all. Time to be an asset to the cause, for the good of all, or an ass and a sucking syringe off the body of the United States population. Let's see some more gutsy journalism which our history books will honor. Let's see some real journalistic heroes, that lose their jobs but have their integrity. That mankind will revere for their strength of character, and the restoration of democracy free from corporate control will be the dominant factor, the best for humanity, versus the best for Corporate America. We've lost ground, humanity in recent years, may the restoration of the strength of character of journalists be visible again. It is so important to be exposing all along the way, the violations of democracy. Only a fool would deny the facts presented in video documentation, yet all deny looking. Makes me wonder who has dared look among them. Are they so intimidated as to fear looking? That is where it's at. Look or not look? Like Niels Harrit said, "you see it, and you either speak up, or live in shame forever" Too many know that they could not bear being called names. How shallow, and weak is that? There are no words. I applaud all of us.

You struck me in the funnybone

Blubonnet, thanks for that.
"they could not bear being called names. How shallow, and weak is that? "
Nice post.


I second the motion: this is a good post, bluebonnet, thanks.

Also, I notice your likewise excellent posts, in comments to these various Geraldo pieces going up here and there at so-called alternative news sites.

I honestly suspect people just feel totally stymied when faced with the plain facts about 9-11. I feel that way too, frankly. But for some reason, people at blogger and like-minded sites can manage that utterly unsettled feeling, whereas mostly, people can't...

...yet. Are things changing? I think so.

I'll take it ...

Its a start and I'll take it.

Hopefully we'll see both of these two take the next step. But no matter what a lot more people are going to be looking into what's been said, and that can't be a bad thing.

No worries mate

Geraldo: "Let me take one brief [giant] step backward. ROFLMAO ;-)

No worries big G. Thanks for sticking your neck out. Did the PTB put a bug in your ear?

Geraldo repeated what he said about 1,300 A&Es.

The judge played the 30 second "Building What?" clip - to how many people? This is a win.

Let him "come to bury WTC 7, not to praise it" on every talking head show.

ETA: This is what happens every time. Someone talks about 9/11 and then they either say that they are not going to do that any more like KMPH in Fresno after interviewing RG, or get fired like Rosie, or back pedal like Geraldo. He did not change his mind that much, that fast, on his own. Even Glenn Beck "got the word" when he said he could not refute the FEMA camps. That evening he did a 180 and has towed the line ever since. Don't be shocked if he turns with the tide.

The PTB would like to "put us back on ignore" but Geraldo "coming out of the closet" about 9/11 says they don't have total control and they are trying to hold back the tide with their hands.

After thought: Geraldo made a comment about racial profiling which makes him a bad buy in our eyes. Strange he should say that right after backpedaling. It was irrelevant and this was a script IMO. I think the PTB made him say that to separate us from him. Divide and conquer. Let's not forget, his piece on 9/11 was the first fair coverage on MSM TV since KMPH interviewed Richard Gage.

Any bets on Geraldo's show getting canceled in the near future?


1.That at no point does Judge Napolitano actually support or denounce the evidence. Does Judge not have an opinion of the footage?

2. This is the second time that Fox news has aired the line about those lousy truthers..maybe onto something really real.

3. If Geraldo is genuinely questioning WTC7, what do you suppose he would say after a viewing of "Blueprint for Truth". What if we all flood his assistants/office with it!

You know with the holiday's coming up and all.

Reminiscent of a controlled demolition?

That's the best you could Geraldo? It looks exactly like one. He still does not pass the smell test with me anyway. I want him to utter the words "it fell in absolute free-fall.." Just like NIST was made to say it, so should he. We all knew that once NIST admitted free-fall their entire report would be discredited. Same principle here. He talks and acts like he never looked at the website to learn ANY evidence or more about the group. So much for your crack investigative skills there GR.

I still can't trust him and, like others, I am waiting to see what his angle is. I wonder if just to trying and drag it out by taking the cause of WTC7 and backing it with little or no facts other than what it "looks" like and 1300 A&E's, leaving others to re-use old tired arguments like "no way they could have rigged wtc7, it was too secure." or "someone would have talked by now". Notice he didn't say anything about looking into further, checking out evidence for yourself, I went to the website to see their arguments.. nothing. Another mockingbird mouthpiece? I am still willing to extend him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he is just testing the waters, I can't say. Let's see if he lands on Bill-O next...

peace everyone

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
“It is natural for man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth … For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.” -- Patrick Henry

Reminds Me Of Something Else

I was thinking the other night of how right after Obama took office there was an announcement that the military was going to lift it's ban on showing all the dead soldiers returning from the "wars" in the mideast. But what has happened since? They are still sneaking the planes into Dover in the middle of the night. So we are supposed to think there has been a good change, when it was really just a PR move. And that was two years ago. Could this be similar?

I don't see it that way..

When Obama lifted that ban, it was just lip service because when do you see a casket arriving since he lifted that ban? Never. so nothing changed. When Obama says "we don't torture", it means nothing. You can still be renditioned to Bagram or some other CIA black site. I certainly wouldn't want to be taken there for "enhanced interrogation".

There is nothing to gain for any corporation, government, individual by the truth coming out. I feel there is still an angle to be played here. If GR was a legitimate reporter, concerned for the truth, government watchdog, protector of the people and free speech, and so on; I would think he'd be running around all over TV like his head was on fire to get the message out. Instead we get controlled verbage, cautious skepticism, and the propensity to trust our mafia style government.

I am guessing they are going to try the same thing with 9/11 similar to what was done with JFK after the Zapruder film. Let the big mistake out there, get a another congressional "investigation" and just ignore the findings and close the book. Even though the new committee on JFK (and other assassinations) determined that it was likely a conspiracy, no new criminal investigation was launched. I don't know, its hard to say, 9/11 seems too big to me to get away with that strategy, but we'll see. That's my speculation.

peace everyone
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"It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets".
- Voltaire
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did Geraldo say?

"I call for racial profiling, I think that it's time." @ the 3:50 mark?

(sigh) At least the Building What? ad got played again.

"...and the government didn't

"...and the government didn't cause it, didn't know about it, and won't tell us about it?" To me that's telling in the way this potential ruse might be headed.

"Could the most obnoxious

"Could the most obnoxious protesters in recent years be right if the explosives were there, and the Government didn't cause it, didn't know about it, but won't tell us about it?" - Judge Napolitano - Interesting way to frame it wouldn't you say?

I sure hope Geraldo doesn't have a "debunker" on to "debunk" WTC7 in an attempt to shut us up once and for all. As if that's our only issue. Of course, we, overall, don't help to dissuade that idea.

Bob McIlvaine was on Rosie O'Donnell's show on Thursday. I have been unable to find a recording. If anyone knows how to get sirius recordings, please let me know. Thanks.

Re: "Could the most obnoxious....

"I sure hope Geraldo doesn't have a "debunker" on to "debunk" WTC7 in an attempt to shut us up once and for all. "

Shyam Sunder seems to have joined the witness relocation program. The best they could do would be to find some hapless sap like Michael Shermer.

It would be enough...

If their intention is to discredit us.

His name anagrams to

US has my nerd

His parents must have known that he would turn to the dark side when they named him.

I find it a little unsettling

that the Judge did not even bring up his grounbreaking interviews w/ Col Anthony Shafeer & ex CIA Bin Laden head Mike Schurer.

How do you reach the important conclusion on your own show that the 911 Commision Report is a total lie & then not connect it to WTC7 demolition?

there are consequences

It is unsettling but not surprising.. I am still amazed that Geraldo may be somewhat sincere.. which means he might have been sincere when he was debunking 9/11 truth, too.. and finally is real enough to question the obvious free-fall downward collapse of a building that was hit by no planes. Overcoming denial for some is not easy because of the consequences of what that truth means - everything he once believed gets turned upside down with a government threatening/lying and not protecting us.

The Judge is in the loop.. most likely knows the truth.. but if she goes there.. too far.. knows there would be consequences for oneself and family.. when you are in the loop you are warned of potential consequences.. and they usually have something over you when you are in that position.. It will be interesting as more realize the truth and what will happen then.. we'll see.. thanks for posting this and comments..

By by way.. I posted a new issue of FN yesterday - . CA Missile Intel * Injustice * Grim Reaper

Perhaps Geraldo is just waking up: Maybe

I am not entirely convinced but it would be nice. He doesn't liike or believe in Conspiracy Theories so the Zapruder Film doesn't do it for him eh? That in itself is troubling. However, over all increasing awareness of 911 truth and perhaps even a little respect for the truthers is HUGE! I'll take that all day long.
MY BIG concern is a potential limited hangout. I for one think we need to start linking the collapse of WTC7 to the collapse of the Twin Towers. I am disappointed that the site does not link to the A&E site. If you're using the A&E guys then use them. I know some folks think this will confuse the issue but the potential limited hangout of a national security demo for WTC7 is too much to risk. In the end I could see Geraldo buying it much like he doubts the Zapruder film means conspiracy in the JFK murder. I may be wrong, I hope I am, but if I'm not we could very well be back to where we started with the average american thinking he knows the whole story. Experience tells us it can be done, Watertgate, Iran Contra, Waco all seem like scandals where the truth came out to the average Joe and Jane. McVeigh is still taking the fall for the Murrah Building, Sirhan Sirhan is still taking the fall, the list goes on and on. Don't underestimate these criminals that's all I am saying.

disappointing that geraldo is backing away. . .

. . . from what he said on his own show. but...perhaps his retreating into pro-government / anti-conspiracy mode, and still admitting that there may be something to what the family members and a&e's are saying, will inspire more mainstream people to take a serious look into 9/11 truth.

Anti- which conspiracy?!

' retreating into pro-government / anti-conspiracy mode'

No, Geraldo and the corporate news media, like government officials, are very much pro-conspiracy: To support the version being peddled by the government is to support a conspiracy theory. That's why we call the OCT the OCT!

Let us always be on the alert not to internalize and parrot back their distorted definitions.

The more exposure the better!

...and, unlike on Geraldo's show, the website address is briefly shown. Although, strangely, they are showing the old version of the ad.

Red Headed Stepchild

The 9/11 Truth Movement is the red headed stepchild of American politics. Nobody wants to claims us. We are the most loathsome, despicable, wretched, contemptible group that ever stalked the American political scene. And beyond all that we are also bat guano crazy. We are equally despised by both the Left and the Right.

But maybe now the tide is starting to turn. Jesse Ventura has been somewhat outspoken for a while and now Geraldo seems to have lost his reflexive hatred towards us. The BuildingWhat ad by the family members is one the best public relation campaigns to date by 9/11 Truth. People sympathize with the family members and understand if they still have questions then maybe I should as well. This beats any engineering and scientific analysis which might be understood by 1% of the population.

Geraldo: "I think it is highly unlikely that our government would do anything nefarious on a scale of this epic nature."

Geraldo still somewhat seems to be a victim of the big lie.

The Big Lie - the Ugly Truth

Caught between the Big Lie and the Ugly Truth, no matter how you frame it its a hard way to go.

For some of us there never have been any illusions. Not taking away anything from our dreams. But this truth, 9/11, is the monster of all the monsters. Perhaps because it is so easy to unravel. The very audaciousness of it is breath taking.

For those of us that see clearly we have a hard time rationalizing how anyone cannot come to the conclusions that seem so obvious. How can Rivera not see that we've been lied to? And not just here but with near everything. Wasn't Vietnam enough? Kennedy? Kent State? USS Liberty? Weren't all the lessons of history?

But we have tools now we've never had before. This right here, the ability to type in anywhere our opinions and share evidence instantaneously is all new and we have no idea what the repercussions of this may be. But it can't be bad if it brings truth forward, even if it is ugly. For after ugly comes beauty. For there is such a thing as the beautiful truth, and we applaud both as you can't have one without the other.

I'm a cynic with hope. I don't know if that is a oxymoron or not, but its what I am.

Re: "This right here..."

Look at what the senator from Oregon did. That battle will come at us again and again.


Geraldo calls for racial profiling of the people he admits the clear demolition of Building 7 exonerates.

actually no

Geraldo does NOT claim demolition would exonerate the terrorists. He is not being inconsistent. He was very specific that this is about WTC 7 and presumably still claims terrorists took down 1, 2, Pentagon and Shanksville. Nothing to do with building 7. That's why focussing on building 7 rather than virtually any other piece of 911 truth is dangerous. I think that's exactly why FOX is doing this. I think the government plans to admit 7 was taken down on purpose for security reasons and therefore no explanation or apology is necessary for the lies by NIST or anyone else (about 7). National security trumps everything, and admitting they did it admits nothing about any of the other crimes. They simply can claim they had a good reason to do it. They can even claim national security for why they lied about it. I can only hope that if people look into building 7 it will lead them to everything else, but you know most people will want to be reassured that the government is not evil and would quickly accept the easier explanation if the government comes clean on WTC 7. We need to focus on nanothermite, obstruction of intelligence investigations, failure of NORAD, lies by NORAD, lack of evidence of any involvement by al Qaeda, Michael Springmann's CIA Visa experience, alleged hijackers inability to fly and connections to FBI, explosions in WTC 1 and 2, molten metal, etc.

Security reasons.

"I think the government plans to admit 7 was taken down on purpose for security reasons"

That would be great. Because that would mean that everything that NIST told us about building seven up until now would be one gigantic fraud. It would reveal a well financed, well orchestrated deception on an epic scale that would completely demolish every last shred of credibility NIST, and by extension the government has.

Nobody would believe the government on anything about 911 after that.

If WTC 7 was indeed blown up, I really don't care what excuse they come up with if they admit it.

All hell is going to break loose, you have no idea.

In the mean time, we need to make sure the public knows the 9/11 Truth Movement isn't just about building 7. The building what site should link to other 9/11 family sites asking broader questions about 9/11, to make this perfectly clear.

I hope you're right Snowcrash, but

somehow I think it won't be that easy for a lot of people to make those little steps from "government admitting 7 was taken down for national security reasons" to "realizing that it's all been one gigantic fraud by NIST" to "the government has now lost all credibility on the whole 911-issue". Like Permaculturist wrote, I think they'll try and look if they can admit to it, and see how many people actually realize that you cannot claim you've lied about one issue, and expect to be credible on all the other issues of the same subject. Who knows how many people will desperately want to cling onto the illusion that their government is not "evil".

I hope it will work for lots of people, but I would not bet any large amounts of cash on it ;-)
But when it does work, and people will realize the government is not credible anymore, all hell will indeed break loose. And what then? Personally I can't wait to see it happen, although I have some scary thoughts about it as well. But you've got to wonder how the PTB are going to respond to this. What are the options for them that they are going to deploy next?

Re: Security reasons

How many people believe that WTC7 was a demolition, but believe the official explanation on WTC1,2? I can think of two people, Danny Jowenko and investigative journalist Peter Lance. Peter Lance(author of 1,000 Years for Revenge, Cover-up, Triple Cross) believes that it is common for government buildings with highly secretive information to be rigged if there is ever a chance of information leaking out. NSA stations(aluminum huts) in Vietnam were rigged with thermite plates in order to reduce all the equipment to ash in case they were ever overran.

In short, there are very few people who people who think WTC7 was demolished but everything else regarding 9/11 is hunky-dory. If they were to cede the field on WTC7 the rest of their story would come crashing down like a house of cards. One obvious reason for this is apparently word of WTC7's eventual collapse came from someone at the OEM(Office of Emergency Management). Someone from this same office also informed some of the firefighters and Giuliani that the South Tower was in danger of collapsing. It doesn't take a genius to put two and two together.

WTC7 is the gateway drug to the rest of 9/11. We need to get as many people hooked on it as possible.

My gateway drug to the rest of 9/11

was when I saw Loose Change 2nd edn highlight the fact that the collapse of the twin towers was at near freefall speed
I froze, gobsmacked
Up to that point I had thought the documentary and notions around an alternative version of events that day was a disgusting internet craze/ con.
The only reason I found LC2e online was that I was concerned for the gullibility of a cousin who had shown me part of LC2e (I dont remember which part) and I remember him saying there's no way those towers came down like that.
I remember thinking "Loser!" before i passed out on a couch (I had been drinking vodka for more than 12 hours in Prague so didn't process it at the time) and also I was curious in perhaps an admiring way to find out what genius method had been used to trick so many people into believing this alternative non official interpretation of events (I strongly believed the official story up to when I watched LC2e sober)


and then came the rage.

I like your optimism, but...

Almost no one (beside "truthers") has heard of WTC7... AND its destruction was basically ignored in the Commission Report. Most people will likely feel they were never really lied to, at least not in a way that would require a paradigm change.

Finding out only that the building was pre-rigged "for national security reasons" is not going to get anyone off his couch and loosing hell on the streets.

If all the public is told is that WTC7 was pre-rigged, most of them will probably judge that the government was smart to rig such an important building. And with that, the door will slam and lock to bar the larger truth -- unless there is a huge foot jammed in it. The government's fairy tale will remain intact and perhaps stronger, since the incurious may even congratulate themselves for their caution when it comes to conspiracy theories not sanctioned by Fox, et al. They will feel vindicated in their assumption that the government (and businesses) only acts in the interests of our security, unlike those crazy "truthers" who claim some insiders were criminal.

I think this is the game that is being played now. We cannot allow them to play us as pawns.

We need to be ready for these new, semi-curious folks, to open their eyes wide. A bullet-pointed, easily understood list of the most salient aspects of 9-11 that shreds the entire fabric of the Official Conspiracy Theory needs to appear on Building What?'s site.

If this major opportunity will inspire any reaction whatsoever, we have this one moment to show conclusively and compellingly how we were lied to about the whole thing. And that the destruction of WTC7 wasn't for our own best interests by the powers that be.


Emphasis: "A bullet-pointed, easily understood list of the most salient aspects of 9-11 that shreds the entire fabric of the Official Conspiracy Theory needs to appear on Building What?'s site."

It's the Lightning Rod ...

Good points Snowcrash, all hell would break out upon an admission to the demolition of Building 7 and our movement would be more than willing and able to bring up everything else.

Building 7 is just the lightning rod or battering ram to break the castle walls down. (btw, the BW website does promote the AE911 site which is about more than Building 7-- it's about all three towers obviously. It also links to the nanothermite paper, and it shows the prior NYC CAN videos about "Why did the military lie to the 9/11 Commission," "Why was my uncle's crime scene destroyed?", etc. Plus the whole background for the origin of the name 'BuildingWhat?' is detailed in the context of the ballot initiative in NYC to investigate the events of Sept. 11 in general).

Well, seems that opinions differ

on the effect that a government admission on WTC7 controlled demolition would have on the people of the US. I'm not so sure, since the many obvious huge holes in the OCT have been ignored and swept away with the greatest of ease by the majority of people for the last 5 to 6 years. Fear is a curious thing, I think it won't be so easy, even if the government will admit they lied about WTC7 for national security reasons. Remember what all these people will have to confront.

But again, if everything does come crashing down, what will the most likely next move of the PTB be, and how do we prepare and respond to that?

What about these FEMA-camps? Will they pull off another blackop?
And shouldn't we be developing scenarios for this? Before you know it'll be too late.

If they play WTC7 as a limited hangout

I think it will most likely be over time. Then, Geraldo could insist that he believes the national security scenario and there is no conspiracy etc.
After all he doesn't really doubt the official story if in the same sentence he supports racial profiling.
Now is the time to link the A&E conclusions directly to the twin towers and cut these outlaws off at the pass!
Don't expect the public or the MSM to connect the dots they haven't up to now. I say we connect them for them.


interpretation and Napolitano's spasms are mere cognitive dissonance.

Regardless of the eventual outcome of the scientific investigation into 9/11, 9/11 is a also a US government conspiracy and that is a certainty. After all, we are 100% certain a criminal cover-up has occurred.

This is the manifestation of the downfall of a cherished belief system, transposed onto the toxic environment of mainstream media platitudes. In some ways, it's very satisfying and amusing. Comical, almost, to watch the hypocritical, overdue about-face as it happens.

Don't worry about the psychological and sociological complexities of a group of rabid loyalists coming to terms with their decade-long complicity. It's going to look weird, spastic, and deeply confused. What I'm seeing is not a WTC 7 breakthrough; it's the crumbling of pathological denial under persistent, unrelenting attack, the psychological equivalent of a cavalry wedge formation. It's the eventual triumph of reason over emotion.

If WTC 7 is what it takes to force the establishment to rethink 9/11, so be it. It's only the beginning. The Praetorian Guard is moving in next and there are no escape routes. What I want is a decoupling of 9/11 from the flawed, right wing extremist interpretation of 'patriotism'. Critical thinking about 9/11 is lacking, and the 9/11 Truth Movement's role, first and foremost, is to ease the public out of the orthodoxy into the territory of genuine skepticism and objective inquiry, free from all the knee-jerk, thought-stopping dog whistling that is the jingoist 'helpful wave of indignation', the instinctive reaction to side with the home team, the catalyst for war.

Seldom do our arrogant rulers in their ivory tower feel we deserve the true facts about any event. There is always, always, some excuse to rationalize away the lies, the deceit, the grotesque myth-making that justifies the jaw-dropping defacement of our own value system, the core of our being, supposedly for our own good.

We always oversimplify the paradigm-shifting events that usually come in the form of a catastrophic attack, because we simply can't afford the dangerous rationality that erodes the public reflex so desired by the power hungry maniacs that prefer our fanatic obedience.


The other side of all this is that the perpetrators may well feel they have done us, the people -- truthers included -- a big favor.

The lifestyle here requires unrestricted access to all sorts of resources, with oil the primary one but not the only crucial one. The perps might well wonder why we truther types aren't showing any gratitude. For us to be clean in this regard (and righteous in demanding justice, or even simple clarity) would require renouncing all of that, all the stuff that made 9-11 inevitable.

I hope your right snowcrash

I just don't see it at this time. I hope I'm wrong and I have to eat crow by next thanksgiving, nothing would please me more.

More Geraldo

It's fun to toy with Geraldo as he is out of his gord.

Rupert Murdoch was a

Rupert Murdoch was a supporter of the PNAC. Rupert Murdoch owns infinite networks and presses. That is unsettling enough. Now Comcast is buying MSNBC. ???? What now???

I don't know what game Fox is playing....

But I do know there is no way on God's green earth that 95% of those who discover for the first time that there has been a coverup of the evidence of CD in the WTC 7 collapse will not naturally come to quickly find out that there are anomalies and evidence of explosives at work in the WTC 1 & 2 collapses as well - whether or not, Geraldo or da Judge specifically mention the questionable collapses of WTC 1 & 2 on air. And Fox has to be aware that by opening up discussion of WTC 7 , they are opening a Pandora's Box of questions regarding not only the WTC 1 & 2 collapses, but ultimately the whole 9/11 OCT scenario itself (Geraldo's prominent disclaimers nothwithstanding). Well, as the old Chinese curse goes, "May you live in interesting times". Maybe we are going to find out just how interesting interesting times can get.



It's hearting having good people

like Bob Mclivanne & Tonzy Zamboti in th FOX studios. Lets hope & work to put these honest folks in the CBS, NBC,ABC etc..

Worthy of Thought, please.

You know, we are at a point now, with the help of some like Glen Beck, where the chance of us getting arrested for nothing increases, and being regarded as a "terrorist". As we continue to forge ahead, with ongoing challenges, against those who are nothing short of ANTI-TRUTH, our challenges increase, but there are more of us to counter them (YAY!!!)

We now are needing to get assurance, and maybe in writing, from friends and family, that we are committed to nonviolence. That, even if we disagree about this issue of what took place, they will vouch for your humane nature, and that you/we/us are no threats to anyone....except for those at the other end of our microscopes, and seems to me, they would be trying to shut us down. WHO is doing that? We need to take out our telescope/microscope/video scopes. We will have the masses on our side, if they try again to censor the internet. The government. Fear controls the government officials now, I think. They continue to vote against our country, time and time again, against humanity, be continuing wars of aggression.

Another thing, with the concern we have, Glen Beck saying we are threatening to our country, it was an attempt to bring about fear and loathing of us. Anyone that knows us though, should know we are not. This will be a challenge to them as well, standing by you, and having to look at the video maybe, which is so clear, of course. I suggest 911 Revisited. It opens with obvious bombs going off, voices of firefighters declaring bombs going off. If they watched the first 5 minutes only, that is a huge awakening, that should leave them in a naked display of their character. What are they made of. That seems to what they don't want to show. So they avoid the video like the plague.

But, we, having already told everyone the historical aspects of what is taking place, having already told them that propaganda, state run is now in place of real unfiltered news, having showed them that institutions are now working for the government controlling the news, and perception management, having showed them that science and the government version does not jive, and finally "look for yourselves" with no response, I wonder how these people "friends"" would respond if we asked them to vouch for us that we are not troublemakers, but objective people that love our country that see what all of 'you' won't. Any response would be appreciated. Do you think we need to get statements from friends and family, because the shit may hit the fan, because the poisonous cockroaches are probably sharpening their syringes ready to counter the growth of awareness, ready to inject some more poison into the world, which is all they do. Well, let's get our immune systems in place.


He's trying to pull back. Obfuscate. uncle rupert must've called him upstairs.

He's slowly preparing the public

that WTC7 was indeed a controlled demolition, but that it was necessary for national security reasons, reasons that of course will not be exposed.
No word about the fact that all these A&E's also completely disagree with the official story on WTC1 & 2.
He doubts or believes it highly unlikely that his government would do something nefarious on a scale of this epic nature. Why would he say that? It doesn't match with basically admitting that his government lied for all these years about this single event.
He just seems to care for these familymembers who, according to him, apparently only want to see a truthful conclusion about WTC7's collapse, so that their pain may be soothed, and that their questions will be answered.

I don't trust GR one bit if you ask me. Nonetheless, the extra exposure is good for more awareness.
But we're still very very far from the courthouse. It's time to reconsider all possible options of what might happen next, and how we should react to that (in a nonviolent way). Bare in mind, that it's highly likely, that force will be used against us, to stop this from getting out of control. Maybe the highperps are planning for chaos regardless how we'll come to that point, so that they can launch their martial law and COG-plans.
We must not be deterred by this however.
I just watched the movie V for Vendetta again, some interesting dialogues happening in that movie. But yes, also a lot of violence. We'll have to figure out some other way.

So all people have to wonder at some point:

Will I be strong enough and have the faith, to confront this situation while all the time refraining from violence? Am I prepared to die for a just cause? Will I choose to let myself be slaughtered without any violent resistance, when the moment comes along when this will be the one of two choices?


possibly a foil to building what

Geraldos credentials include releasing to the public domain footage that had previously been doctored at the CIA's Eastman Kodak facility.

At the end

where it says mox news unfair and biased
this is a comment to dis fox news when theyre being bad- thats ok,
but when they're doing something we like, dissing them makes them look like the real truthers and us like generally antisocial
it would be better if when the average joe looks for this info he just finds a clip of geraldo and the judge without mox news or infowars stuck on it
perhaps something like the building what logo or ae911truth
just a thought as when the average joe thinks about waking up, some things can put them straight back to sleep again
eg: the effect of alex jones being on talksport radio in the uk ranting about 9/11 and the rest of his one stop conspiracy theory shop gig is that average joes call in saying "I dont know what that guy is on, he sounds like an absolute raving shouting ranting lunatic"
if the end result is to discredit us then who stands to benefit ?
and then could it be that the reason for doing the thing that discredits us is indeed to disredit us ?
so could alex jones' behaviour be deliberately geared to discredit us?

PS something positive...

... as my comment above is a bit of a downer-

something that works:

DONATE to building what and NYCCAN and watch the results- those guys are media savvy and are going places
i think that whatever spin is applied to what theyre trying to do now, they have the media smarts to go to the next level


Though it might seem divisive...

I wonder if this topic deserves a blog submission? Submit your points above, and this video?

As I said somewhere else, this moment seems like a good one for clean actions rather than flaky actions. 9-11 truth-seeking is peering over the edge into respectability/accecptability -- unless we blow it.

Old news

Don't bother.

(It's Alex Jones with his well-known bull-in-a-china-shop-approach)


first time i saw it was via 9b (911blogger)

vid: @5:10 WTC7 explosion when WTC1 and WTC2 were still standing


Geraldo and Judge Napolitano Are Playing Building What's Game

Building What is obviously carefully positioned to throw a wrench in the entire OCT by giving people in the media a way to discuss 9/11 truth without directly endorsing it. If they fully endorsed 9/11 truth or talked about 1 and 2 they couldn't get away with it. Geraldo and Judge Napolitano are awake to some extent, and they are playing the game Building What has set up because they know it's the only way to break the whole thing open. Of course they know about 1 and 2, Geraldo's team obviously did its research before the interview with McIlvaine and Szamboti. But they're smart enough not to talk about it at this point.

And there's no way the demolition of Building 7 would be officially acknowledged and widely believed without breaking the whole thing open.


even if the judge and geraldo are already fully awake and posting entries here via The Onion Routing Project, it still wouldnt benefit us for them to try and go full on with 9/11 truth in the msm.

Quote from Dune:

"The slow blade penetrates."

Regarding the spread of 9/11 truth in the msm, Building What have cleverly provided a way for msm peeps to accidentally let it happen on purpose without fully endorsing it at this stage.... or even to make it happen on purpose; either way , as we know, the result is the same and in our favor (favour if you're in the uk)

Clever point you make

Clever point you make: MSM LIHOP in favor of 9-11 truth, or even MIHOP.

May there be lots more.

Hey, any of you MSM folks reading this: Opportunity strikes. Don't miss out.

Hey, if there are even some alternative news folks reading this: Here is your chance to actually print some valid news!

What game is exactly being played I am not sure

I hope you're right. However when I first learned the beggining of the truth about 911 I was naive and thought that as soon as the democrats woke up they could topple the republicans and Bush and Cheney would have to fall. Ask yourself why didn't that happen. Because both sides of the House are compromised and our leaders in the spotlight don't have the real power. Just for the sake of argument let's say the judge and geraldo do want to break the story and are real patriots then bet your bottom dollar the pressure they will face will be extensive and most likely beyond what we could imagine. I don't think these guys are that tough or will risk it for the rest of us. These are "deep events" as the good professor has explained. Nothing short of a mass movement can force any measure of change in my opinion and I don't think these are the guys who will start it. I hope I'm wrong.


Now that you mention it, or rather him, I would be interested in Peter Dale Scott's response to these Geraldo and now also Napolitano WTC 7 'exposés.' One wonders: How do these fit in the deep politics picture?

I will look around for a way to contact him so as to ask. If others know a way to do that, feel free to beat me to it if you can.


via the project censored people