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Too Big to Allow? Think-Tank Needed




The use of ‘war-games’ is common in planning military moves, and may well explain, for example, why the US military is not currently mired in an Iran campaign.  The use of ‘contingency planning’ is likewise common in business and government. 

With the current spate of interest in the Fox News channel interview by Geraldo of Bob McIlvaine and Tony Szamboti, some in 9-11 truth-seeking circles sense a need for rigorous think-tank planning -- in the now far more-likely case of a general awareness, spreading suddenly and widely, regarding evident US government complicity and subsequent cover-up in the 9-11-01 attacks.

User Orangutan here writes: "Air Force Colonel and key Pentagon official Karen Kwiatkowski - who blew the whistle on the Bush administration's efforts to concoct false intelligence about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction - wrote (page 26):

'I have been told by reporters that they will not report their own insights or contrary evaluations of the official 9/11 story, because to question the government story about 9/11 is to question the very foundations of our entire modern belief system regarding our government, our country, and our way of life. To be charged with questioning these foundations is far more serious than being labeled a disgruntled conspiracy nut or anti-government traitor, or even being sidelined or marginalized within an academic, government service, or literary career. To question the official 9/11 story is simply and fundamentally revolutionary. In this way, of course, questioning the official story is also simply and fundamentally American.'"

This quote shows how serious the 9-11 truth-awareness issue may be.  Here is one anonymous person’s attempt at game-planning the outcome of such awareness in the general public  Granted, a single person’s attempt, such as this, may look slip-shod, or as though a mere exercise in creative writing.  While it may provoke interest, one person’s projections can only provide us with a crude game-planning prediction, since it is subject to the limits of that one individual’s expertise in diverse disciplines such as sociology, mass psychology, economics, politics, and related fields.  One hopes this one attempt can spur better-constructed versions of the same, involving well-informed think-tank expertise from many relevant areas. 

The following anonymous essay is from:

Too Big to Allow: Some Unmentioned Ramifications of 911 Truth

by  Michael Everyman

Does anyone ever think about a world where the unofficial story of 911 actually turns out to be true? What would happen if an alternative 911 theory was proven as fact? Well, maybe people have thought about it, but seems like nobody ever says anything. Why? Sadly, it is for the very reason of the resulting disturbing scenario that any 911 truth may never be told, as it involves a wrench thrown into the system beyond anything most anyone would ever want to imagine..

For several years I have followed the 911 Truth Movement. I read, watched, and learned more than my share, heard opinions and counter-opinions, and like many, have sorrowfully concluded that there was definitely some sort of official deception involved in those September 2001 events, be it a large scale cover-up or a diabolical inside job. Debatable though my 911 opinion may be, it is not the purpose of this article.

What I would like to consider is the still hypothetical scenario of what would happen next if it actually was undeniably illustrated that the US government was involved at some level in the events of 911. I mean, let’s suppose a truely independent commission concluded it, or some juicy factoid or video leaked, or a major whistle-blower stepped forward. And bang, there you go, its accepted that 911 truthers were correct with their alternate theory, people agree the US government was in on it, puzzle solved. The world moves forward a day.

                                                                 So now what? Unfortunately, such a concept has gained no attention, and though I have searched and waited for the topic to come up, with all the discussion out there I have yet to hear much of this entirely plausible “what’s next” situation. Probably since within this silence lies some quite unsettling thoughts. It was actually one of the first things which shot through my mind about 3 years ago when I first had the bitter twist in my stomach right after I ‘woke up’ and conceded that something rotten had really gone on. “This is real, so what’s gonna happen after its exposed,” I thought.

I can't be alone in thinking like this, but I have yet to see or hear anything to this tune, and though the truth cause has been gaining steam, “truthers” continue to be harassed and ignored by everyone visible, from John McCain to Bill Maher, from Naom Chomsky to even Penn and Teller. Why is that, you may wonder. Oh, well, they are all just ignorant fools, you may even say. Or haven’t you considered the ramifications? Take a moment, consider the possible future, and you may also conclude it is most definitely something on the minds of more than just any political perpetrators, and that it would result in people conspiring for silence in media, business, academia, and entertainment, both foreign and domestic, conservative and liberal –just about anyone. It gives the real reasons why it will be forever unlikely that the truth will ever emerge and the Untruth Movement may inevitably triumph. It’s called ‘survival instinct’.

(please bear with me to the end, I will try to be serious and intelligent, but any hypothetical scenario can always seem a little overboard…)

Firstly, if the truth be told, many people all over the world would be in utter shock, while many others would feel vindicated. Still others would fill with rage, and eventually everyone (as the hours and days ticked by) would simply panic, for various reasons. Now maybe we could imagine a bunch of neo-con cronies getting arrested while they try to flee. That’d be nice, but it is a mere tid-bit. Do you think they'll go down quietly, or alone? The muck will indeed be flying, my friends. Think about it, who in the US government would be clean  from this then? Obama? Biden? Hillary? Any serving senator or congressman for that matter? They all had access; security clearances, classified eyes, and most likely key knowledge that something was wrong, but they have chosen to hide and/or ignore it (as we’ve seen…). Remember, no elected federal official has openly challenged the approved story, and there hasn’t been any known Deep Throat. They have obviously been colluding to keep us in the dark. Essentially, their credibility is already shot. Even though only a few no longer serving individuals may have originally been involved, it seems everyone currently in authority is at the very least distrustfully complicit.  (one may say Ron Paul is an exception, but he's not banging down the doors of 911 truth, rather more like taking the tactical line of not agreeing but not disagreeing either, and he's not going out of his way to bring this up.  Someone has to put their bare balls on the table regarding this for them to gain my trust and respect.) Would you trust the generals in control of the military? Nope, ditto. The supreme court? The CIA? The FBI? Guess who appointed all of them.

(UPDATE: Obama's June 4, 09 Cairo Speech again underlining the above mentioned denial machine)
(UPDATE II: Ron Paul's Aug 12 reference to "19 individuals with razor blades", again supporting the official theory, at about 1:15 in this video

We the people would not be able to honestly trust anybody in office (scary to think who we would be left with  for a viable president?), yet it'd be a fair estimate that these bastards will release their power only after repeated public-degenerative tantrums similar to taking a cookie away from a kindergartner (..if ya can't beat 'em, litigate 'em!).  But you know how gullible the population is. People would be disillusioned and lost, clinging on to whatever snake-oil salesman that comes along (ie. whoever gets the most air-time). People will want to get beyond this pile of poop quick, but it will linger in every corner they run to. So it may be that the resulting government will not be any better. I shudder to think how this will play out in party politics...

So very quickly, amongst by far the biggest scandal in its history, the US government as we know it would be in the  critical stages of either an imploding collapse, or an unending, deteriorating witch hunt full of ridiculous legal hurdles, or even extreme martial law due to an understandably unruly populace and predictably flippant ACLU. Everyone could be conceivably accused of something, and the trials would take years, decades. Most government functions would most likely shut down in the form of an understandably imposed National Emergency. (it is no wonder to me that GW Bush quietly installed the Continuity of Governmentplan during the six months immediately following 911, I’m sure to deal with just such a scenario to keep the boat afloat just in case part of the cover slipped during that most volatile time while the story and “evidence” were being fixed and any would-be whistle-blowers, such as the media or guys like Tom Dashle, were convinced to toe the line. Remember all that anthrax?) At that point, who would be in charge??

Whoa, looks bad when you think about who’d be left in command of our nukes, huh? (maybe we’ll give the button to Jesse Ventura. I'd be cool with that.) Well, the political storm would at best take a few days to really get going (and years to overcome), though some people would be taking to the streets almost immediately, al a Rodney King. But what would happen more quickly would be the panic driven financial meltdown. This depression/recession we are experiencing right now would be a trivial blip compared to just the initial hours of post-judgment. Even if Wall Street was suspended, the US currency and all foreign Federal investments would rapidly become scorching hot potatoes, and no line of Federal assurance would alter this. There would be a run on the banks in a scramble for liquidity. Amongst the impending US leadership question-mark, investors worldwide would quickly dump anything to do with the dollar (I would), then anything to do with US government contracts, and eventually anything to do with any company that has any business linking itself with America via export, service, or supply in any way, which is just about every listed institution of commerce on this planet.

Essentially, since nearly everything is somehow linked to US markets and confidence in an AAA-rated government to back it, then everything has the potential to contract big-time if the government has its entire leadership ability undermined, thereby making practically everything an unsound investment. “America’s sinking, no end in sight, jump ship!” Every remaining Euro and Yen (because dollars would become worthless without backing) would probably go into certain existing commodities, yet they would probably at one point run out too. As the dollar slid beyond imagination, things like gold would possibly become immeasurable in dollar terms. But eventually all currencies and commodities may also crash as nobody would have any money left or a job to buy things with. Admittingly I’m no economist, but such a case is vastly beyond any historic precedent, so who knows what would happen after crossing this Rubicon, except that people would panic and it’d really suck for capitalism as we know it. (Just the domestic civil lawsuits alone would be enough to bankrupt the nation).

Now you think the American people would be annoyed with being duped by this whole mess? What about the Afgans and Iraqis? Woops. I bet they’d be justifiably ticked-off to say the least. If the US had any troops still over in those countries, (currently two hundred thousand-plus with all the contractors) they could possibly be left out to dry since the potentially non-functioning US government may not be able to remove all of these now unlawful enemy combatants. Would the US military actually bow down and walk away gently, and if so, would those we violated conceivably accept that?

Now things could really get bizarre. What would be the state of our worldwide military operations in a couple dozen other countries,  or our hundreds of international bases, and their several hundred thousand occupants? Would airspace be closed to our planes, or waters closed to our boats? Would there be a freeze on US passports? Would someone (Iran? Pakistan? Russia? France? the entire UN?) stand up for those the US had wrongfully attacked and then challenge us? Seek compensation? Retaliation? How on earth would the inevitable war crimes tribunal operate? After WWII the US occupied both Germany and Japan for several years during those trials. Would somebody then have to occupy the US? Seriously, try to imagine all this. It is utterly beyond realistic comprehension (Hey, it'd make a cool movie, but I'm not sure if I would actually want to live through it.)

And how many more governments had their thumbs in this pie? (rest assure, if you and I can conclude an alternative 911 truth through available public documentation, then just about any foreign government with a basic intelligence service has as well, and it’s obvious that they too have chosen silence and complicity, -exception Hugo Chavez and Ahmadinejad.). How about the potential disruption it would cause with the governments and their constituents in other countries? Those feisty Europeans will be quickly removing those favorable governments we worked so hard to install. The world, who all remember so vividly our American hubris and resulting crimes against humanity, would probably present one big collective middle finger to us, and understandably so. Imagine the boycotts! And in a bizarre twist of fate, most developed countries would be legally bound by their own constitutions to curtail their exchanges with us since the US would be considered a state sponsor of terrorism. This wouldn’t just mean enforced diplomatic restrictions, but also military, academic, cultural, and economic constraints as well, which would be an even further reason for the world financial community to dump US investments. Eventually Saudi Arabia would lose its best customer, Israel would lose its best supporter, South Korea (and Taiwan) its biggest protector, Africa its biggest donor, Mexico its largest employer, and the Chinese would no longer have our Wal-Marts to unload their crap into. The turmoil would be global. Ouch. (at least Canadians will be happy to have something more to moan at us about...)

Back home, (predictions may get really weird here..) how on earth would the government credibly and conceivably govern? It would be a legal and economic mess vastly beyond our wildest fantasies. Here’s one: as the dollar dissolved and the US consumer market vanished, companies would go bankrupt, an unparalleled depression would engulf the world, inflation would be astronomical, people would freak-out, and pandemonium would erupt throughout cities. Ooof. A police state would be the only way to keep order (yet who’d pay the cops, and with what?), but many people would be so outrageously pissed that they would probably be unwilling to submit anymore as they see the American dream of liberty amongst unlimited consumerism crumble around them. (Annie, get yer gun...) Who knows, if supply lines break, food stores would run out within a few weeks, people would starve and riot, basic infrastructure would deteriorate (like a nationwide Katrina..), the States would very likely break-up as the Federal government would be a basket-case of finger-pointing, indictments, and distrust, and if we were lucky, some people would pull together and keep the electric on while at the same time preventing dams from bursting and nuclear power plants from melting down. This is why we have the COG. Ironically, we may very much look like the modern day Iraq of our own making. (And who says Mad Max was fiction…)

(Some New World Order theorists claim there are currently massive internment camps being set up nationwide for some dreadful future use. Hmmm… such absurdity seems almost plausible now, huh? And some hardcore NWO pundits might further suggest that this blunderous backfire may have even been originally planned by the men behind the scenes when they created 911, in order to first amass as much wealth as possible, then by eventually exposing 911 truth, create the very widespread panic/collapse necessary to destroy independent businesses, consolidate their ownership, and reduce global population, so to re-build with a completely totalitarian world “government” and weakened human spirit. Paradoxically, that’d mean the 911 truthers are actually helping install the NWO… don’t ya love those conspiracies!)

Now, this may sound farfetched (ahh, I love a good ramble of the imagination), but alas, one must at least conclude that it would be a fairly catastrophic day if it was unquestionably determined that the US government conspired to kill thousands of its own citizens so that war profiteers could benefit from the destruction and deaths of what would have obviously been innocent foreign lives (imagine, not even a single Taliban/ al Qaeda could be regarded as a terrorist anymore –would they actually become freedom fighters!?).

The legal implications, both foreign and domestic, would be a disaster. There’d be no back-stepping, no believable spin. How many hundreds of thousands have died so far? How many more would die if an inside 911 plot became exposed? The potential disruption is so enormous that it is frighteningly inconceivable. The US government would be gutted, even with the new administration. No clean-up of this would be manageable as it is a case beyond imagination. It would take years to overcome. But be sure that life as you now know it would never be the same again because the US government (and military, and media, and business) would lose any remaining credibility, become insolvent, and the economy and status of authority would most definitely alter and suffer beyond any calculable anticipation. Your summer vacation plans? Your favorite burger joint? Happy hour drinks with your co-workers? American Idol? This web page? Imagine them gone….

So now, when you scratch your head or rant or scream whenever you see another political nitwit skirt a 911 issue; when FEMA or NIST release another “investigation”; when the media, be they left or right, calls you a tin-foil-hat conspiracy theorist; when people seem block-headed and refuse to listen…
 ...well, do you think they may have already thought of this scenario, whether wittingly or subconsciously? Guess what? Yeah, they probably already decided to keep their mouths shut and look the other way for this very reason, even work actively to discredit 911 “troofers”, because they are just trying to save their own status quo and maintain the fabric of this current society for themselves and everyone else (now that’s what you call a deal with the devil!). Basic risk management would indeed calculate just such a response. Think about it, for one to do otherwise could actually be seen as promoting their and everyone’s own demise, which oddly, could be construed as unethical in some warped way. And such a perverse viewpoint could even put the 911 truthers in some bizarre position as lackeys for the very same societal collapse and potential oppression which they were originally working against in the first place. Suddenly Orwell was right, and the widespread mantra has indeed become two plus two equals five!

Like it or not, 911 truth presents a major moral dilemma:

-should one press for justice with a belief in a better, liberated future, and in turn gamble with all the havoc it may create worldwide; expose evil yet set off into uncharted and turbulent waters, potentially ruining your own and everyone else’s current way of life?

-or should one remain silent, accepting that evil will always exist while merely hoping that no further nastiness comes from it; get the best slice of pie possible, try to build a better reality from the existing foundation, aim not to allow it to be repeated, and go on with life the best you can?

Which would be best for your family? Which should we strive for as a nation? Which would be better for mankind? It’s a conflict of instinct and judgment, solace and integrity, and it’s a decision I am truly afraid to make.

I have to give credit to the 911 perpetrators for coming up with the ultimate tool to get away with it: they are simply black-mailing us with life as we know it.

Personally, after countless hours of consideration, I’ve decided that whichever is the result, it will shape the destiny of our social evolution for generations, and so, as bitter the medicine may be, and as challenging and dire as it may come to pass, one should not let others sell the soul of humanity for momentary material comforts, nor allow the virtues on which the US was built to be destroyed by complicit greed. Though you may not have been involved in the attack, compliance through silence is still guilt. It is always better for us to seek the truth, no matter what the cost, as that is the only way towards a more positive, progressive, and enduring future. Only the truth will set you free, and whether enough influential others will ultimately agree in order to make a difference, only time will tell...)

PS:   With these suggestions I have no intention to be seen as a harbinger for doomsday.  I'm sure a more skilled would-be Nostradamus (probably you) could make some more accurate predictions. Either way, any prophet will agree that a post-911 future would suck big-time. (And if you honestly think it will be all daisies and giggles, you can go back to hiding here.)

Rather, in highlighting this seldom mentioned but strikingly obvious facet of 911 truth, I only wish to point out that with the way things are currently arranged, the after effects of 911 truth will for many, many people be very, very bad. So bad that it would seriously undermine people’s judgment, and would understandably result in the current situation of collective denial, especially in government, business, and media. If truthers honestly want to establish a better world, they should begin openly considering and discussing some form of post-Truth contingency plan now, as not doing so would be reckless, irresonsuble, and (as we've seen) downright scary.



Yes, A Gradual Awakening is Better

I hope the original author checks out this article by Ken Jenkins about a gradual awakening:

Yes, realizing the Truth about 9/11 tends to invoke negative emotions, so it is better that not everyone wake up at once. We don't need worldwide anger, fear, etc.

In fact, I encourage people to work through negative emotions first before taking any action. Don't try to educate others if you are feeling scared, angry, depressed, etc.

Truth and Peace will prevail, but it's going to take time. :-)


Thanks for pointing us to this piece of writing by Ken Jenkins.

I'll quote two of his paragraphs here:

"There is a principle called "gradualism" that is prescribed as the most gentle, loving way to make major changes. By allowing and accepting that our heavy 9/11 medicine be taken in gradually (as it already is anyway), we will be in a better position to achieve our goals, and enjoy the process! We will succeed in a more elegant, optimum way if we find, accept, and respect the pace that is likely to awaken others without undue and counterproductive shock.

"Which is not to say that we back off or slow down our efforts a bit. I am not suggesting complacency at all! But rather, that as a strategy, we see the wisdom of the idea that folks are better awakened with a gentle shake than with a sudden panic-inducing jolt. Which means our heavy 9/11 medicine needs to be taken gradually. (Do no harm.) And besides, with a corporate - CIA controlled media, we don't have much choice."


for that; it's food for thought. Perhaps some of the questions thrown up can be partially answered by looking at historical precedents though I don't know of any one on its own that is similar. Some aspects of post 9/11t might be similar to an aspect of each of a few historical precedents or even similar to historic events that didnt take place- eg germany didnt start a reichstag or polish border truth movement that resulted in the overthrow of the nazis , but it would be similar to that wouldnt it?
I think that in the face of calamity the current leadership, no scrub that, the hague might have to do nuremberg-esque trials for all the world to see, and no repeated interruptions by a lawyer like OJ had.
Perhaps a military trial.
Certain people (cheney for one) might have to go down for the US to be seen to restore the worlds confidence in the US.
Obama would have to stop bombing children and quit his job.
Though he might get away with pleading ignorance he would not be fit for purpose with blood on his hands.
Compensation would be owed to victims of US imperialism.
The musilm world would oust US stooge governments and royals who have allowed safe havens for US forces guarding them and their oil.
The middle eastern oil that fuels the trucks which carry food to the supermarkets where the obese of the west go shopping might be redirected eastwards.
Skinny times ahead- think countries that dont have much oil imported per capita.
Think Cuba when the USSR fell and the oil flow stopped.
Might be less diabetes over time though.
Might be that instead of waging war overseas the US focuses on a post peak oil import with sustainable farming......maybe they shall beat their swords into ploughshares, 'cause the shares on wall street won't be doing much.
We in 911t can contemplate this possible future as we know certain truths that will out.
Perhaps this is partly why Ruppert and Ahmed are already well into post peak oil survival study.