Sign at anti-war demo

This is a sign held up at the front of the Stop-the-War demonstration in Trafalgar Square, London. It is to the left of the green CND poster. There was a slight surge in people responsive to leaflets I was handing out as a consequence of this.

It was taken on my mobile so apologies for the quality.

Nothing would be better than 911 truth

waking up the world to the whole war propaganda machine. Especially since after the bush premptive torture /force doctrine the US is starting to look like the Great Satan. Stop the never ending war on humanity and mother earth. Let's grow up and treat each other and our planet with the respect we and it deserves. I say if our leaders can't make peace then we need new leaders. Power to the people!

There's one in every crowd ;-)

At least there should be one or two passively participating in every peace or anti-war demonstration.

"9/11 Truth Ends War" fits right in. "Building What?" fliers would be a safe thing. Who can reject family members asking for a new investigation into WTC 7?

Way to go!

Carry on.