Discussing with friends and family


I am interested in your 9/11 discussions with friends and family, especially partners / fiances / husbands / wives.

What kinds of conversations have you had? Or have there been arguments? Have you split up as a consequence? Were there any complications involved (such as sharing a place)?


Not very productive

The goal is to wake up as many people as possible.
I'm guessing that for most people, they can spend the time to wake their parents up, which in some cases is near impossible..
or they can tell other people.
My guess is that on average you can talk to 300 people in the same time it takes to break through the resistance it takes to tell your parents the truth about 9/11.

I agree

There are so many people out there, focus outwards.




A week ago our group set up a table at the JFK Lancer Convention in Dallas.
We gave information and about 400 DVDs to JFK Assassination Researchers and enthusiast.

Plant seeds in fertile ground.

At first

I had a hard time waking people up to the truth about 9/11 but it seems lately most people listen and do believe me. I guess it's because the so-called Government has screwed us so much the past few years. Most people I talk to hate the people who run this country. It isn't just 9/11 truth. People can't get jobs, the medical industry is screwed up. Most people are sick of all the wars. People are loosing their homes. The list goes on. I have a feeling there is going to be a revolution. I just hope it's a peaceful one.

Thank you for asking the question.

Herblay FRANCE

for the first five years, since December 2001, my family ( ~ 100 with contact direct) listened to my questions on 911 but it was always the same problem : "The American government could never do such a horrible thing !" It was Bin Laden the master mind of 911 and everyone knows it !

Ten years later, I am invited to family events but am warned not to talk about 911. With my friends and colleagues same thing. But I refuse to bury my questions and worries on 911. Since 2001 I have read a lot of history, etc and I see that the 911 attacks are just the tip of the iceberg.

My wife took five years just to have doubts on 911. Today I can say that of all the people around me, there are only about ten persons who publically question 911 and I am the only one to actively pass time and money on informing the public on the 911 truth movement and it's questions.

I remember a video of Bob McIlvaine about 4 years ago explaining his relationship with his family, neighbours etc who could not understand why he was so obsessed by 911. How he felt he could not speak about 911 with out being rejected. Again in 2010 he continues to explain his refusal to abandon his fight for the truth

Thank you for your question as it joins my questions on the subject. Every day I ask myself why can't I be like everyone else and accept the "TRUTH" ? Why I cannot pass on to other important topics (gloal warming , ...) ?

My family and friends are just waiting for me to turn the page.

I've taken a new approach to

I've taken a new approach to this question. If people have a locked down belief system, then you're pounding your head
against a brick wall. Only a life changing experience like a spiritual awakening will crack through that barricade. It has happened in the past, most notably to John Newton the captain of slave ships in the 18th century who renounced that way of life and began work on the slave abolition movement with William Wilburforce. Newton composed the song "Amazing Grace".

Soon David Chandler with his team of Laurel Burik, Steve Wilson, myself and others will be releasing an important DVD compilation of David's 9/11 work with new commentary and scientific articles in a data offering section of the DVD. This would be a great gift to give out to those inclined to immerse in science rather than opinion or rhetoric. As many of you know, the videos have made a great deal of buzz on the internet. Taken together with new commentary they have become even more compelling.

Arguments can be replaced with the simple act of "giving" out this incredible and soon to be historic gift.

http://911speakout.org -to order DVD
http://911truthburn.blogspot.com -John Parulis' 9/11 site with action prayers and 9/11 Burning Man art demonstrations.

Thanks John

I loved what you had to say especially the part about the spiritual awakening. I think that is what it takes with some people they are so brainwashed. Thanks again.


To realize the full range of the deceit is so mind blowing, because the media has be co-opted with our government. That says tyranny, along with the events themselves, and the slaughter of innocents around the world, torture, suspension of the right to a lawyer and any self defense, all on Prez's whim should so desire at the highest level. Virtual King.

How is one to admit to oneself, "I got robbed of my country, and I've obliged all along the way" happened right in front of me. Indeed getting bombed by our own government is much more troublesome than some "terrorists" in another country.

Then, people ask me, "what do you expect to happen?" After everyone realizes this. Have you all thought about that too? The authority to prosecute the perps, are part of the system that made it happen. It seems to be inside groups all through the government. They profit from war. They seem to be well in place throughout the system. Media just one piece of the puzzle. They are also international. It's hard to know where the societal parasite, the mafia within our government that profit off of war begins and ends.

I think it is so important the real journalists tell all aspects of the corruption, whether they are standing by us or not, because the epiphany needed, comes with the other obvious horrors that the US is responsible for around the world. From polluting to genocide, all for making money, mafia is an understatement.

we don't have to wake up everybody

...we just have to wake up more than 50% to be where the majority of people will demand a real investigation...
if it's too much work and people are burying their head in the sand, I move on, because for

1, people who don't believe us have a right to their opinion and I'm not going to fight them in order to wake them up, and for

2, not everyone has to be awakened in order for there to be real change.

tipping point at less than 50%

the number of people that actually would need to wake to force a real investigation is probably a lot less than 50%. The mainstream book "The Tipping Point" shows this pretty clearly. Thats the good news. The bad news is that I think the 9/11 Truth movement routinely overestimates how many people question 9/11. I just go by the people I talk to. The overwhelming majority can't believe that elements within our own governmenty could have been involved in something so bad or have never even heard of the controversy. However, our side continues to grow (it never shrinks) and current events continue to make our questions more paletable for the general public. But can we make them care?

true, tipping point-wise, but

true, tipping point-wise, but this is not the only problem we are dealing with. We need a majority of people on our side because when it gets there, it'll be much easier and have less potential negative impact.
as far as your last question, can we make them care, I think that no, we cannot. You cannot force someone to be empowered. You have to show people who are open (and that's a big qualifier) how the truth has empowered you, and then if they want to empower themselves, they will.
If anything, if you respect them, you will be an activist for how you think humans should treat each other.

Beautiful sentiments, Chris.

pachamama - "as far as your last question, can we make them care, I think that no, we cannot. You cannot force someone to be empowered. You have to show people who are open (and that's a big qualifier) how the truth has empowered you, and then if they want to empower themselves, they will. If anything, if you respect them, you will be an activist for how you think humans should treat each other. "

Beautiful truth.

beautiful truth by peter revere


Artwork by Peter Revere

My mrs

and I met when I was already into 9/11 truth.
She believes 9/11 is fake, but unfortunately believes people of the caliber of David Icke with explainations of "its all a big conspiracy run by aliens but some good aliens are coming in 2012 but they will only help those of us who surf the right websites and truly believe"
Post divorce I told my ex (no, im still with the alien believer- im very tolerant) -my first wife that 9/11 was fake and she instantly relayed it to her family- must be the quickest upload ever. despite that she hates me for having unlimited access to friends and family now and we rarely communicate these days, but i planted that seed when we were "friends with your ex"
when i talked about 9/11 my mum said she believes governments lie on a big scale sometimes and is sure JFK was such an occasion so she believes it could be possible that 9/11 is fake- perhaps a thing or 2 on tv and she'd be stating it as common parlance
my dad (bless him- like londoners say, meaning hes nice but underachieving in this case) - i told him the media lied to us and I got him to start looking into WTC7 and he had just got started when the BBC released the program showing the NIST version of what happened and he told me all was well as the media had told him all was well, and went back to sleep again
A week or so ago i mentioned to him that NIST had admitted freefall and he patronisingly grinned at me, saying "it doesnt matter, its irrelevant" or words to that effect. To which i said (knowing he is a church-going, decent christian) "im not religious any more but i agree with the parable of the good samaritan. would you walk on by after seeing that our soldiers are dying for the lie of 9/11, after seeing that hundreds of thousands of iraqis have died for the lies of 9/11, that thousands died in NYC on 9/11, ... and he said, well , yes, you have a point.
He's seventy and showing signs of having perhaps worked too hard during his life so i dont expect much more to happen, but periodically i will nudge him.

J. Edgar Hoover Quote

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.''

thats where we come in - tiny cute baby mouthful spoon feeding to them a little at a time.
All at once is overload and will scare them back to sleep to dream the matrix dream - their comforter

Brother in law

He's actually a very decent fellow, BUT

Last year at thanksgiving he agreed to watch the 10 minute Blueprint. At Christmas he said he watched 5 minutes and it was bullshit. I asked to watch it with him. I was surprised he didn't throw me out of his house. He's worked in construction his whole life.

Did he ever come around?

Did your brother-in-law ever come around David?

My immediate family without much looking into many resources (other than me) were convinced after I presented just a few facts. None in my family never trusted government after the zapruder film anyway so it wasn't a big reach for them. My mom is just too old and too conditioned to know anything else. Her faculties are waning as her neuropathy condition worsens. My father-in-law's reactions were "I can't believe it and I don't want to believe it." and he refuses to believe to this day despite his suspicions of the JFK cover-up. (Which by the way today is the anniversary of).

My colleague right next to me at work refuses to believe it even though he has no answer whatsoever to WTC7's free-fall, he just won't believe our leaders would do something THAT evil. That's what years of indoctrination does. Day after day of "I pledge allegiance, to the flag..." and "my country 'tis of thee..." and "God bless America" every 7th inning (he's a big baseball fan) penetrates deep into the psyche. All the scientific facts in the world won't convince him, he'll only come around after his own epiphany. My best friend of 25+ years used to debate me up to a year ago and stated he'll believe it only when a mainstream news source says it. Although he has come around since after seeing David Chandler's video "What a gravity driven collapse looks like." ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiHeCjZlkr8 ) and he accepts now the horrible physics in the OCT. So when I sent him Geraldo Rivera on FOX changing his mind, (he's conservative minded and watches FOX daily) his only reaction was "interesting" but I can tell he's tipping over to truth. As we all know too well, there's no going back once the evidence is accepted. If your brother-in-law still thinks it's all BS, try that video out on him and see what he thinks. I'd be curious to know.

Hope this helps.. take good care. good post.

peace everyone

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In Honor of JFK, Here are some of my favorite quotes of his I like to use;

"The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie; deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought."

"The men who create power make an indispensable contribution to the Nation’s greatness, but the men who question power make a contribution just as indispensable, especially when that questioning is disinterested, for they determine whether we use power or power uses us." Amherst College, Oct 26, 1963 - Source JFK Library

"We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth." JFK, October 26, 1963

“Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.”
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


David Slesinger

I have a dear friend who is intellectually accomplished who admits WTC7 is suspicious. I don't see why suspicions about WTC7 could mean anything but WTC 1 & 2 are suspicious. He has no problem being in denial on that point.

mixed results. . .

. . . depending on the listener's predisposition, which is key.

my successes have been with people who have taken a look at 9/11 and are already wondering. i also do ok with people who respected my opinion before i got into 9/11 truth, and/or who are at least willing to examine some of the evidence.

but, in my circles at least, most people haven't even looked into 9/11 (much as i hadn't before 9/11/2008), and have much more important things to do (like following sports or watching "dancing with the stars"). for the most part, these folks don't want to be bothered, or woken up.

with listeners who are mainstream mass media addicts (e.g., ny times types) who think they know everything because they keep up on the news, there is little hope at persuading them one-on-one (e.g., because they read the ny times and the times says "conspiracy theorists" are lunatics, so end of story). with these folks, i usually try to at least say a short piece, and hope for the best down the road.

also pretty much closed-minded are those who believe in american exceptionalism ("greatest free country in the world" complex). here maybe get into u.s. false flags/pretexts for war (e.g., gulf of tonkin incident, iraqi wmd's), see where that gets you, and take it from there.

whoever the audience, i've found that it's a good idea to keep things simple initially (e.g., bring up the building 7 scenario of no plane hit, free-fall collapse, nist didn't check for explosives, 1300+ a&e's for 9/11 truth putting their reps on the line) and see what the reaction is. if the person seems open to more, give it to them--stick to the evidence, and try to not get trapped into speculating.

This is relevant in a tangential sort of way


Most are at Level 4............ Law and order

An overview of the stages of moral development...

Instead of viewing morality as a concept that adults impose on children (the psychoanalytic explanation of morality) or as something based solely on avoiding bad feelings like anxiety and guilt (the behaviorist explanation of morality), Kohlberg believed that children generate their own moral judgments. Motivated primarily by social relationships—including, but not limited to, parents, siblings, peers, friends—and secondarily by a variety of emotions—including, but no limited to love, respect, empathy, and attachment—children develop into moral agents. Kohlberg’s observations and psychometric testing of children and adults led him to theorize that human beings progress invariantly and consecutively in their power of moral reasoning (i.e., in their bases for moral behavior) through a series of six clearly identifiable stages which can be more generally classified into three levels. These six stages of moral thought processing imply qualitatively different modes of thinking and of problem solving at each stage.


PRECONVENTIONAL 1............ Punishment and obedience
2............ Instrumental exchange
CONVENTIONAL 3............ Interpersonal conformity
4............ Law and order
POSTCONVENTIONAL 5............ Prior rights and social contract
6............ Universal moral principles


Morality involves respecting rules, laws, and duly-constituted authority as well as defending the given social and institutional order for its own sake. A moral agent's responsibility is directed toward the welfare of others by upholding the status quo. Right behavior consists of maintaining the social order for its own sake as, for example, one receives “a good day’s pay for a good day’s work.” Authority figures are seldom questioned because, the moral agent asserts, “He must be right. After all, he’s the Pope (or the President, or the Judge, or God).” Consistency and precedent must be maintained because, at this level of moral reasoning, the failure to uphold law and order is viewed a threat to fabric of society if not society itself. At stage four, “justice” normally refers to criminal or forensic justice, with the demand that wrongdoers be punished by “paying a debt to society,” what is called "retributive justice." Furthermore, law abiders must be rewarded because of the strict requirements of justice. Injustice, then, is the failure for one’s merits to be rewarded or for others’ demerits to be punished.

Great Post!

Friends and family are extremely important to have this conversation with! They are most willing to listen and most willing to entertain your ideas simply because of the relationship, as opposed to discussions with strangers who can easily dismiss you out of hand. 911 Truth dvds are great stocking stuffers!

Yes, friends and family first

I felt very strongly about the need to approach friends and family, for several reasons, as mentioned by others in this thread. I woke up myself just two years ago, and wrote about it, and soon after felt compelled to tell all my siblings, at least, as well as a few of my most sympathetic friends. My success has been middling, at best, but better than nothing. I think the long-term effect will tell, since it does take time for people to come around.

I created a web site, intending to focus on this aspect of 9/11 truth: http://911truthawakening.wordpress.com/. There are many more articles I would write, if I had the time. I would greatly appreciate the help of others in this effort. Just writing reviews of articles found elsewhere, such as this very thread, would be a great start. Why do it on yet another new site as opposed to continue here, or in some other popular forum? Why indeed is a good question. I think we need to gather closer as a community, as well as network and internetwork wherever we can. It will take lots of different kinds of efforts, this being just one of them.

Very productive

I actually have a hard time finding people who DON'T believe the US government was complicit. Perhaps it's because I live on the left coast in Canada; believing the worst about the American government is a national pastime right up there with beer and hockey. In fact, the only time I've gotten into a heated debate on the subject was with an American tourist in a bar. That isn't to say every friend and relative agrees with me that it was a staged event, but there is at minimum a good deal of healthy suspicion about the official story.

More interesting is the response I get when I suggest that the CANADIAN government may engage in similar dirty tricks (albeit on a much smaller and less deadly scale, owing to our relative weakness) -- eg during the FLQ crisis, or at the recent G20 summit in Toronto. I recall a relative saying "I can see the FBI doing something like that, but not the RCMP". So apparently this "exceptionalism" phenom is not exclusive to the red, white and blue. Many of us like to think we're somehow superior as a nation or tribe to others -- and that our imagined "values" are actually reflected in our governing bodies.

I often find that skepticism about official government stories closely correlate to class and age. My more wealthy and/or elderly relatives are more willfully naive and trusting of the state. Hate to stereotype but that has been my general experience. I guess it comes down to what you have to lose. A guy in a trailer park who has been beaten up by the cops has a much more cynical (and accurate) view of authority than a pampered banking consultant who reads the NY Times; or at least he's much more willing to call a spade a spade.

Danse, I'm with you...

Danse, I'm with you... literally and figuratively. I also live on the left coast of Canada and cannot really say that I have ever found anyone who even vaguely tries to defend the OCT. It's a given in Canada that some parts of the US Gov't were complicit.

On 9/11 I was watching the TV news before I went to work (I'm a retired engineer) and of course the "NY terrorist attacks" were on all the channels. When I saw the first building come down I said to my wife, "that was a controlled demo".

There has never been a shred of doubt in my mind ever since.


It is only when I read about the countless people who knew or at least strongly suspected it was a black op the day of that I realize how politically naive I was at the time. It wasn't until I stumbled upon a few truth websites that the light bulb went off.

I remember chatting with a stranger in a bar about the subject approximately two years after 911. I proffered my opinion that the story didn't add up. He said "have you heard of building 7"? - To which I added an enthusiastic "yes". He said that he was a structural engineer and that he knew it was a CD the moment it happened. I asked him why he didn't go public. He just raised an eyebrow as if to say, "are you nuts"? This was years before AE911Truth and nanothermite.

When I think back on that incident and hear your own story, I wonder how many engineers and architects and pilots there are out there who actually BELIEVE the official story. Vanishingly few at this point, I imagine, yet hardly anyone is willing to speak out.

I'm sure I'm not the only one to have noticed that at least three-quarters of the folks at PatriotsQuestion911 are RETIRED professionals. What does that say about human nature?

Double standard

"So apparently this "exceptionalism" phenom is not exclusive to the red, white and blue. Many of us like to think we're somehow superior as a nation or tribe to others -- and that our imagined "values" are actually reflected in our governing bodies."


Which is why the jingoists like to conspiracy theorize about Russia and China all the time, and which is also why the BBC and Dutch media jumped all over the Litvinenko case, lending credence to his allegations that the FSB was involved in the Moscow apartment bombings.

After all... it's not us... it's them! And THEM are awful monsters! The FSB/KGB? Ruthless killers! The CIA? Incompetent! Incapable of connecting the dots!

Our media? Imperfect, but if something truly untoward had happened, it would have been reported. Their media? Controlled.

Their government investigations? Blatant cover-ups. Ours? An adequate and full accounting of the events examined.

It's ridiculous.

I realize Russia and China are worse in some respects, but that doesn't make it right.

I found out when I tried making another Truther wrong

Five years ago, a lady friend of my wife's who I have known for over 30 years mentioned lightly that "9/11 was an inside job".
I started doing research into 9/11 so "I could prove the statement wrong". Whoaa...was I surprised!! My world view fell apart as I researched and I couldn't sleep for weeks and weeks. I was devastated and the rabbit hole kept going deeper. It was painful.
After close to six months, I finally told my wife preluding it with "I haven't told you this, because I was afraid you might not believe me."
I showed her the DVD film "9/11 Mysteries". That did it for her.
The kids and adult grandkids know how I feel and have DVDs, but they have a spectrum of different views. Most 'feel' that 9/11 was an inside job, but there seems to be a lack of urgency / relevance / connectiveness. ...kind of a shallowness, kind of a 'no interest' in disseminating or learning more about what is really going on in the world. ...it is as if the concept of 9/11 being an inside job is believed, but taken with a yawn... and then the interest is towards things like American Idle or recent movies/entertainment.
I have 3 close relatives who are ministers who have 9/11 Truth DVDs. Two have their suspicions, but they try hard to hold onto the government. One minister knows that 9/11 was an inside job.

A real point which I feel strongly about is to give out lots of DVDs and talk to lots of people about 9/11. I do not waste much time "arguing" or trying to persuade. I just encourage people (lots of people) to watch documentaries.
Lots of people.
I "repeat the message" to watch a 9/11 documentary.

Not everyone is going to wakeup.
Some people are ready to "look" now.
Some people might be ready "to look" at another future time.
Some people might need the subject brought up to them 40 times before they look.
Some people will never look.

I believe in contacting lots of people and in repeating the message.

Documentaries and Emails.

Ministers, High School teachers, College Professors, Political Active Groups, etc all have email addresses usually open and available to the public. Good to engage in discourse when you can with these people.
You can include a .gif image of WTC Building 7 copy and pasted into a body of an email. Include links to documentaries, quotes, and websites. Carefully crafted local letters to the editor have the potential to reach a new audience too if you can word them in a way that will get them published.
That's another good way to spread the information. Chain emails have been an effective way for spreading other stuff. DVD burners and cheap dvd's are awesome. Deception dollars are cool.
I also love your philosophy of repeating the message. Thanks for repeating that :) It's needed!!

Nice post Tom...

Especially this bit...

The kids and adult grandkids know how I feel and have DVDs, but they have a spectrum of different views. Most 'feel' that 9/11 was an inside job, but there seems to be a lack of urgency / relevance / connectiveness. ...kind of a shallowness, kind of a 'no interest' in disseminating or learning more about what is really going on in the world. ...it is as if the concept of 9/11 being an inside job is believed, but taken with a yawn..

I get the impression that there are many different psychological defense mechanisms at play here. One is apathy, but I think apathy is often overstated. For instance, we're often told that people don't vote because they're apathetic ie they don't give a shit who is elected to office; yet there is also the perfectly logical belief, held by many, that it doesn't much matter which schmuck is elected to office. The game itself is rigged.

I think the dominant reaction to the realization of 911 truth is dissociation. Like the trauma victim who buries the truth in his or her subconscious in order to go on functioning in daily life, many people react to 911 truth by rejecting/downplaying/marginalizing/burying it. The truth is too painful to bear -- and would require immediate action which might expose one to social isolation, ridicule or worse. The easiest and seemingly most rational thing to do is ride out the storm by hiding in the bunker.

Another extremely important mechanism, in my view, is diffusion of responsibility. We see this in the old lynching photographs, where you had hundreds of people standing around while some poor black man was castrated and burned alive; or in the Kitty Genovese case, where a young Italian immigrant was raped and stabbed to death in front of a crowded apartment complex in Queens. Paradoxically, the larger the crowd, the less likely someone will take responsibility and intervene. This also helps to explain why there isn't much difference between crime rates in rural and urban environments -- but why there is significantly less crime in communities where everyone knows each other.

In the immortal words of Homer Simpson, "Can't somebody else do it?"

Finally, I think the single most important defense mechanism is denial. Not necessarily denial that 911 was an inside job, but denial that we're on a road which will inexorably lead to fascism.

"When it comes to the pinch, human beings are heroic", wrote Orwell. I wish it were the other way around. This time, when it comes to the pinch, it may be too late.

Someone who had worked in WTC 7 states...

"...I am comfortable not knowing what happened...."

Sep 11, 2010 "thedude1977" writes:
"...The cause of the collapse of 7 World Trade is not fully understood; however we do know that heavy debris fell on the structure and that several unexplained fires broke out in various locations. The lack of an obvious cause for the collapse is one of the main openings for conspiracy theorists to exploit. For instance, they claim that some sort of thermitic material was found in the dust and rubble that indicates a planned demolition. I am not endorsing any of these suggestions. "
"What we do know is that the official explanation is that the fires weakened the structure and caused the collapse, although that would be perhaps the first and only time that such a structure has collapsed due to fire. ..."
"...Here is a website 'raising questions' aka engaging in a conspiratorial whisper campaign. This site is currently advertising on TV throughout the NYC region. buildingwhat.org "
"Like I said, I find the questions to be pretty conspiracy based. I am comfortable not knowing what happened and don't think that the fact that there is no clear understanding of what happened means that the presumptions and alternative theories floating around out there have any merit."
"All I know is that I worked there, then it didn't exist anymore, and that it's since been rebuilt."

vid: @5:10 WTC7 explosion when WTC1 and WTC2 were still standing


This is SO VERY

Important!!!!! No wonder he's not around anymore. Thanks Mr. Jennings, you will NEVER be forgotten.

Frustrating to hear this from a friend

Great thread. I recently have been working on a friend who I had thought was "primed" for the truth. He is a Bush hater and very skeptical of many conventional wisdoms. What follows is his most recent email response to me. Anyone here care to help me craft a response? He must have gone out and googled "debunking 9/11 conspiracies" to come up with this stuff. But I must say it was disheartening to read. So this thread is very timely. Help me hold this guy's feet to the fire, please. This is what he wrote:

"You asked for it...
   The clever guys that flew the planes into the towers knew that the damage and fire would bring down the towers were certainly not the only ones aware of this fact.   The guy that bought the buildings and the insurance knew this and the possibility of an attack. (After all the towers had already endured an unsuccessful attack years earlier.) I'm sure that there was plenty of folks around who could imagine just such a scenario  (I could) and prepared for it.  Obviously our transportation safety system was not up to the task at the time. Our government (especially under Bush) is inept at best.  The conceit that, even if government (and/or corporate) officials would conceive such an elaborate plot, that they could actually pull it off with out anyone eventually confessing,  makes little sense. Even though there have been reports of advanced warnings from intelligence insiders well before the attack does not make a conspiracy...just poor training and incompetence at airline gates.
  As far as the news video of WTC7 being reported prematurely...it strains credulity that any conspirators would be stupid enough to tell any news organization about the "demolition" before it occurred. There obviously is some other reason (or fake). 
   From what I have read in scientific (albeit mainstream print) journals it is entirely possible for a steel framed building to collapse when an uncontrolled fire burns for an extended amount of time.  The steel girders and support columns are insulated with foam to extend the amount of time before failure but cannot extend it indefinitely. It only takes a small deformation (a beam get hot and expands, doesn't even have to melt) on lower floors to compromise the structural integrity of a high rise. Smaller buildings actually require lots of explosives to demolish because they don't have the inertial mass.  In many instances large wooden beams actually retain more of their strength longer in a fire because of wood's insulating properties.  WTC7 had an intense fire started on the lower floors by white hot debris from the other towers which burned for hours (because the fire suppression system failed) before it eventually collapsed.  The molten steel is the result of the intense energy released when millions of tons of building crushes down in a matter of seconds (much like when if you flex a piece of metal back and forth it gets hot). 
   And the comment in the little video of "pulling" the building;  that simply means that the firefighters needed to pull out before the building collapsed because the effort was futile.  As far as the Pentagon is concerned my sister lives in DC and personally knows someone who saw the plane that hit it. 
   I could go on.  I'm sure there are evil people in the world that benefited from this catastrophe besides Osama (the Bush administration fell right in line and reacted to and shot ourselves in the collective foot by actually being terrorized, going to war etc.). I know shit happens that would shock me.  But how many years will it take before the 911 truthers give it up..After all there must have been dozens and dozens of folks involved in this.  In this day and age...do you think that they will all take it to their grave?  9 years and counting...
   I know this won't convince you.  I just wanted you to know that I care enough to show you I'm not dismissing you out of hand.   What I really want to know is why American are such pussies.  There will always be ignorant hate filled assholes (often religious) that want to try to terrorize us.  Why do we let them?  More people will die in a couple of weeks of driving than on 911.  And eventually we will be hit again.  But unless we let it, it can never destroy us.  Its time to bring back our troops and stop singing fucking "God Bless America" and start singing "take me out to the ballgame" dammit!
.   By the way...we are all in the matrix my friend.
Peace," end quote

Don't take it too personally if you can manage...

I'd just send him this...

Or if he is interested in religion as he mentioned send him this.

And occasionally send him any updates such as this once in a while.

Don't focus on "winning" the argument, especially if he is a friend. Just feed him a bit and satisfy your obligation or responsibility you feel to inform him. There are others to wake up and you've done your part, no need to take his awakening personally or let it get you down. Find local news anchors in the area or print journalists and try to engage them in discussion. Find local religious leaders and move in on them with information. He'll come around in time if it is in him. That's what my advice would be.

I like this approach

"...Don't focus on "winning" the argument... ...Just feed him a bit ... ...There are others to wake up... ...He'll come around in time if it is in him."

for what it's worth

lotta things I don't know here, like what you've been telling him and whether you guys enjoy arguing about this shit. But assuming you do:

your friend doesn't know anything about physics so don't go deep with anything having to do with science.

He also contradicts himself as do a lot of people when talking about the temperatures (which frustrates the hell out of me). He's got the metal only hot enough to soften and weaken the building, and then it's "white hot" and flying into WTC7. I'd ask him which is it, weakened or white hot and about to melt?

who told him no plane hit the Pentagon? I think a plane hit the building, I'm just doubtful that Hajour was flying it. More important, that plane should never have gotten there, and that's not "incompetence," that's recklessness.

If your friend doesn't at least care about serious recklessness in government, and you do, then all of this is just window dressing and that's your real point of departure from the subject.

As far as someone talking? I'd turn the question around and ask him "why would someone who is capable of perpetrating something like 9/11 wanna say anything about it?" What could he conceivably gain? Murders don't go around confessing that often. The (implied) question makes no logical sense.

My basic rules are be respectful, have fun arguing, and remind him that you research this stuff far more than he and he hasn't presented anything of authority to change your mind.

It's our conviction that impresses people the most (coupled with their guilt that they know nothing about 911, which is too often a double-edged sword).


If you look carefully enough, you can find all the answers your friend might want in the available data on 9/11 research sites.

First he says somebody would have talked, then when the issue of people talking about WTC 7 is addressed, he claims they would never be that stupid. This is an obvious and fatal contradiction.

People did talk! When EVER will the 9/11 Truth Moment get this through their heads? I have reiterated this point many, many times now here on 911blogger.

Please, just show your friend this comment by Jon Gold.

Show him this article about the 'false dilemma' fallacy and this article, where one 9/11 commissioner and one 9/11 select committee investigator call 9/11 a 'conspiracy'. Was there not a cover-up? A conspiracy to lie? Don't these two former senators admit that? How do we know it was just 'incompetence' if we were lied to?

Demonstrate that the 9/11 Truth Movement doesn't necessarily believe that no plane hit the Pentagon, by showing him this comment.

Show him Kevin Ryan's article about insider trading.

How come 'nutty' Bill Cooper was able to predict 9/11 but the entire US military intelligence apparatus sat on their behind twiddling their thumbs?

And regardless of what you think of Alex Jones, why was he able to predict 9/11?

One would have to say the 9/11 Truth Movement existed before 9/11.

FBI special agent Greg Jones, was as close to preventing 9/11 as somebody could possibly have come. He specifically mentioned stopping Moussaoui from "crashing a plane into the World Trade Center". Yet he was stonewalled. Why? And he's far from the only one. These obstructions were happening all over, cut across most agencies.

It goes on an on. Somebody did, in fact, talk.

The above are some interesting tidbits plucked from here and there, but I especially recommend your friend read Jon Gold's comment and follow up on each and every of his suggestions.


Your friend mentioned you're more likely to die from a car accident than from a terrorist attack. I agree.

How to prove BBC foreknowledge.

Thanks for this. It's actually a problem of deciding which evidence to share. Like offering him a sip from a firehouse.

But the one point I'd love to nail him on is the proof that the BBC early announcement was real and not "faked video" as he implies. Did BBC ever admit it went out on their air? And how do you respond when someone implies you can't believe anything you see on the Internet cause it could all be fake?

Burden of proof

The BBC admitted to it, and they weren't the only one who prematurely announced the collapse of WTC 7 (CNN, FOX), etc., etc.


It's not your job to prove a BBC source is real. The videos are in the archives available to anybody who wants to take a look at what reporter Jane Standley says. In fact, even the BBC themselves discussed it in their hit piece documentary on the Truth Movement.


Don't allow people to have you running around as a secretary trying to comply with impossible demands. If someone claims something is fake, they should provide direct evidence for this claim. What they think or suspect is completely irrelevant. This is called the onus probandi or "burden of proof". Instead of him demanding you prove a video from the BBC is real, he should prove it is fake, if that is what he claims. He can contact the BBC if he wants the tape.

I have little to no patience with people who behave in this manner, which is why, in your place, I would have moved on. The most important thing to learn about 9/11 to separate activism from your personal life, if you want to have one. I have plenty of other things to talk about with my friends, and they often bring up 9/11 related issues themselves. Nearly everybody is pissed off about creeping totalitarianism, the problem is few understand the intricacies of sociology, institutionalized corruption and geostrategy, as well as the 'boiling frog' concept. Where I can, I teach.

Sometimes I will be asked questions out of the blue, and I will respond. I don't insist on sharing what I know about 9/11, unless I was in a different social context, i.e. street activism. Eventually the topic may arise in discussions, and you had better have your facts straight or I will introduce you to them. Note that facts do not equal conclusions. Those are at everybody's own discretion. If agreement on the facts is reached, flawed conclusions have a low survival rate.

I have one thing I like to do with people to provoke a cerebral meltdown: I ask them "Who was responsible for the 2001 anthrax attacks?" Always do this face to face, NEVER via e-mail, chat or telephone. You don't want to provide people with the opportunity to investigoogle their answer. You want to see their reaction on the spot, then and there. Do not alter the initial question: just ask who was responsible for the 2001 anthrax attacks. If they pretend not to understand, just repeat. Keep repeating if necessary, perhaps adding if they remember about the "powder letters" sent to members of Congress. Do not proffer any clues to the answer under any circumstances. They should admit they don't know the answer. Be patient with them and give them time to admit this. Enjoy the show. Close to 90% of the regular people you speak to won't know the answer. I have never met anybody who knew the answer and I have tried this on dozens of people. Usually, the only people who will know the answer to this question are either "truthers" or "debunkers".

Later, you can follow up with "Who was initially blamed for it?" ... "When was the military grade anthrax used in the attack created?" .. "Who were the targets?" .. "Why was the White House already on Cipro?"

And remember, this blog article proves 9/11 was a conspiracy. There is no question. If we were lied to, then nobody can have the audacity to claim it was a cover-up of mere incompetence, and even a cover-up of that is nothing short of scandalous. The nature of the activities covered up do not diminish in any way the fact THAT there was a criminal cover-up.

I have a feeling your friend may like the work of Jon Gold.

Show him this:

Take it one step at the time, this is not the type of person to expose to more than evidence of a criminal cover-up at this point. Good luck.


that if your friend wishes to seize upon the BBC hit piece as evidence that the 'truthers' were wrong, it would behoove him to study the responses to that hit piece. The BBC, in terms of mendacity is in a league of its own.

This is one response:


And there are many more. The discussion is not settled, as this link demonstrates, Kevin McPadden and Craig Bartmer were vindicated.

I don't mind being secretarial in this case

because I actually initiated the conversation with this person. Kind of a slow motion one-on-one street action. I consider him a project.

Thanks for more great source links SnowCrash, I'll let you know if we ever win him over. It is so bewildering that this guy actually says he thinks Bush and Rove and Cheney should be in jail (and worse) for crimes of war and election theft, yet he swallowed their story on 9/11 hook, line, and sinker.

Intermediate steps

Possibly a deciding factor in whether a person will learn important information is whether they are interested not just in "information" but also "limits" in their frames, being curious about the *quality* of what we know.

I have convinced 6 of 8 members of the family that there is a truth emergency about the official accounts of 9/11. I have also weakened friendships.

Related, I have broadened what my truth interests so they include also some aims that are less ambitious and potentially more achievable, but still challenging. For some Americans and others, small aims will be reached before big ones.

Examples include the truth about Christopher Columbus, a 500 year old truth problem, and problems surrounding the 1990s court case about the killing of Martin Luther King described at the King Center website.

Still more achievable is getting friends to watch the truth-oriented movie called The Nasty Girl, in which a young woman "investigates her town's Nazi past" and her community turns against her.


My Parents are finally awake!

My dad told me the other night that just from all I have explained to him over the years he has a lot of questions himself about the official story. This was a much harder battle than it should have been convincing him because at first, I was my own worst enemy. Primarily due to the fact that Alex Jones was the first guy to open me up to 9/11 Truth, I was practically unapproachable to my parents even though it was ME attempting to reach THEM. This was a very interesting breed of cynicism I had never experienced before. I kept seeing my parents ready to open up, then instead of remembering of some of the most basic facts of 9/11, I would find myself all of sudden almost attacking them in defensive posture when in reality they wanted to hear what I had to say. I also found it very detrimental to my discussions with my parents if I brought up large conspiracies like mentioning terms that have now become simply to unspecific to be productive like (NWO, the evil "THEM" running things), and also if I brought up to many things that were not 9/11 related. I was to impatient at first to just work towards the whole can of worms that naturally follows reasonable people figuring out 9/11 must have had US gov't elements involved. I was metaphorically pouring the worm can on peoples heads. This didn't work with my parents or anyone else! Read this if you missed it:


and this:


It was indeed one of the hardest things to go through seeing my parents who have the ultimate influence on me looked at me as though I was being naive, but they were right! In a lot of senses I was being naive. I was being naive of what I knew most people could handle and cared to think about. I didn't take into account how influencing people is done by speaking to their interests. I was doing the conversational equivalent of "bullhorning" or worse "heckling" (which by the way, watch the Jamie Kennedy documentary "Heckler." Besides being really funny, the film had a surprisingly thoughtful approach comparing the difference between a critic and a heckler. I found understanding the contrasting approaches very applicable to how we approach our 9/11 discussions).

The only way to win an argument is not to have one.

You know what they say about assumptions right............

they make a cliche out of a cliche and a cliche ;) May the truth force be with you and your families.

good intro film.. suggestion

i find films works well.. in breaking through some barriers..

i used to suggest 9/11 Press for Truth.. as the best intro film, since people can relate through the experiences of families of 9/11 victims..

but i just found a new film.. which covers not just 9/11.. but starts off there and helps people see a bigger picture.. it also covers it in chapters.. so i would suggest letting the viewer start off on the chapter of their choosing.. and letting them decide how much to watch at a sitting.. I plan to give a copy to my brother, a psychologist, who is slowly coming around.. with help and patience from his conscious son.. my nephew..

Deceptions USA - http://deceptionsusa.com/

"Life was so much better when I lived in the “bubble” unaware that my freedoms had some very distinct boundaries. If I stayed in my sandbox I was OK. But if I ventured out, if I became a critical thinker, read, questioned authority, thought beyond Democrat or Republican, realized that my opinion and perceptions were being managed by a corporate media, realized that there was no public policy only corporate policy, I became a subversive. But how could I reconcile continual war, wiretapping, unanswered 9/11 questions, torture, rendition, terrorism, the loss of freedom, police brutality, news suppression, the bailouts, evaporation of the public option, a toothless financial reform, no real audit of the Fed, BP's constant lies, political bribery, uncharged war criminals and corruption beyond belief. My country was disappearing. How could I do nothing ?"

Discussing with Family and Friends

I'm new to posting comments on this site and I hope this comment gets to where it's intended.

This is a very good thread, a real puzzle re communicating effectively about 911 truth. One of my nephews is in agreement that some element(s) of the US government had to have been involved but my wife is not interested though has humoured my occasional rant on the subject. It's basically considered too radioactive a subject for me to discuss with anyone else in the family. One friend, a chemical engineer, said for years he had wondered to himself how any of the buildings could have collapsed in the manner they did. So I responded, "exactly" and proceeded to mention the duration of the fires in the rubble pile, the presence of thermite and nano-thermite, the speed, totality, symmetry and explosiveness of the collapses, etc. He listened patiently and then stared blankly at me and said, "what are you suggesting, that "they" (the US government) did "it"?. I said "not exactly" but certainly this information demands a new investigation. He continued to stare blankly without furthering his own question(s) and couldn't deal, I feel, with his own congitive dissonance about the subject and I feel that this prevents many people from entering into a discussion and seeing the implications. In this instance cognitive dissonance means confronting people's most basic sense of security/safety and parsing it with the evidence/hard data and even for my chemical engineer friend he could not go there though interestingly he DID, for a brief moment, go there in raising the rhetorical question and asking if I'm suggesting it even though HE asked the question and some part of him obviously wants to go there but he won't allow it because I'm guessing it's too threatening to his sense of safety.

I work at a local community health care service (I'm a social worker/case manager) and have occasionally had conversations with other health professionals - RNs, OTs, pharmacists etc. - about this subject and I find that what gets people interested is speaking to them about it on a level/angle that relates to their profession and how we, as health professionals, deal with a major public health crisis/event. From this angle almost everyone I talk to at work agrees that if our relatively small health service responded to a crisis in the manner that the Bush administration handled the morning of 911 people would be fired at top level of leadership, lower-level managers would be disciplined and/or terminated and an immediate and thorough investigation would be done to ensure that further lives aren't harmed/lost.

What I find both fascinating and frustrating is that the most damning of physical evidence, such as the nature of the collapses, thermite, NIST admitting to 2.5 secs of free-fall and the obvious implications of this in terms of physical principles actually turns people off (that I know) more than the circumstantial evidence. Is it too scary, too out there, too implausible, too horrible to believe?

All of the comments/articles I've read re cognitive dissonance surrounding 911 continues to prove Goebels and the other Holocaust architects right: if you're going to lie, you lie really big because good luck getting people to believe the conspiracy behind the lie.

Welcome to 9/11 Blogger!

Thanks for becoming a user and for supporting the search for 9/11 truth.

I'm one of the moderators here, so if you have any questions or problems please feel free to contact me directly through the site (just click on my name and use the contact feature).

I hope that you and yours are well.


John W. Wright

Marin County, CA

I am a retired engineer and

I am a retired engineer and as I mentioned in my reply to Danse, it's really hard to find a defender of the OCT in Canada.. at least on the left coast.

The few times that I have run across someone who resists hearing "the truth", I fall back on the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) :-)

I will ONLY discuss the unique physics that we are told occurred that day. Take it in REALLY small bites. I absolutely REFUSE to get drawn into a discussion of who was responsible... that's for a new independent investigation to determine. Remember... the sole purpose of the truth movement (at least IMHO) is to get a new Independent Investigation launched. Even if we know the absolute truth, it doesn't do any good without a new powerful investigation.

Discussing with friends and family

Agreed. The topic, even among 911 truthers, of who did it often leads to endless speculative argument and for those that are hesitant to look at the evidence it is a turn-off. Keeping it simple, as you suggest, and focussed on specific and measurable events seems to be the best approach.
The recent Building What campaign, and the general focus of groups like AE911 have some success because they take a specific approach dealing with real, measurable phenomena that can't be ignored and they keep up a tempo of frequent repeitition of simple and accessible messages.

Among other things, we can now tell our family and friends that even Fox News is giving some respect to 911 truth. Aside from Bob MacIllvane and Szamboti's appearance on Fox, I was impressed with the interview of former CIA Bin Laden unit head Michael Scheuer (yes, I know, he discredited himself on Glen Beck's show by making lunatic statements about Obama needing to detonate a nuclear bomb in the US and he defends torture) and Anthony Schaffer re the refusal of the 911 Commission to hear crucial information re the movements of 911 hijackers in advance of 911.

Getting back to this thread, I applaud all those who have had some measure of success getting 911 truth into "polite company" and keeping the message alive. I do not know if all the efforts on this and many other fronts will get a truly meaningful re-investigation but I believe it's possible to create enough of a critical mass of awareness to make the perps think twice about trying it again.


"...but I believe it's possible to create enough of a critical mass of awareness to make the perps think twice about trying it again."
The perps are falseflaging' every day in Irak, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan - and globally by keeping the fals terror-rhetoric alive in mass-media

That is exactly right!! I

That is exactly right!!
I think it was the Judge who asked GR something like "it's been 9 years.. why are you talking about this now"?
To me, one of the main thrusts of the Truth Movement is... 9/11 is NOW!!! We are living in a world that has been totally changed by the events of 9/11.
If we ever get a real investigation and the Truth comes out, it's going to be very very obvious that the last 10 years has been like "Alice in Wonderland"

looks to me

they are accelerating the agenda - Denmarks former prime minister Anders Fog Rasmussen now head of NATO is inviting Russia to join forces against extreme Islamics ... that could explain that Denmark's latest false flag (almost) terrorist attack September 10. 2010 " the failed Copenhagen bomber" was committed by Lors Doukaiev born in Chechnya http://www.globaljihad.net/view_page.asp?id=1963 - speculations? yes! but very much fitting the pattern'...

Attempting a dialog on this with anyone is pointless unless the other part is already a thruther' ...

Anyway - this blog entry is one of my favorites on 911blogger! :D

My family....

They think i'm nuts, while i know they're in complete denial. i've pretty much givin up on them. I did share all important info so they have it. Denial.

an invaluable resource

Faulty Towers of Belief: Part II.
Rebuilding the Road to Freedom of Reason
By Laurie A. Manwell


Here She
Lists questions that from a behaviorist perspective are skillfully ways to talk about 9/11 without making a person defensive. Notice the language. It doesn't say "Did you know that ...."
If you want to start to wake up family and friends and gage where the family member or friend is, its important to listen to them WHERE THEY ARE< NOT YOU.


What is “terrorism” and who are, in fact, the “terrorists”?
What does the “war on terror” really mean?
Which terrorists have been identified and/or arrested for criminal prosecution for 9/11?
What crimes has Osama bin Laden been charged with in regards to the attacks on America on September 11th 2001?
How has the War on Terror protected people from terrorism?
How have freedoms been affected by the Patriot Act?
Are there any other people who would or have benefited from the events of 9/11? How might Americans view the world and the events of 9/11 differently than non-Americans?
How do we determine who are the “victims” and who are the “perpetrators”?
What would it mean if these two perceptions have common characteristics?
Who is accountable for the consequences of the global war on terror?

These kinds of questions and more i feel is how we are going to win the hearts and minds of so many of our family and friends.

In my experience

I've found that the vast majority of people in the greater Cincinnati area have already made their minds up ... and what they believe is irregardless of the facts or probabilities.

The vast majority here choose to believe the OCT. They will never be won over as they will either never look at the evidence or they will choose to believe the most unlikely (im)possibility if that suits their priorities ... truth not being a high one.

After all, many of these people are in the military or have loved ones in the military or have good paying military contractor jobs. Many go to churches where their pastors advise them to support the war on terror and hate muslims.

Any real acceptance of 9/11 truth to the religious crowd requires them, out of conscious, to do something about it. Speak out, quit associating with their lie-spreading clergy, quit submitting to the governing authorities (they really like that one ... it keeps them straddling the fence twixt God & Casear/Mammon with no conflicts), etc. ... none of which they will do. It is much easier just to deny the facts and believe the OCT.

I'm glad to hear things are much different in Canada and perhaps out West because the beast is still quite powerful here in the midwest lol !

I have hope

Hope in what?

That 'Christians' will make the needed difference?

Christians make up about 75% of the population of the US ... "a Christian nation".
Christians are supposed to emulate the Christ figure of the Bible's N.T.
The character of Christ is one who was clearly an activist who spoke truth to power and the masses and sacrificed for truth and the betterment of mankind.
Truth is evidenced by fact and probability.
Clearly 9/11 was an inside job as evidenced by fact and probability.
The 9/11 wars are arguably the greatest threat to world peace causing untold trauma to countless millions.

The Christian population, like the Bengals, have been sorely disappointing of late!

I too have hope ... just in something a little different.

However, that is a great website you linked ... I do like the way the author handled the whole 'submission to the governing authorities' thing

If we spun off a sister movement called

The 2/27 Truth Movement and asked the German government to explain what Hitler did to the Reichstag, now that it's acceptable to be skeptical about Hitler's claims in Germany, then what?
We could get the endorsement of families of / holocaust survivors and WW2 servicemen.
No one could possibly dis us.
Then we could draw parallels...

T-shirt pics- reichstag with smoke.

"With the 400 people in

"With the 400 people in Massachusetts who came to Ground Zero and are now sick, we believe Scott Brown has a moral obligation to help those people,” responders advocate John Feal told WCBS 880 reporter Peter Haskell." - Call his office at (617) 565-3170, and tell him he had better DAMN WELL vote yes on the James Zadroga 9/11 Health & Compensation Act. Thank you.


Two resources/issues have turned the tide for me, very recently:

1. The Fox News interview by Geraldo, that is essentially a rebroadcast and amplification of the BW? campaign ad, and...

2. The Underpants Bomber case, with its known and very bizarre details.

Item 1 helps, in my recent experience, due to our best friends (joke), Fox. Appearing there, this WTC 7 issue can no longer be seen as just another Internet fantasy. (Sad, strange, but true: this revelation achieves credibility only after being shown on... Fox!)

Item 2 also helps nicely, again in my recent experience, in this way: People are outraged at having to show their privates in public, to strangers, and/or have their privates groped by those same strangers, again in public. To learn that this whole thing is a put-up job really hits home. Just this morning in fact, the response was silence -- shocked silence.

Not that I want to shock people. Nor that I care so much about my opinions being heard or taken seriously. The point is, this 'manufactured terrorism' business is itself shocking, and needs to be taken very seriously.

Therefore, kudos to the Building What? campaign, and kudos too to the stupidity of whoever came up with the underwear bomber plan, and carried it out.

my whole family is 9/11 savvy

My family is very, very educated in general, knew about the coke running and lies around Iran Contra, the heroin running in the Vietnam era,
and took one look at 9/11 and said "Cheney."

We've argued with my uncle, but he's never been able to defend the official narrative with us, so basically we crush him
on the facts and he backs off.

The hardest is talking to people who immediately go into this smug mode even while defending the craziest stuff
(really? the way building 7 fell is typically how buildings respond to fire?).. it's tough when normally sane people
suddenly become allergic to facts on this issue.

The Underwear bomber

Hi "Student", I'm new at this and for the life of me can't figure out how to reply to people's comments so that the arrow thingy shows up indicating I'm linking to/following a particular comment so if you have any advice I'd appreciate your help.

Re the underwear bomber, I never bought the official story, mostly because, like the 911 fairy tale, I found it beyond the pale that, after 911, after 10s of billions of dollars spent on homeland security, how the different intelligence offices now "talk" to each other - as if that was ever a reasonable excuse for past behaviour - this guy just waltzes on to a plane with a bomb even after his father gift-wrapped intelligence to the State Dept saying his son's a terrorist and lo and behold, look at that, just gets on a plane because the poor dears in the State Dept can't seem to figure out how to priortize information or use a phone/email. I honestly can't understand, in a rhetorical/sarcastic sense, how the American people take this petard and let it go.

So, Student, can you point me in the direction of a little information on some of the details, confirmed please, that make this to be the charade I think it is? I've done some googling but you may have some credible sources I haven't found.

Take care,


First off, to reply to a specific comment you need only click on the 'reply' button appearing -- on my browser at least -- at top of the upper right-hand corner of the post.

As for information about the underwear-bomber debacle, here is a good summary. Other items have also appeared here at blogger on this same story over time, such as here, in the latter part of the article, and here,.and also in this comment with excellent reply by Sitting Bull. Each of these relies on credible sources, as you will see.

Thanks for the info

Thanks, I'll check out the links you provided re the underwear bomber. Should make for good reading.


This prompted an interesting discussion some months ago

Thanks again. I read all the material in the links and I'm angry all over again. This was something that both my wife and I discussed and found many of the details surrounding this event as more than passing strange. What piqued my wife's interest in the underwear bomber story was she thought that post 911 so much had changed and she was incredulous that this could happen with such obvious warnings in advance to say nothing of the peculiar cirucmstances of how he boarded the plane. My wife wondered how this could have happened and thinks we're all being played. She can't, however, make the leap to 911.



Even this much leads to a very healthy dose of skepticism toward the folks in power. She is doing well, in my book.

Underwear Bomber - recent news and record of articles

This 911Blogger article was posted a few days ago...

911Blogger "Underwear Bomber" Article with a running record of related links in comment section

Kurt Haskell witnessed a well dressed man help the underwear bomber to board Flight 253 without a passport. Kurt made this recent video. Kurt is very aware of 9/11 Truth.
This video is well worth watching. I really like it!!

This video is

well worth watching