NEW MEDIA CO PLANS from Sander Hicks: Let's Build a Catapult

9/11 Blogger Friends:

Hey there! I wanted you to know that I have launched something pretty big, via KickStarter. I need your help.

Together, we are going to create "The Catapult Project." This is the research needed to create a whole new kind of democratic media company. The technology is in our hands, now we just need a strategy refined.

Using KickStarter, I am asking for your pledge, to help me raise $22K in the next four weeks. We can do this, I have raised over $500K in my lifetime, running the media ventures Soft Skull Press and Vox Pop.

Sure, the repression has gotten harsh in the last couple of years, but we the people are stronger. We are going to bounce back. We will speak truth to power, and take away their war-making, death-making, anti-truth addiction.

I know I am onto something. I left NYC six weeks ago, because I needed to recharge in California. I just got word that my book proposal has been accepted by a kick-ass independent publisher. More on that later.

But as a free gift to you, for clicking on the KickStarter link, I wanted to share a secret link to my book proposal. You can see a summary of some of the info I have, and also the positive vision I am putting forward, after going through the deathly details of 9/11, its cover-up, and the ugly wars waged in its name. From the death of the two-party war addiction, we will build truth, life, and the Truth Party.

Click that to see:

Sample Chapters:

Chapter One: How I Became an Exile from NYC
Chapter Two: Who Killed Dr. Graham?
Chapter Three: The Aegis over the 9/11 Patsies
Final Chapter: What We Saw at the Truth Gathering

And I hope you can look at the pitch, the video, and the plan, at the Catapult Project: