9/11 Artifacts at JFK Airport

November 22, 2010, 8:02 PM ET

9/11 Artifacts at JFK Airport

Mangled steel and incinerated fire trucks destined for the National September 11 Memorial and Museum are now being stored at Hangar 17 at JFK Airport. Here’s a look at the artifacts.


There are some very interesting photos here.

Worth a look.

Thanks - Fascinating

(Mekt_Ranzz Thanks for all the reporting over the years.)

An interesting point mentioned by this newscaster... "the smell of 9/11".
It makes sense that there would be a uniqueness to the smell of the air as opposed to a normal office fire.

Concrete enclosing the columns?

The ninth photo down is particularly interesting, as it is the first "concrete" photographic evidence that I have seen that at least some of the steel columns were encased in concrete. According to NIST, in NCSTAR 1-6, "The collapse analyses of the WTC towers concentrated on modeling failure mechanisms in steel rather than concrete components, since the WTC towers were essentially steel structures; concrete was used only for the floor slabs." (emphasis mine)

Various other sources have stated that the core columns, and the core itself, were enclosed in concrete. These include the BBC, "The protective concrete cladding on the cores would have been no permanent defence in these extraordinary circumstances - keeping the intense heat at bay for only a limited timespan"; Georgia Tech, "The core columns were made of steel-reinforced concrete material and had a cross-sectional area of 0.2 square meters"; Newsweek, "supported by a steel-tube exoskeleton and a reinforced concrete core"; and the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations, "The load carrying system was designed so that the steel facade would resist lateral and gravity forces and the interior concrete core would carry only gravity loads".

Presumably the absence in NIST's model of concrete encasing the core columns would affect the fire and impact performance indicated by the results.