Iran's gold star grade card censored

A National Intelligence Estimate NIE is like a grade card that the intelligence services write for foreign countries to see if they've been good or could do better.

Relevancy to 9/11 truth

9/11 was dishonest and was used to vilify a foreign government.

This NIE is dishonestly being held back so the stirrers can stir and whip up fear


and of course vilify a foreign government

this from Op Ed News


This here URL works a little better.

Good find.


And this is the original source. I don't like OEN so much.. to be honest, but I'm a huge fan of Ray McGovern. Why? Because of sardonic passages like this:

"Tenet and his CIA cronies had been expert at preparing estimates-to-go — to go to war, that is. They had proved themselves worthy rivals of the other CIA, the Culinary Institute of America, in cooking intelligence for the White House menu."

ur one's tidier but

my one's got this :

"In 2009, at the progressive media summit meeting, when Iran was brought up, OEN managing editor Cheryl Biren asked senator Carl Levin why the rhetoric against Iran was increasing when there was no new National Intelligence Estimate NIE that would contradict the most recent NIE that had reported that Iran had halted their nuclear weapons development. "

It's about a new NIE that's being suppressed.


"9/11 truth was dishonest"

meant to put 9/11 was dishonest


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i'll administer the strawman hee hee hee

As well as vilifying Iran in the media,

they also vilify China, but there are fundamental differences between the US (faked 9/11 and waged war based on it) and China.
in the following url from Voltairenet I find this quote the most poignant because of its absolute simplicity:

"China sells plates and bowls for Afghan wedding feasts; US drone aircraft bomb the celebrations."

exports; war and peace

when was the last time i bought something made in china?
within the last week, something useful made from plastic
but what does the US trade? what do they produce?
when was the last time i bought something made in america?
oh yes, 9/11