Sonoma County Bomb Squad meets Nor Cal Truth

“Keep up the good work” comment by SWAT officer made it all worth it.

I happened to stumble upon a SWAT and Bomb Squad training in Santa Rosa, Ca on Nov. 6th. I set up a small make-shift “truth-booth” with camera and tried to politely hand out information. After 3 hours, about 6 packets were taken by officials …  better than none.

They had a building cordoned off and it seems they do this regularly for training purposes.

I have nothing against training, but I hope they all remember to protect the Constitution from all enemies foreighn AND DOMESTIC in these incredibly corrupt times.

We are 10 years at war from a false–flag terror attack known as 9/11. Lets end the war, prosecute the criminals and have a happy and healthy community!

For techinical information regarding the collapse of the 3 high rise buildings on 9/11 please visit:

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth  

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