Neocon hack Jonathan Kay attacks University of Lethbridge for funding 9/11 research

Neocon propagandist hack and editor of the National Post, Canada's answer to the Washington Times, has once again attacked the 9/11 Truth Movement by issuing a series of ad hominem attacks against the University of Lethbridge and Professor Anthony Hall, who are supporting the graduate work of Josh Blakeney. Here is Blakeney's research proposal, work that will be funded to the tune of $7,714 by the university:

Professor Hall and I have devoted particular attention to debates and controversies concerning the originating events of the GWOT [Global War On Terrorism]. In developing these interests we have been influenced especially by the scholarship of a number of academics including professors David Ray Griffin, John McMurtry, Michel Chossudovsky, Graeme MacQueen. Michael Keefer, Peter Dale Scott, Stephen Jones, Niels Harritt, and Nafeez Ahmed. From a wide array of academic perspectives, each of these specialists has presented evidence to call into question various facets of what Professor MacQueen has recently labelled the “government version” of the events that gave rise to the GWOT. My objective is to evaluate the content, quality and veracity of the body of literature that both supports and criticizes the government version of history used to justify the invasions and domestic transformations that make up the GWOT.

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Search for truth.

Many thanks Josh Blakeney and Professor Anthony J. Hall.
It is clear to me that the official story about the attacks is a myth and a conspiracy theory.
Some people (including Canadian politicians) ignore the mountain of evidence supporting a demand for a criminal investigation.
I sent several emails to Jonathan Kay thinking he would act like a real journalist and turn the National Post loose to find the truth.
I know Jonathan is writing a book about us seekers of truth. He has replied to some of my email.
He should go to ae9/ where 1373 architects and engineers state the official story defies the laws of physics.
He should go to patriotsquestion9/11 and see huge numbers of scholars, politicians, military, firefighters etc.
Jonathan needs to know the co-chairs and the Chief Counsel of the report say the report failed.
How can Jonathan expect us to buy his news-paper when he is suppressing the news?


I'd be supportive... just spell Steven Jones and Niels Harrit right if you claim to study their work. No offense, it just looks a bit silly.

Jonathan Kay... is a ... <fill in expletive here>!

Jonathan Kay... is a ... <fill in....

Lets not use expletives with anyone.

Of the many insightful things I've learned over the years, one is the phrase "Swearing is a lazy person's way of expressing him/herself".
Its very easy to call someone a !@#$)(*&^%. Don't even need to think about the words! But to find accurate, descriptive adjectives actually packs a larger punch and is more effective.

Lets simply say that Jonathan Kay is having a hard time removing the blinders. It appears that he's still imprinted like many of us reading 911blogger once were, and seemingly he can't detach himself from the government message. The "appeal to authority" argument works for him.

Because he has a position of power in the community (as a writer for a widely published newspaper), the fact that he is pushing an underinformed message is inconvenient for the society's advancement in revealing 9/11 truth. And many of us on 911blogger might find that frustrating. But that's not a reason to { fill in expletive here }.


Understand your sentiment...

Understand your sentiment, but it assumes that Jonathan Kay is interested in the truth.
There are reported to be liars and scalawags in the human population.