Interchange - The Truth About 9/11: Graeme MacQueen and Laurie Manwell

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Graeme MacQueen and Laurie Manwell are prominent researchers in the national 9/11 Truth movement, seeking to educate the public regarding the facts of September 11, 2001 and calling for a new and independent investigation. Graeme MacQueen is founder of the Centre for Peace Studies at McMaster University and now a retired professor from that university. Laurie Manwell is a professor at Guelph University in Neuroscience and Applied Cognitive Sciences. MacQueen and Manwell were in Bloomington for a public presentation called "Peace Through Truth: 9/11 and State Crimes Against Democracy". During their visit they sat down with local 9/11 Truth advocate Byron Bangert for an exploration of fact vs. fiction and how fear colors our perceptions.

Thank You

These two are really effective when it comes to winning hearts and minds.

Graeme McQueen is Amazingly Eloquent

Listen to him speak.

I appreciate Graeme's contributions to the effort.

Laurie as well.

Don't underestimate Laurie's contribution. She speaks eloquently and confidently on the psychological element of people's need to think like the herd despite powerful evidence to the contrary. This is important listening for anyone who has a hard time dealing with influential people who dismiss the truth movement as "conspiracy theorists" or "the most disgusting protesters."
Thanks Laurie for being the other sane person in the experiment. Breaking out of the herd takes courage, even when they are headed over a cliff.

Terrific interview!

This is a really outstanding interview. Both MacQueen and Manwell make lots of thoughtful and well-reasoned points. There are some great insights into why many people are so afraid of questioning the official 9/11 story, and how we can address their emotional resistance. For any 9/11 truth activist or researcher who wants some reassurance as to why we do what we do, this interview is a must listen. Bravo!


These two really are good spokespersons for reason regarding 9-11-01.

I did find it interesting that Laurie Manwell was motivated toward 9-11 truth-seeking by watching In Plane Sight. Generally that film is discredited here -- I have not seen it, but I gather that it is a no-planes piece? Nonetheless, it seems to have had a big effect on her.

I sort of wish she had later mentioned her later assessment of that film, according to her excellent emphasis here, for example, on evidence. She presumably no longer suggests people watch that particular film?

But again, this is a great interview, and these two make for superb allies in the cause.


...was the first DVD or full length documentary that I saw. I suspected an "inside job" from day one. When the film came out I jumped on it. It may have been the first DVD available contra official story. A neighbor who knew my thoughts on 9/11 loaned it to me.

"Confronting the Evidence" (Jimmy Walters' FREE DVD) soon followed.

They were both good at the time. I appreciate the effort of the film makers.

It's a pleasure to listen to

It's a pleasure to listen to Graeme MacQueen and Laurie Manwell, very thoughtful, intelligent comments. But this Byron Bangert fellow, what a series of moronic questions. "It was 9 years ago, shouldn't we move on?" "if it's so hard to change people's minds, why bother?"

Every scandal, every deception, every con game... breaking down people's resistance to the TRUTH.

Carry On!

I guarantee Byron Bangert did some homework after his conversation with Graeme and Laurie


Thanks for the nice comments but I need to put in a word for Byron here! Byron is actually a very smart guy and a member of the Bloomington 9/11 truth group. I believe he was doing his best to ask us questions he thought his audience, including the most resistant, might have in their minds. At times he baited us beautifully. It's funny to hear myself huffing with indignation!

We also had to pretend we'd already given our public talks wheras in fact we hadn't given them yet. Don't know if we were consistent there.

The Bloomington group is fantastic, by the way!

Hey, that sounds familiar!

I did a radio interview a couple of years ago with a small public radio station in Dallas. The interviewer was Tunde Obazee who I had already convinced via DVDs etc. He told me before we went on air that he would be playing the Devil's Advocate and to play along. So I did. With his "surprise" ,"shock", and
"disbelief" he led me to say about all I could say in forty minutes.

By the end of the interview with Byron I was thinking he would be investigating and was also subtly encouraging listeners to do so as well.


Great Interview on Why People Close Their Minds

Both speakers did a great job explaining why so many are impervious to 911 truth and, as a social worker/psychotherapist, I particularly enjoyed Laurie's comments about the social psychological reasons behind people's refusal to look at the evidence and question the validity of the 911 fairy tale. Understanding these defenses to seeing reality and using our critical mind gives me more clarity and insight when I listen to people deny and/or attack the validity of the 911 truth movement.

One of my brothers-in-law, a very intelligent and progressive person, wouldn't hear of any serious challenge to the OCT and he would often point out that many in the mainstream left don't accept alternative theories either. When I came across an article, a relatively short one, written by Robert Fisk, an author he admires and looks up to as an authority on the middle east, in which Fisk admitted there are puzzling and troubling issues and contradictions with the OCT, only then did my brother-in-law begin to accept that it is ok to question the OCT and delve deeper. Just as Laurie had pointed out in this interview, he needed the credibility and "support" of someone he viewed as an authority to see that there are legitimate criticisms raised by the 911 truth movement. This was a hard sell given that he worships Chomsky and Chomsky is a left gate-keeper who until very recently hasn't offered much in the way of support to 911 truth. | believe that Chomsky and many other left gate-keepers have the same issues of needing to be considered acceptable, credibile, authoritative and on some level are deeply concerned that supporting 911 truth is simply too radioactive, too threatening to their prestigious position as academics, pundits etc. And their fears are well-grounded. Look what happened to Steven Jones at BYU and what has happened to many whistleblowers, people on the inside with unimpeachable credentials, like Col Anthony Schaffer.

Well done!

Three great people and an outstanding local group

Laurie and Graeme did very well with their presentations on Sept 4th in Bloomington. The video has since been airing on cable access and we'll try to get the DVD for others.

Graeme began by catching the audience's attention with a segment on the anthrax attacks, making it very clear that the official story has been a series of falshoods. He then discussed some critical evidence for the demolition theory.

Laurie broke the discussion open into areas that are incredibly important -- the psychology of resistance to 9/11 truth and SCADs. She carefully demonstrated that people like to be liked, they like to be right, and they like to be free, in that order.

Byron is a friend and neighbor of mine, and he has been instrumental in bringing 9-11 truth to many people here in southern Indiana. Like Graeme, he has a PhD and is a member of Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth. He's an excellent person and, in this interview, was trying to ask the devil's advocate questions that newcomers often ask, as Graeme said. I'm surprised he did so well in that regard.

In previous years, The 9/11 Working Group of Bloomington has brought Steven Jones, Richard Gage, and David Ray Griffin to town for presentations given to hundreds of people in each case. We have also done a lot of FOIA work, the responses for which have been used by many in the truth movement.

Anthrax attacks

Finally somebody capitalizing on that oh-so obvious incident to pry open closed minds. Great strategy.

I really enjoyed

This interview. Thanks to Graeme MacQueen, Laurie Manwell, and Byron Bangert for helping to make the discussion interesting by avoiding softball questions.


Didn't get around to listening to this until today.

Wonderful job by both of you.

Coming to the Truth of 9/11 and effectively dealing with it...

I always like hearing about how people came to the truth of 9/11. That is big in my opinion. Also would like to hear more about Graeme's experience overseas at the World Health Organization meeting where he heard others doubting the story in private but reluctant to say so in public.

Here's the Asch Experiment in Conformity that Laurie was mentioning:

More info on the topic:

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