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FBI apparently set up US teen blamed for fake car bomb

By Stephen C. Webster Saturday, November 27th, 2010

Boy told undercover agents he could get a gun because he's a "rapper"; authored article containing "jihad" workout tips

An Somali-born, American teenager was apparently set up by federal law enforcement officials who posed as radical Islamic fighters and lured the young man into a plot he believed would lead him to detonate a car bomb at an Oregon Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

The bomb, provided by FBI agents, was "inert" and did not pose a threat to public safety, according to the US Attorney's Office in Oregon.

Oddly enough, Arthur Balizan, an FBI agent in Oregon, contradicted the US Attorney's Office, suggesting that the threat posed by 19-year-old Mohamed Osman Mohamud "was very real."

Except: "[At] every turn," he explained, "we denied him the ability to actually carry out the attack."

The story rings devastatingly familiar when stacked next to the tale of Hosam Maher Husein Smadi, a Jordanian man arrested in 2009, at age 19, for allegedly planning to detonate a car bomb in a Dallas skyscraper.

Each boy was led down the path to imagined violence by federal agents, with authorities ultimately providing fake bombs in both cases. Smadi and Mohamud, officials claim, expressed a desire to engage in terrorist attacks before agents began luring them in.

Federal agents noticed Mohamud in December 2009, after he allegedly communicated with a suspected terrorist in Pakistan. Months later, an undercover agent contacted Mohamud claiming to be the individual's associate, and Mohamud agreed to meet in Portland.

Agents claimed that Mohamud revealed himself to be the author of a bizarre 2009 article for the English-language "Jihad Recollections" magazine. The story made headlines for it's comical images of masked fighters helping each other exercise.

Source: "Jihad Recollections," April, 2009.

Other articles in the 70+ page magazine published in North Carolina included a preview of "emp technology," poetry, speeches from Osama bin Laden and a how-to guide to global jihad.

One key thing, however, was oddly lacking from the magazine's first edition: as even Fox News noted, it did not explicitly call for violence against anyone.

The magazine also featured quotes from Tennessee Republican Congressman Zach Wamp, who made headlines again last July for suggesting that his state secede from the US.

Agents also reveal in court documents that Mohamud had told them he might be able to get a gun, because he was a "rapper."

"We were unable to determine Mohamud's Jihadi emcee name, or the potency of his flow," Gawker quipped.

Court documents claim the first meeting between Mohamud and the FBI took place in July, 2010. In the months following, agents ostensibly worked him up to the point where he was willing to flip the switch on a car bomb. Agents even took Mohamud to a secluded location to blow up a bomb they placed in a backpack, allegedly as a test run.

Mohamud was arrested by FBI agents and Portland police around 5:40 pm Friday, after he attempted to remotely detonate what he believed to be an explosives-laden van. Officials claimed that early on Friday, Mohamud had recorded a video explaining why he wanted to carry out the attack.

"I want whoever is attending that event to leave, to leave either dead or injured," he said, according to law enforcement.

Mohamud is scheduled to appear in federal court on Monday.

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Glenn Greenwald over at Salon also has a good headline on the account of it...
"The FBI successfully thwarts its own Terrorist plot" -

great article

I wish I had posted that one instead. Greenwald knows the War On Terror is full of shit.

FBI terrorists

Isn't this the ultimate example of fabricating a terrorist threat out of thin air? This is the FBI's MO... they've done this so many times in the exact same manner. Except, in '93 they 'forgot' to swap the real bomb with a fake one.

Greenwald rightly questions the entrapment aspect, but there is another danger: that covert operatives infiltrate the FBI's sting operation and make sure it succeeds instead of fails. Afterwards, you have all you need to stage a trial: you have a patsy, you have a motive, you probably have a testament video, you have a paper trail, and you can claim incompetence as you cover up the unwanted connections and actions by way of a fake commission, instructed to put an end to conspiratorial speculation for national security reasons.

They've been doing this for decades now. If it's not a false flag operation, it's entrapment, and both provide opportunities for the military industrial complex.

So... I'm wondering: how does Mohamed Osman Mohamud know who he was mailing with in North West Pakistan? How does he know the FBI didn't construct that mail as well? That's exceedingly easy. Any hacker could do it from anywhere, you can just ask the boys at USCYBERCOM who might currently be busy DDOSing Wikileaks.

Skeptical only up to a point

I loved this excerpt from Greenwald's article:

'As shocking and upsetting as this may be to some, FBI claims are sometimes one-sided, unreliable and even untrue, especially when such claims -- as here -- are uncorroborated and unexamined. That's why we have what we call "trials" before assuming guilt or even before believing that we know what happened: because the government doesn't always tell the complete truth, because they often skew reality, because things often look much different once the accused is permitted to present his own facts and subject the government's claims to scrutiny.'

Unfortunately, though, Greenwald ignores his advice when it comes to the suspect's alleged statement about his motives. He shows the susceptibility typical of antiwar liberals of taking at face value (even while encouraging skepticism toward other points about the case) the alleged statements of these terror suspects that explain their actions in terms of 'retaliation' for US policy. The naive hope is that if Americans could only see that US policy is provoking these attempted attacks, then they would oppose the 'war on terror,' and the US wars and the Muslim 'retaliation' would both stop. This runs counter to nine years of experience where US mass psychology is concerned: If 'they,' 'over there,' are aiming to kill US civilians, then that's enough to convince a critical mass of Americans that there is enough truth in the government's characterization of the threat to go along with supporting the 'war on terror'--some maybe with greater reluctance than enthusiasm, but in the end it still adds up to the public accpetance and support that US policymakers seek. Arguments about the motives of the enemy make little headway when people are put in a state where they think that it's 'us' or 'them.' Nor will they want to hear about US poicies in the region prior to 9/11--if 'they' did 9/11 then that means 'they' attacked 'first,' 'nuff said. Antiwar liberals persist, though, in hoping to weaken support for the 'war on terror' without questioning the official 9/11 narrative--nor even the essential attribution of violent intent to the accused in cases such as this one. What's it going to take for Greenwald even to begin considering these incidents not as responses to the US 'war on terror,' but as essential components of that same policy?

I don't know for sure whether this young man did or did not make the actual statement attributed to him regarding his wish to kill US civilians in retaliation for US actions in the Middle East. I do, however, find that there is an awfully familiar ring to these kinds of statements that emerge from different suspects in different plots (those that are 'foiled' and those that aren't). It would be interesting to be able to compare a number of them side by side. They seem to me to be guided by the same hand, spoken by the same voice (and I don't mean Allah's).

The Eyes Have It

Does he or does he not look like a brainwashed subject? The first meeting wasn't recorded or was lost and is the only one that counts in court, so we don't know what they told him to begin with or what the set-up was. The FBI doesn't seem to care if their cases stick in court and they want publicity for their war on terror more than anything.

How to respond to terrorism

1 media blackout
2 media blackout
3 media blackout

the objective of the terrorist is to get themselves amplified by the media

a sensible state would thwart their enemy's objective

mass broadcasting with continuous repetition allows a very small number of people to have the psychological impact of an army

if media blackout was common policy then it would be quite discouraging to terrorists and therefore lead to less attacks

the state's amplification of 9/11 was for an ulterior motive- to engage in preplanned wars for which the attacks were the fabricated excuse

Arson at mosque linked to Portland bomb suspect

hmmm..."Yosof Wanly, imam at the Salman Al-Farisi Islamic Center, said 80 percent of the center's office was burned, but the worship areas were untouched." Suspicious. A 'cleansing' maybe?

Sowing seeds of deceit on the wind

and reaping the whirlwind.

"Saudi donors remain the

"Saudi donors remain the chief financiers of Sunni militant groups like Al Qaeda" - [NYTimes, 11/28/2010]

The FBI Has a History of Creating Terrorists, to Terrorize Ameri

The FBI Has a History of Creating Terrorists, to Terrorize Americans Nov 27th

Nine minutes

Nine minutes and eleven seconds long--mere coincidence?

I live in Portland. A few

I live in Portland. A few years back, the city council had the temerity to opt out of the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force. My bet is that this is the FBI's way of saying, "Don't f*** with us!"

Now there's a new push by one of the council members to reverse that decisions. Surprise!

More to come...


Get ready. This is not over. Wikileaks, Korea, it is all part of a larger picture. The missile off California. Shit is going down.

Good News...

Oregon 'terrorist' to claim entrapment: Teen at center of FBI-created 'terror' plot plans aggressive defense.

Friends, Defense Say Teenage Portland Patsy Set-up by FBI