Dump Trucks Ready on 9/11/01 to Cart off Evidence

The removal of debris from the crime scene of 9/11 has been looked at as a piece to the other crime of 9/11; the cover-up and censorship of the event and the evidence. Professionals would like to know: If the official story were correct, why would fire collapse WTC #7? This would be the first time in history that office fires could account for a total failure and global collapse of a steel-framed high-rise building. Surely there would be something to learn - imagine if you dropped a ball and it fell up!

If the removal of 9/11 crime scene evidence is new information to you, let me point you to another question you should be asking: If the attacks of 9/11 were a surprise and the collapse of WTC #7 unprecedented in history, why was an army of dump trucks there the same day ready to cart off debris which included human remains and structural evidence? 

Trucks entering frame at 1:26 below, seconds after WTC #7 collapsed:

Peter Jennings on 9/12 asks, "where's all the rubble?"


They worked night and day; many undoubtably hoping to be a part of finding someone alive. We now know that over 1,100 victims were never recovered in any form or fashion. Infact over 70 body parts of 9/11/01 victims were found in 2010.

While writing this I noticed that Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth have reposted and linked to an article by Bill Manning, editor of Fire Engineering Magazine. The article was written in 2002 and it is titled, "Selling out the Investigation".  A partial text follows, but please read the entire piece at the original source.

Did they throw away the locked doors from the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire? Did they throw away the gas can used at the Happyland Social Club Fire? Did they cast aside the pressure-regulating valves at the Meridian Plaza Fire? Of course not. But essentially, that's what they're doing at the World Trade Center.

For more than three months, structural steel from the World Trade Center has been and continues to be cut up and sold for scrap. Crucial evidence that could answer many questions about high-rise building design practices and performance under fire conditions is on the slow boat to China, perhaps never to be seen again in America until you buy your next car.

Such destruction of evidence shows the astounding ignorance of government officials to the value of a thorough, scientific investigation of the largest fire-induced collapse in world history. I have combed through our national standard for fire investigation, NFPA 921, but nowhere in it does one find an exemption allowing the destruction of evidence for buildings over 10 stories tall.

Hoping beyond hope, I have called experts to ask if the towers were the only high-rise buildings in America of lightweight, center-core construction. No such luck. I made other calls asking if these were the only buildings in America with light-density, sprayed-on fireproofing. Again, no luck-they were two of thousands that fit the description.

Comprehensive disaster investigations mean increased safety. They mean positive change. NASA knows it. The NTSB knows it. Does FEMA know it?

No. Fire Engineering has good reason to believe that the "official investigation" blessed by FEMA and run by the American Society of Civil Engineers is a half-baked farce that may already have been commandeered by political forces whose primary interests, to put it mildly, lie far afield of full disclosure. Except for the marginal benefit obtained from a three-day, visual walk-through of evidence sites conducted by ASCE investigation committee members-described by one close source as a "tourist trip"-no one's checking the evidence for anything.

Maybe we should live and work in planes. That way, if disaster strikes, we will at least be sure that a thorough investigation will help find ways to increase safety for our survivors.

As things now stand and if they continue in such fashion, the investigation into the World Trade Center fire and collapse will amount to paper- and computer-generated hypotheticals.


It doesn't strike me as extremely unusual that by the evening of that day that trucks would be organized and moving in to deal with it -- the most important thing to US interests and it's cities is the stock market and sales and anything at all, no matter how extreme, would be immediately responded to to clear the way for business to get back to normal asap.

They basically can say the same thing they've been saying --

"We saw it was leaning and about to fall, so we called the trucks because we *knew* it was going to fall . . it was in such bad shape, and the fires were raging, that the smartest thing to do, was to call the trucks, and so we made the decision, to call the trucks."

Same old BS.

OTOH, it would be worth looking into, who were the drivers and what were they told, and when?