We Will Assimilate You

One by one, we must assimilate high value personalities into our collective understanding of 911 truth. The public in general relies on these personalities to filter for them the issues that demand their attention. There is trust and unspoken loyalty and credibility established between these personalities and the consumers of their opinions. We fail to engage the public in these issues if we fail to convince their authorities. We must adapt to this challenge with a concerted effort to focus our attention where it is most effective and convincing.

Regarding the use of online petitions such as at ae911truth.org which I support and am a signatory of, I view this method of increasing our ranks of supporters as a passive effort and the ever so tediously rising numbers of signatories lack the impact that the disinterested public psyche requires to assign the 911 issue enough credence to give it serious consideration. Now please don't misunderstand what I mean by passive because I'm not saying that proactive work hasn't been a part of this process. Thank you Richard Gage for all you do, sir. What I mean is that the slowyly growing numbers of signatories does not impact believers of the OCT as much as it has more personal meaning for the signatory himself.

But in contrast to a "passive" online petition, and on the other side of the spectrum, standing up in public meetings and shouting our mantras at media personalities likely yields not only neutral benefits but negative benefits.

I propose a new strategy.

I believe we need to form delegates from each professional body of supporters for a new investigation who will act in a coordinated blitz attack strategy at specific political and media targets. For example, the 911 delegates (maybe from Pilots, Architects, Intelligence Prof. Scholars, etc, etc), acting in concert and backed by the general supporters, should choose a target on whom to concentrate our education efforts. We can start with Geraldo the first month and then try Keith Olberman.

We need to FORCE this issue on the agenda, one personality at a time, cracking the mental barriers and delusions and letting the viewers ultimately (but not initially) witness the conversions themselves by the undeniably massive overwhelming volume of evidence lying at their feet. I don't believe these delegates should make their approach public initially. I believe there needs to be a whole new level of sober tact applied to our approach and that these high value media and political targets should not be engaged in their natural elements in which they are most likely to be defensive, adversarial, resistant, or bound by sound bite time constraints.

Force AMY GOODMAN to look at this issue like never before
Force NOAM CHOMSKY to look at this issue and see that the scientific articles do indeed exist
Force KEITH OLBERMAN and JON STEWART and BILL MAHER to engage with us on a level that allows them to think critically rather than to formulate habitual responses to our efforts that come from the awareness that their home audience is watching them on camera!! We must stop engaging these people in their elements and think they aren't going to be defensive!