Norman Finkelstein, Anthony J. Hall: Questioned on growing 9/11/01 Public Opinion

Dr. Norman Finkelstein author of " The Holocaust Industry" October 29, 2010 University of Alberta speaking event hosted by "Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East".

Professor Anthony J. Hall author of " Earth Into Property" September 29 , 2010 at the Westin hotel Edmonton at a James Cameron press conference(writer & director film: Avatar).
Both men responded to my question regarding the growing doubts of the official 9/11 story in Canada, U.S. and around the world.

Side Note: I'm certain Dr Finkestein gets lots of questions regarding 911 on his tours considering the growing public opinion doubting the official story of 9/11. I shot this footage and respect that Mr Finkelstein gave me his opinion as he did not have to answer my question as he didn't another audience member relating to Israel's nuclear arsenal. It should be noted that a small portion of the 200 plus audience members applauded his comments while the rest of the room remained silent.

Finkelstein Used Chomsky's Script

Finkelstein Used Chomsky's Script


my thought as well.

The gross failure of understanding on the part of Chomsky's and Finkelstein is that it DOESN'T MATTER WHAT WE ALREADY KNOW TO BE WRONG. What matters is that the current wars won't end until the massive base of support for the war is eroded with the revelations that we were lied to about why we had to go in the first place!

Chomsky and Finkelstein are as pastors who simply like the sound of their own voices, content to preaching at the choir. But they aren't winning any converts in the beltway or the South. They aren't getting any airtime on Fox News and they aren't competing with football and NASCAR ratings because the only people listening to their familiar tune are those of us who've heard it all before.

911 is the only thing EVERYONE in this country shares in common. What we now need to share in common is an understanding of the truth!

Chomsky and Finkelstein are some well meaning people

who would join us at a later date.
Finkelstein says that our resources are weak.
Don't include the 9/11 TM in that- look at the results and donations building what and ae911truth are having
We're passing them as they're on the way down and we're on the way up.
When it becomes easier for them to accept that it's worth getting into 9/11 truth, they will as they are well meaning people. I think that type of scenario would come with a mass public shift to 9/11 truth, and then Chomsky and Finkelstein can bring their flock(s).
Me personally, i dont want to be led
nor do i want to lead
since waking up i have changed my behaviour
i appreciate independently minded peers who sometimes disagree over some points, not leaders or followers

Good thoughts

I truly appreciate what Chomsky has done with his life. I'm not as familiar with Finkelstein. But they present two truly perfect examples as to why the progressive/liberal/Democratic movement is often characterized as passive and undefined. It's not that we don't have the theory, it's that we have no application and unified strategy.

Unfortunately, and contrary to your desires, we are in a position of needing to be led because the sorts of persons who planed and executed 911 in the first place are anything but passive and for us to assume that this wrong will one day right itself without a clear plan is naive. Chomsky is an astute observer and a critically important theorist but he's a tempest in a teapot. Where is the action? Give is something to rally around!

For us to blow the lid on the 911 fraud and stand around with a "now what" attitude creates a power vacuum that will be filled by the first persons who can manipulate the message to their own ends. I've made a comment on this other thread about leadership. I'd like to get your thoughts about it.

thanks DH

I mean

there should be action but not a pyramidal top-down setup
i think there should be groups of people collaborating
in my opinions i dont want to be led from a single (or small number of) point source like before when 3 tv channels and a couple of radio stations passing on government/ PR prepared info was enough for me to exist in the matrix paradigm
also in the 9/11 TM i like it when groups of people rally together, rather than round one person
remembering JFK and julius caesar (a populist - written about in Michael Parenti's 'The Assassination of Julius Caesar') , it is easy to take out a single leader
we need to shape shift- not in the David Icke (the fool that says the Queen's a lizard) sense but in the sense that means we present an impossible target to attack
we need many collaborators
i dont want there to be a very small number of leaders as they can be taken out or smeared with ease relative to a collective
i want the 9/11 TM to succeed
I rate the chances of a collective- eg the more than 100 family members in NYCCAN combined with activists and the 1373+ of ae911truth
a single (or small number of) leader/opinion maker can be defeated eg MLK JFK RFK Malcom X and more widely JFK junior and John Lennon
united we stand
my only contributions to date (outside of buying DVDs and leaflets when i was doing A LOT of that) have been to NYCCAN
i guess i think we can rally not behind a point source (all eggs in one basket) but behind the families
and the media methodology of NYCCAN is directed and effective- very professional

DEFAMATION - Theatrical Trailer

DEFAMATION -featuring Norman Finklestein

emprirical owners of the federal reserve manipulated europe

western elites encouraged the nazis* and WWII, two results of which were to:

  • cripple the european elites who previously had a stranglehold on european central banks
  • scare many jews into forming a proxy western funded base in the middle east (israel)

*eg SO(Rockefeller) oil as fuel and IBM(Rockefeller) ID cards to round up jews

It's an American empire.
One generation to the next it may be different groups who effect expansion.
More recently the neocons have effected expansion by way of 9/11

Parallels drawn between Roman and American empires in Michael Parenti's book 'The Assassination of Julius Caesar'