Nigerian Govt charges Cheney over Halliburton scam

Nigeria's Guardian

"The on-going trial of Halliburton officials and their counterparts in Nigeria who allegedly conspired in the $180 million bribe for contract scandal may have reached feverish heights.
Reason: The Federal Government has preferred charges against former Vice President of the United States (U.S.), Mr. Dick Cheney, over his alleged complicity in the scandal.
Government has also resolved to charge Siemens and AGIP to court for their recalcitrance in spite of their alleged complicity in the scandal.
An impeccable government source told The Guardian that upon the resolution by government’s lawyers and the Attorney General of Federation (AGF), Mohammed Bello Adoke (SAN) that Cheney could not be absolved of complicity in the bribery scandal since he was at that time of the bribery in 2006 the Chairman of Halliburton.
The country’s Chief Law Officer yesterday directed the lawyers to amend the charge sheets in the on-going trial of Nigerian and Halliburton officials to accommodate the charge of criminal conspiracy against him (Cheney)".

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Halliburton and Created Crises

Thank you Satyavira for posting. Time is running out for justice to be served..

In an important article by Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane showing 30 facts that the Gulf Oil Crisis was planned, stated:

"Coincidentally, or demonically, the oil rig's failed cementation job exploded on Hitler's birthday, just in time to poison Earth Day 2010, thanks to Transocean's contractor--the infamous Dick Cheney/George Bush officiated Halliburton Company allied with Homeland Security. Halliburton officials admit knowing their cementation job was likely to explode just when it did, according to Congressional testimony."

Creating crisis (for who the hell knows why) has been a routine operation for Cheney and gang. Thank you Nigeria for stepping up to the plate and demanding justice be served.

Will link from Flyby News, where I just posted a new issue on another Halliburton-related (created?) crisis, Melt + Corexit + BP = Gulf Stream Broken! that may raise some eyebrows over here.. But please review the science, the data that supports this premise.