Condoleezza Rice Receives WTC Nano Thermite Study

That was pretty worthless

Not taking anything away from the guy trying, but trying to reach that shrew is a waste of time. Harass her yes, but reason? She'd sooner see us all thrown in a burning pit before she'd lower herself to give us the time of day.

Trying to reach that shrew is a waste of time.

Yes it sure is a waste of time but it shows that we are keeping the pressure on. You will never get a straight answer from Rice but you can still scare her. She knows the truth eventually will come out.

It's not worhless

Every action counts. Good job Mark. Rice needs to know that everywhere she goes she's gonna have to answer. Mark emailed me in advance about the event and I didn't show up. Now THAT is worthless.

This is a shot across the bow

We are not trying to reach out to her.

It is to let her know.

We know.

The world knows.

We are not going away.

There will be an accounting.

History is with us as long as we do not stop.

We Are Change, the action with traction!!!

And most important, it is on record, you gave it to her. she knows the official government version of reality on 9-11-01 is against laws of physics. The record of actual science proving the government full of crap clearly is documented, and documented that she not only does not care, but will do nothing about it. THAT is the fine work of We Are Change!! God bless you guys. You are the wind in the sails of this movement. We love ya!!! The soul of us is represented in your work. You inspire us. Thanks more than we can say. Big applause to you, dear WAC!!!


and well said.

While I consider her to be a treasonous war criminal,

if you are serious about getting her attention and interacting, I would advise addressing her as either "Dr. Rice", "Secretary Rice" or "Madam Secretary".

An informal greeting ("Hey Condoleezza!) will immediately tip her, her aides and her security off to the fact that you are an outsider and they will close ranks very quickly, as indeed they did in this encounter.

I also recommend spending the money and having the paper printed in color and bound professionally, and including paper sleeve versions of both the Nanothermite DVD and the 9/11 BFT Companion Edition DVD with the paper. Someone on her staff may end up taking a peek at one of the DVD's when no one else is around and who knows where that may lead.

As someone who lives in the SF Bay Area (one hour north of Stanford), I think it is time we organize a regular outing to Stanford to let her know that we know that she is a treasonous war criminal and that she needs to come clean, get on the record and get on the American people's side of history.

Keep up the good work, WAC Boston!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.