Lawrence of Arabia vs. Osama of Arabia

This is not to defend any type of terrorism. But it is a matter of perspective, who is a freedom fighter, and who is a terrorist.

British Lt. Colonel T.E. "Lawrence of Arabia" used guerrilla (terrorist) tactics to drive the Ottoman Empire out of Arabia after World War I. He blew up trains on the Hejaz Railway and planted explosives (IEDs) to harass the Turks. These are terrorist techniques.

In the west, Lawrence of Arabia is considered a hero, with a memorial at Oxford, books and a movie about him, winning 7 Academy Awards.

Maybe this comparison of 2 men who sought independence for Arabia, will help us understand the perpective of those in the Arab world who feel Osama is a hero. We need to try peaceful methods and understanding that every man wants to defend his home land.

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