9/11 EXPLOSIVE TESTIMONY EXCLUSIVE-Robert McCoy-Architect 2 Parts

Architect Robert McCoy
This interview is some raw footage of one of the world class experts appearing in Architects and Engineer's upcoming hard hitting documentary
"9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out"

9/11 EXPLOSIVE TESTIMONY EXCLUSIVE-Robert McCoy-Architect 1of2


9/11 EXPLOSIVE TESTIMONY EXCLUSIVE-Robert McCoy-Architect 1of2



Severed columns

Does anyone have a estimate of the severed columns for each tower? Sixty seems too high. NIST says that only one column (failure) could bring down a high-rise, so getting the estimate correct for the towers is helpful. Little deformation of the towers is apparent in the glazing (glass deformation, breakage), until the destruction begins.

WTC columns

According to NIST, the plane(FL11) impacting WTC1 severed 35 perimeter columns and 6 core columns. The plane(FL175) impacting WTC2 severed 33 perimeter columns and 10 core columns. There were a total of 240 perimeter columns and 47 massive core columns in each tower.

7man: "NIST says that only one column (failure) could bring down a high-rise, so getting the estimate correct for the towers is helpful."

The one column failure theory is for WTC7, not the Twin Towers.

NIST Absurdity

The one column theory is, of course, absurd. What I meant to say was that there were not enough columns damaged to destroy the structures of the towers without some "help". I was afraid that debunkers would just say that if one column could take down a building (bldg 7), then just imagine what 60 damaged columns could do. The interview was good, if cautious in tone. I would fact check everything before release to avoid nitpicking.

column severing

I don't have the references handy but my notes say that according to the NIST report on WTC 1 there were an estimated 6 core columns severed, leaving 41 unsevered. There were 35 perimeter columns severed, leaving 201 unsevered. Sorry, but I can't find my South Tower notes at the moment.


Thanks for the clarification!

I think he was talking about just the one exterior wall

It seems to me that Bob McCoy was discussing just the aircraft impact entrance exterior wall when he used the 60% severed figure, and not that 60% of all the columns in the building were severed, because he says something about that wall not collapsing due to the spandrel belts and the fact that it was a strong truss.

What's with these architects

that they again use the term "freefall speed"? That was about the only thing I wondered about in this interview, besides the fact that he was very cautious about the implications of CD of these three buildings. He was also a bit too relaxed maybe about any possible new investigation,
Other than that, a very methodical deconstruction of NIST's coverstory.

Core Columns

At this point, I do not recall the source of the video, but I did see it. It was the only one where you could still see about 66 floors of the core standing after all of the floors had collapsed, and then it went down. No doubt Mr. McCoy would have something interesting to see if someone could recollect which video it was?
Please post a link or name if you recall the video.

Kudos all to heck for a person of McCoy's stature to have this interview! Especially starting at 10:10 in the second part - I found it very compelling at about that point.