An In Depth Interview with Bob McIlvaine – Visibility 9-11

Notes by John Bursill

In this in depth interview with tireless 9/11 Truth campaigner Bob McIlvaine, we look at 9/11 in its historical context. We also hear about Bob’s detailed research into what happened to his son Bobby on 9/11 and the evidence an explosion other than the planes killed his son.

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Bob McIlvaine

As a long term 9/11 Truth researcher (2001) , an ex-history teacher and someone who has worked in mental health, Bob has a unique perspective on society and it’s drives. In this interview Bob gives us a insight into how he sees the world and it’s working’s and why 9/11 Truth should be seen as possibly the best chance we’ve had at bringing peace to our world. Bob believes that we may have already been successful at preventing other wars with our exposure of the 9/11 fraud; I totally agree.

Bob says he is “always ready to go!” when he is called to speak about the 9/11 tragedy and uses every opportunity to educate the population about the lies they have been told and to celebrate his sons short but exceptional life. Thank you Bob for your tenacity, drive and absolute commitment to expose the criminal’s responsible for your sons death and all those that perished on that terrible day. You are a great inspiration for us all!

About Bob: Bob Mcilvaine is the father of Bobby McIlvaine, a victim from the 9/11 attacks. Bobby graduated from Princeton University, and managed to get a job at Merrill Lynch as “Assistant Vice President For Media Relations.” He was also engaged to be married for a 2002 wedding. On 9/11/2001, he was on his way to banking conference on the 106th floor of the World Trade Center North Tower, and was killed as a result of what happened that day. From the evidence Bob has gathered it is apparent he was killed by an explosion, likely in the lobby. Bob has been one of the most outspoken 9/11 Family Members with regards to seeking truth, accountability, and justice for what happened that day. He is one of the family members that attended every 9/11 Commission hearing and has attended numerous 9/11 truth conferences around the world. He has appeared in several TV, radio, and newspaper interviews, as well as the documentary, 9/11: Press For Truth.

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Was an excellent interview with Bob. On a different note, please contact Republican Senators today and tell them to vote yes on the James Zadroga 9/11 Health & Compensation Act. Please and thank you.


I'm being told that the Republicans are trying to stop the vote for the James Zadroga 9/11 Health & Compensation Act. John Feal is saying that if they do, or if they vote no on the bill, that he is going to bring busloads of responders to D.C. and chain themselves to the Senate building. Please call Mitch McConnell's office and tell him he had better DAMN WELL let the vote go through (202) 224-2541.


The vote for the James Zadroga 9/11 Health & Compensation Act is on for 4PM. It will be broadcasted on C-SPAN2. Stop all calls to Mitch McConnell's office. Thank you for calling.

Im surprised

this wasnt a blog entry unto itself. Pretty important, since we as a movement from time to time tend to at least pay lip service to the first responders

I do...

Most everyday. And have... for years... incidentally, I posted this interview all over Facebook yesterday.

Nice work.

This is the best interview I've heard of Bob McIlvaine!! John you really got him going on some interesting topics. Good interviewing!! Keep it up.

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Was wanting to take him a little deeper into his perception....

...of the situation, and I was rewarded. We all were :-)

What a great, intelligent and noble man. It was an honour to talk to him.

Kind regards John

Great work, John.

The Red Flags of Sept 11th, 2001

GREAT Interview John and Bob.

THANK YOU to both of you for ALL you do.

Everybody Listen.

I had listened days ago

but I hadn't thanked you yet.

Thank you John and Bob.