Jerry Mazza- Media Matters for America... or does it?

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Media Matters for America -- or does it?
By Jerry Mazza
Online Journal Associate Editor

Dec 3, 2010, 00:28

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“Media matters for America,” as wiki tells us, “is a progressive media watchdog group which describes itself as ‘dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.’ Set up as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, MMfA was founded in 2004 by journalist and author David Brock. Author and journalist Eric E. Burns has been MMfA’s president since 2006.” Sounds laudable but here are just a few caveats.

It’s founder, author, journalist David Brock, after staff jobs at conservative news magazine Insight on the News, a related publication of The Washington Times, followed by a research fellowship at the conservative Heritage Foundation in 1992, started at MMfA as a purifier of the right-wing’s message. He wrote articles and books smearing Bill Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Anita Hill, Paula Jones, and so on. He created everything from smarmy best-sellers to a revelation that he really was a bad, boy for doing this damage. That was after he had landed at The American Spectator in 1994 and brought their right-wing circulation up from 70,000 to 300,000, with a salary to match it in 1994.

He then swung on the political pendulum to the left in his piece, “Confessions of a Right-Wing Hit Man,” published in Esquire in July 1997. A more detailed memoir followed in 1998, Blinded by the Right: The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative, in which he supplied many Hail Mary’s for the pre-planned “Arkansas Project” to bring down Clinton. He also said “I’m sorry” to the beleaguered Anita Hill. A good Catholic boy if I ever saw one, he concluded his previous work was really for a political op and not real journalism, so the normal journalism rules did not apply. That lie calls for three Acts of Contrition.

Brock threw another punch at his new right target in 2001, cranking out his book, The Republican Noise Machine. It detailed the concerted effort of the interconnected right to use a liberal-bashing media bias, crooked columnists, partisan news groups, academic studies, and so on. He was featured as well in 2004 in the BBC Series The Power of Nightmares, where he said the “Arkansas Project” took part in political terrorism. This is strong stuff, even for a guy swinging both ways.

So one wonders now, even as he and MMfA confess to the support of one million dollars or more in 2010 from hedge-fund billionaire, and left-cause-leaning billionaire George Soros, to monitor Fox News commentators, that Brock via Media Matters would bash Judge Andrew Napolitano and Geraldo Rivero for their belief that “the government lied about 9/11,” that is to 9/11 victim family members and the rest of us. This could be due to Soros being the left’s banker as Murdoch is Fox’s and the right’s banker.

See Wayne Madsen’s story about WikiLeaks, the Soros/Murdoch section, including Madsen’s statement that “he thinks a ‘confluence’ exists between WikiLeaks and George Soros, who is the most major ‘gatekeeper’ of the left wing in comparison to his right-wing counterpart Rupert Murdoch. Madsen laments about imagining a scenario where Soros and Murdoch get together and slap each other on the knee and laugh about how they’ve got most of the population of the world corralled into two ‘camps,’ with each camp being fed establishment disinformation through control of media outlets. Soros has billions of dollars at his disposal for disseminating globalism related information through the many news outlets which he financially supports and controls, and links exist between Soros’ ‘Open Society Institute’ and WikiLeaks under a guise of operations in support of ‘freedom of information’ and ‘freedom of the press,’ but, in actuality, is for the empowerment of ulterior motives.”

In fact, Media Matters’ article Fox News doesn’t question Napolitano about his 9-11 conspiracy news signaled a bashing of what was a left story, bashing perhaps the brightest moment of left truth Fox has ever championed. Yet, on the same page, the film clip of Judge Napolitano and anchor Shep Smith has them discussing the evils of Wikileaks, the affair associated with Soros. Strange!

The Tower 7 article would normally be regarded by Fox as “conspiracy news.” In this case, Fox has risen to talk about the real facts, i.e., that on 9/11, Tower 7 was not hit by an airliner but fell in a controlled demolition at 5:20 p.m., that is after the owner, Larry Silverstein, announced that “we” decided to “pull it” at 3 p.m. that day. See the clip here.

The other fact is that you can’t set up a controlled internal demo for a 47 story building in two and a half hours. It takes two and a half months or more, which fact implies foreknowledge of unrevealed activities, the real conspiracy.

The demolition itself became part of a TV commercial that victim family members and NYCCAN created, showing the actual slide of the 47 story Tower 7 into its own footprint in 6.5 seconds. This is the signature of a controlled internal demolition, which in fact was supported by more than 1300 Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, led by architect Richard Gage, all of whom had signed and sent a petition to Congress on these facts, asking for a new investigation into the events of 9/11.

The title of the TV spot “Building What?” came from Justice Edward Lehner, after NYCCAN gathered 81,000 signatures of New Yorkers for a ballot initiative to vote for a new investigation of 9/11. The case ended up in Lehner’s court for a decision. In describing the events, the plaintiffs mentioned Building 7, and Judge Lehner’s response was “building what?” Lehner, an accomplished Justice of the New York courts, was deciding on whether or not we could vote for a new investigation of 9/11, yet he knew nothing of the facts of Tower 7. Judge Lehner went on to deny the ballot initiative (ignorance is bliss). And NYCCAN set out to let New Yorkers (and the world) know about Tower 7.

Returning to Judge Napolitano and Geraldo Rivera, here are two seemingly decent men from the right revising their beliefs when they are confronted with the amazing evidence. They don’t opt to avoid or deny it. They accept it. And, instead of a pat on the back, they get a smack in the face from Media Matters, i.e., David Brook, supposedly now a defender of the left and the purity of its message. It also updates another (not available) with comments from not-so-well-versed-in-the-facts victim family members, bashing the Judge, Geraldo and Fox News. So is this some minor or major swordplay between Titans Soros and Murdoch and their puppets? It seems Napolitano and Rivera may be caught in the middle.

Bottom line, one has to ask whose side MMfA is swinging to today and why? Was it an attempt to embarrass Fox News? Or is it how the big, nasty boys (i.e. Soros and Murdoch) play when they want to get even, and when their money’s being passed around? Whatever it is, it stinks, especially exploiting the feelings, thin knowledge and naive beliefs of many victim families.

It should be remembered, too, that Tower 7 contained many important tenants, such as Giuliani’s Emergency Management Office (EMO), plus the largest CIA Office in the world outside of Langley, the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), containing important Enron and other corporate case data, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), with similar sensitive material, Salomon Smith Barney, the US Secret Service, American Express Bank International, Standard Chartered Bank, Provident Financial Management, United States Equal Opportunity Commission, ITT Hartford Insurance Group, First State Management Group, Inc, Federal Home Loan Bank, NAIC Securities, now gone with all their secrets in the dust of Ground Zero.

Also, Mr. Silverstein made $500 million on the insurance covering his construction of an even taller wider Tower 7, the only fully reconstructed Tower at the WTC in the more than nine years since 9/11. So who’s kidding whom? Get your facts straight, David. This is real journalism, regarding the worst dark op in the history of America. Pick your side and stand with it. The nuns would be proud.

Jerry Mazza is a freelance writer, life-long resident of New York City. An EBook version of his book of poems “State Of Shock,” on 9/11 and its after effects is now available at and He has also written hundreds of articles on politics and government as Associate Editor of
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