Geraldo Rivera Tells Bill O'reilly Recent Domestic Terror Plots Are Fake

Airing Date Dec.08, 2010

Geraldo Rivera Tells Bill O'reilly Recent Domestic Terror Plots Are Fake

He explains the role of the FBI in all of the most recent cases and how they take depressed gullible morons and walk them into to attempting terrorist acts.

Bill at the end says "You and Napolitano ought to go camping together""

I never thought I would see the day.

I never thought I would see the day when Geraldo and Scum Bag O'Liely would square off. Does my old heart good. This is entertaining TV. I still think something is fishy. Geraldo and Fox News??? What gives?

Yay, Geraldo!!!

Yay, Geraldo!!!

One possibility

is that the PTB are trying to frame 9/11 truth as a "right" or "conservative" issue and leverage the existing "left - right" tensions within the movement to create real division and possible bifurcation, thus pitting the movement against itself. Just another attempt at their favorite divide and conquer strategy.

WE all know that 9/11 truth is a non-partisan issue, brothers and sisters, so let's redouble our efforts to bridge any differences based on differing political and/or economic philosophies.

Let's keep building our growing global grassroots movement and continue to point out that it is based on the principles of transparency, accountability and anti-corruption. This will draw more people and more participation (especially from Americans who have had enough and are angry, but lack the information to know how deep the corruption goes and lack the focus to do anything real about it).

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Speaking of Entertaining TV

Watch This. False Flag Terrorism is mentioned.

Courage and goodness. (Who

Courage and goodness. (Who would ever think that just stating the obvious would warrant that kind of high praise?)

The greatest thing of all is just the fact that he's standing up to the tidal wave of lethal lies that the mainstream media has been propagating. It's pretty damn clear that 99.99% of people in the mainstream media don't have that kind of strength.

By the way....the stereotype of news personalities is that they're incredibly vain, right? If that's true, than Geraldo should be very happy right now, because he looks like a much stronger man than O'Reilly. It's the same thing when Jesse Ventura stands up to Hannity and these others: it's very obvious that Ventura has the spirit to stare battle the powerful whereas these others are submissive to the powerful. That dynamic just radiates very objectively from the men themselves. And you look like a much tougher dude when you're standing up to the powerful than when you're bending over to it. (More importantly, you actually ARE a much bigger dude when you're fighting legit bullies than when you're the bully.)

speaking of courage

Here was a moment in 2006 that exemplifies the inner strength you're referring to. It must be electrifying for an attention-seeker like Geraldo Rivera to be touching what is truly the most energized third rail in the history of U.S. public affairs.

Support the troops

Now THIS is the kinda war I condone, to which I say SUPPORT THE TROOPS (Geraldo, Rosie, Charlie, et. al.)

I wonder how many..

I wonder of these "sting" operations will go on before the FBI builds them a real bomb to detonate like in '93. Sure it won't be long.


I think it's fake

I think this whole conversation about 9/11 with these people on Fox News is fake. Perhaps that is just my cynical position on the matter, I understand that. But, take out all of the emotional triggers, it doesn't make a lick of sense. Zero. I am remaining skeptical of all of it. Maybe Geraldo wants to give 9/11 Blogger 10 million dollars of his own money to play with for a while? Then I'll take this chump, who made a career out of spreading hype and disinformation, seriously in any way, shape or form.

You may be right.

At the very least we are getting some publicity and it is useful in this war of inches to get the Truth out.

At least the Fox News audiences are introduced to new terms in their vocabulary like BOGUS Terrorism, Entrapment etc............

And the FEDs linked to it. Hmmmmm.

Who knows what might happen next.

Fox, Geraldo AND 911 Truth??? Maybe some rats are thinking of jumping a sinking ship of lies after all.

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

has anyone seen the film

Four Lions? Kinda interesting as it shows how "depressed gullible morons" get involved in these ridiculous terror plots. It doesn't get into any kind of manipulation by intelligence, but there is a joke toward the end about how the leader of the group is actually MI6, though I don't think it is meant to be taken literally. Anyway, it is a very funny film but also disturbing, which I guess good satire usually is. Check it out.

Mr. O'reilly

So I guess we can disregard the things O'reilly reports on since he wasn't there.

great news

Nice to know at least one person in MSM gets it regarding the sting operations. Hopefully, he will pave the way for others.