Janette MacKinlay RIP


Janette was a beautiful, caring and creative person. She lived next to the World Trade Center and barely survived 9/11. The toxicity took her life 10 years later. Janette was one of the 9/11 survivors who provided the WTC dust samples which were analyzed with the results being published in the Active Thermitic Material paper. Janette worked to heal her trauma through her art and she created much beauty out of her pain. I'm thankful for the time we spent together.

Here is a video of Janette speaking in November 2006:

Rest in peace Janette

small actions that change the course of history

By simply providing a dust sample, I believe she accomplished more for the good of this world than most politicians dream their (token) acts will ever do.

The truth can't be suppressed, the evidence can't be swept away, and justice will have it's day.

Thanks Janette

Oh My God.

What terrible news. We had been friends for years. It must have just happened because this is the first I have heard of it. I knew she was sick but didn't realize how bad. I remember the first time I was over her house she showed me the dust. This was before she gave some to Steven Jones. She has done much for our cause. One of a kind. She will be in my prayers.

A Remarkable Woman

She had such a unique perspective from her experience and a remarkable gift that enabled her to share her vision through her art. Her passing is a great loss, but her work will last through generations. Thanks, Janette!


9/11 killed Janette - make no mistake. It just took nine years.

The only way I can think of to properly pay my respect is to avenge her death and I intend to do so.

I love you Janette.

Thank you.

God bless her

Her good deeds will one day become legend.

Thanks for the write up YT.

She Will Be Missed

She was a truthseeker and she will be missed. Thank you Janette MacKinlay for all your contributions that will help make this a better world to live in. RIP
Take Care Matt

I'm sorry to hear this

9/11 claims another victim.

I think it was Janette MacKinlay who inspired me to think about the WTC dust somewhat differently: the dust contains people, other victims of 9/11.

And of course, the dust is dangerous, and poisonous as well. It just claimed another life.

Rest in peace Janette.