More possible evidence of NIST tampering?

Knowing that there is potential evidence of tampering with some of this FOIA video evidence NIST has released thus far, I find it suspicious that in the following video you only see the first two seconds or so of the first tower collapse before it cuts off and then after it comes back the smoke has already covered the area... (:39 seconds to :42 seconds in)

At first, I thought it may have been just a problem with the camera or maybe the operator needed to change batteries or something. Then, I noticed that the second time the video cuts out at 2:33 and comes back 2:37 you miss the entire collapse of the second tower.

That's not all I noticed though...

To fully understand the importance of the cutting of the first tower collapse from this video, you must watch this video which was filmed from a similar vantage point and caught something quite interesting.

You can clearly see white smoke shooting out of the street. It looks like it's possibly reaching heights of about 25-30ft. It's filmed from basically the same vantage point of the other video. That video should have shown that ejection of white smoke too but instead got cut off. That's why I find it interesting. I'm not an expert so I'm not really in a position to say whether or not that white smoke is from a basement or underground explosion but it certainly looks interesting and convenient that it's missing from the R/30 Part 2 video.

Like I mentioned earlier, there is other possible evidence that some videos, taken at key positions around NYC, were tampered with before release. The following videos from another blog post also shows multiple videos with these characteristics:

This recently released video also has the two tower collapses curiously cut from the video.

Anyways, thanks for reading my blog posts. Please check out my other blog post called Eyewitness Evidence which has tons of videos of eyewitnesses talking about explosions some even before the towers were struck by airplanes.