Geraldo Rivera, Judge Napolitano... and now Glenn Beck?

 Let me know what you think -- I find evidence that Glenn Beck in the last few weeks is raising questions about the government "creating a situation" -- a false flag event.  

Exhibit 1:  "if you ever got an oppressive state, if you ever had people who didn't respect the Constitution at the top, the fastest thing they could do to take over is create a situation and then have the Army march into these states.” 

Those are strong words:  “an oppressive state”, “people who didn't respect the Constitution at the top”, and especially, these people acting to “create a situation” to achieve certain goals.

 Alex Jones has noticed the uptick in rhetoric by GB and says that his trust level in GB has gone from a low value to “70-80%” – and I agree.

Alex notes that Glenn is speaking of “government-sponsored terrorism.”

I do wish that Glenn would retract his mocking, months ago, of 9/11 truthers… as Geraldo did; but would note that Glenn is speaking out regarding government-sponsored terrorism and what he calls the “take-over” of America with plans to “enslave it.” 

Exhibit 2: In his 10 Dec 2010 show, Glenn writes on his blackboard:  "To take America over  and enslave it" -- with details of their plan, to take over:

1. Financial Sector

2.  Health care

3. Industry

4. Military

5. Growing dependents

6. Media

7. Food


He warns that the elite (“people who [don't] respect the Constitution at the top”) are seeking a New World Order (count the times he mentions the term) which will "enslave" America (his term).   He says that just TWO areas are not yet under their complete control.

You may wish to listen or read for yourself:


Quoting from GB (URL given above):

I've learned so much in the last 48 hours. We're doing an awful lot of research right now and I'm going to try to be as clear as I possibly can…. If I were going to take over the United States, what would I need? …Well, you would have to control the financial sector… They control everything in the financial sector. You'd have to control health care, who lives, who dies. You'd have to control industry. That could be done through the financial sector, it can be done through taxes and it can also be done through bailouts, just taking them like GM.You would need to control the military. This one is really tough…

“Do you know that yesterday -- yesterday, they just passed a spending budget? We have tons of money in it for new regulation. Who uses that regulation? Cass Sunstein. If you've listen to this show ever, I've told you he's the most dangerous man in America.”

As you may recall, Cass Sunstein called for infiltration and demoralization of 9/11 truth groups.

GB: “Then you have to grow dependence. You have to get people dependent on the government. Then you have to control the media and control food prices… they're working on it. They're doing this. They just passed the food bill, for your safety -- remember, everything is done for your “safety.” And now, the media.”

“A lot of people that made their decisions, they've made their decision already. They like this new world order.  I don't.”

“In order to preserve the idea that man must be free, that man can be decent enough to rule himself, you must preserve our traditions and our history.”

“Their excuse will be violence. Do not be a part of it…. We are talking about revolution. This is a fight for control….

Net neutrality is not a response to WikiLeaks. I think it's the other way around. They've had it in the cooker for quite some time. They just hadn't created the right problem yet.”

“Cold Blood says, quote, "We will fire at anything that tries to censor WikiLeaks." Really? Adding that the group wanted to be a, quote, "force for chaotic good."  May I ask you, how is chaos ever good? It's good, as I explained on the show over the summer, if you want revolution. Chaos is good…. You got it? They don't want transparency. They want enough chaos to have us, quote, "lock down internally." It's not about a more just world, is it? No, it's about less communication, not more communication.”

“You must understand, you are in a revolution, a global revolution whether you like it or not and the rules of the games have changed.  Many politicians are good-hearted people, but they don't understand simple things like who Cass Sunstein [is]… The game has changed.  China is the world superpower now. And many people in the world at the top level are grabbing for the scraps at the table. Who can run the rest of the world…?  Revolutionaries have plotted our demise for a very long time. Do not play the game they were expecting you to play. They're expecting you to continue to think in the box. Why do you think they've tried so hard to get us off the air?”

“Look, I don't know where you are in the stage of grief, but you must get to acceptance quickly. Life is going to change in America.  As we know America, it is over. It's only a matter of time before it all plays out. But that doesn't mean it has to be worse, that it has to be about oppression.”

“It's not about the stuff, damn it!  It's about the people. It's about our families and it's about freedom. You must think out of the box.  They feed on fear and violence.”

“The trap that has been created here, we lose either way, they think -- they think -- unless you do the most dangerous thing, the one thing they're not expecting you to do.  Back in a minute.  (COMMERCIAL BREAK)”

Unfortunately, after the break, Glenn never explains “the one thing they're not expecting you to do.”  Perhaps Glenn will explain in upcoming shows…  What do you think it is? 

If nothing else, Beck is thought-provoking.

So, what do you think of Glenn Beck’s latest?

Addendum: From later on 10 Dec 2010:

GB “I have been so pilloried in the press and some of it accurately. Some of it I some of it I deserve. Some of the things that I've said in the past have been wrong or have been off the top of my head or said in anger or said in comedy or whatever.”

Perhaps he will even join Geraldo and retract his mocking months ago of 9/11 truthers... 


False prophets out for profits

And .. of course..

"With a deadpan, Beck insists that he is not political: "I could give a flying crap about the political process. (...) "We're an entertainment company," Beck says."

As I said, GB mocked truthers IN THE PAST, but

I'm referring to his comments in the last week here.

Geraldo Rivera ridiculed 9/11 truthers IN THE PAST also -- so do we ignore what he says in the present?
Do you have any substantive comment on what GB said recently, in the articles I quoted from for example?


I can't just ignore what he said in the past:

"It's interesting to me that Jesus said, 'Inside my Father's house there are many mansions … ' That means that wealth and riches are not bad things … God believes you deserve a mansion. Do You? … There is a universe full of money. There are riches beyond your wildest dreams. God doesn't give you a taste of ice cream unless he's willing for you to have the entire cone."

Source: The Real America

So which is it? God or Mammon?

But let's take one point of Glenn's:

"Net neutrality is not a response to WikiLeaks. I think it's the other way around. They've had it in the cooker for quite some time. They just hadn't created the right problem yet.”

I know about net neutrality... IT is my metier... and what Glenn Beck is doing here is painting a complex but important topic as a racketeering scheme. The fact that Glenn knows about and discusses racketeering (creating a problem, selling the solution), is only indicative of his awareness of the concept, but it's not a proper characterization of net neutrality. So, consistent in Beck's talks is the application of the right tools (institutional analysis) to the wrong, non-existent problems...except, that net neutrality presents a problem for big business (and the government) who would like to split the internet in two: one for normal citizens like you and me, and one for corporations, where bandwidth is allocated and prioritized unequally.

This is the death knell for the concept where every individual can make his voice heard on the internet: the equal node concept where one can reach millions because the infrastructure is designed to allow this. However, this fundamental property of the internet is already being deconstructed as we speak: Youtube exists primarily because people like you and me don't have the bandwidth (upload) to host video, but Youtube has. Therefore, video hosting is centralized, and so is censorship.

As a researcher and an IT expert I know why Beck is saying this: it's a curious mix of ideological and propagandistic motivations. Propagandistic, because his rhetoric is designed to align the belief system of his listeners with the corporate interests of his financiers. In my opinion, the same thing goes for the trumped up opposition to health care legislation: the government mandating health insurance should have been the least of anybody's worries in the United States.

What worries me more, is that the only two significant popular demonstrations this year were instigated by media talking heads: Glenn Beck and Jon Stewart.

I support neither, and I find it frightening that the media now commands people to demonstrate... or not.

P.S. Obviously, net neutrality can be abused (as a 'trojan horse' as the Electronic Frontier Foundation calls it) by the FCC to gain regulatory control over the internet beyond preventing protocol discrimination, into the realm of dictating what content is appropriate and what is not. This is the complexity I was talking about. But I'm pretty sure Glenn Beck doesn't care either way.

As for Wikileaks

I'm interested in these cables:

2001-02-06T06:23:00Z, Embassy Islamabad, "PTER, EAIR, PLO, PK"

2001-04-06T23:01:00Z, Secretary of State, "PREL, PTER, QA, AF"

2001-04-07T11:16:00Z, Embassy Doha, "PREL, PTER, AF, PA, QA"

2001-07-27T10:41:00Z, Embassy Tel Aviv, "PREL, PTER, KWBG, KPAL, IS, GZ"

PTER = Prevention of Terrorism
EAIR = Civil Aviation
PLO = Unknown
PK = Pakistan
QA = Qatar
AF = Afghanistan
PA = Paraquay (??)
PREL = External Political Relations
KWBG = Unknown
KPAL = Unknown
IS = Unknown (Israel?)
GZ = Gaza

There is more...and their content is currently withheld.


In 2004 there was an excellent Documentary by Glenn Greenwald that debuted shortly before the RNC Convention in NYC. The title is: "OUTFOXED: Rupert Murdoch's War On Journalism." Here's the site for it:

And you can watch online here:

If you haven't seen it before, or it's been years, I'd suggest you take the time to do it now. I come away from it with the realization that NOTHING they broadcast is "off the cuff" or unplanned, but always with some strategy that;'s handed down from the top.

Greenwald's film provides context for me that makes any mention of 9/11 Truth by them very frightening for me. Like it's some kind of bait at the end of a line... NONE of the other networks will go there, why Fox?

Robert Greenwald

I do believe you mean Robert Greenwald, yes?

The film is worth seeing, or watching again, imo.


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


is an interesting case. Two possibilities that I see:

(1) Maybe he is trying to lead people like us into some type of trap, like to scapegoat us in the aftermath of an upcoming false-flag event. Thus we have to be very careful and never compromise our basic principles, no matter what.

(2) There is also a significant chance that Beck is sincere. That would be just incredible, and he would be doing this at great risk to himself.

Time will tell.

Agreed, Beck is an interesting case, and

as I read and listen to what he is saying lately, I think he is sincere. I agree with you Kevin that "There is also a significant chance that Beck is sincere. That would be just incredible, and he would be doing this at great risk to himself."

He is warning of a "created event" and has referred to the Oklahoma City bombing recently as an example -- I think I understood him correctly.
He says that "they" in general and Soros in particular have tried to get him to "back off" from what he has said recently, but he is not going to do it. He has "decided against" the "New World Order" -- see quotes above.

I agree also that he is in danger. Those of us who have thus spoken out have generally received a big dose of mocking/dishonor and often a loss of job (Ryan, Jones, Mineta, etc).


I was aware of you and Mr. Ryan getting "quitted" from your respective jobs, but I didn't know Mr. Mineta also had the same kind of problem... Isn't he still in Government?

Resignation of Norman Mineta was announced in June 2006,

at a time when the 9/11 Truth-seeking community was actively seeking impeachment of "Cheney First" -- and one of our central arguments was the whistleblower testimony of Sec'y of Transportation Mineta.

He is out of politics, and I understand that he will no longer answer any questions about his experience with Cheney on 9/11 ("50 miles out", "30 miles out" , etc. -- as the plane coming towards the Pentagon was being tracked, but nothing was done).

FWIW, I hope you are aware that

it looks like it is known who Mineta's 'young man' was, though he's not talking (audio included):

The Timing Is Extremely Curious

As I recall it, and someone please correct me if I'm wrong, Jim Fetzer was given an appearance on "Hannity & Colmes" then. He brought up the experience Minetta had in the PEOC about Cheney and the "young man." The Very Next morning his resignation was announced...

The biggest threat to big

The biggest threat to big news is the losing of credibility. For this reason I think they are setting up a group of skeptics to feebly represent alternatives. Have you noticed that all these people are just speculating? No one from FOX is delivering any of this as news.

The biggest threat to Beck is his job. If he crossed a line, he'd be off the air overnight. That would be the only sign I'd accept that he's changed his ways.

10% of Muslims are

10% of Muslims are terrorists. --Glenn Beck on Monday, Dec 6, 2010

Direct quote and reference (note that I have done this), please

I certainly do not believe that 10% of Muslims are terrorists!

Looks like something more that Glenn will have to retract -- but I would like to see the reference, this to avoid misrepresenting him or taking out of context.
Note that I provided direct quotes AND URL-references so that a person can read and verify for himself -- just asking you to do the same.


If i understand right,

Glenn Beck is a christian of the evangelical/Baptist/born again kind judging by one of the youtube clips i saw that seemed to show him talking to fellow believers (or i've got this totally wrong!?)
I understand the motivations of such a person as i once was one
He will switch tracks in a heartbeat if he thinks his god wants him to
He won't give a SH one T about what moneybags Soros says if he's as radical as i think he might be (not in a msm terrorist sense!)
he may be of use for a while as he goes supernova- not caring for his own safety, then as his steps of faith lead him to expose to himself the ultimate truth, he may complete the supernova with going super reclusive and collapsing in on himself and withdrawing from society
the other side of that he may behave as a computer following a cold reboot and restructure and reprogram himself in a new life (poss aetheist)
anyway thats all if he has the balls to follow all the steps of faith- many don't
so interesting news about this person vis a vis 9/11 truth and i wish him well.
I like the positive vibe/take you have Prof Jones

Beck is a Mormon (Church of Jesus Chirst of Latter-day Saints)

Glenn Beck is one of the most popular political commentators in the United States. Between his TV show, and nationally syndicated talk-radio show, Beck reaches millions of Americans every day with his commentary about politics.

Glenn Beck is also a convert to the Mormon faith, joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1999 along with his wife and children. If you do one thing on this site, be sure to watch the video where he talks about his conversion story in more detail!

Beck cites the influence of many Mormon friends throughout his life as one of the primary reasons he joined the Mormon Church. His wife, Tania, also told Glenn that she wanted them to share a faith before they were married. At the time, neither Tania nor Glenn were active in any faith, despite Glenn’s upbringing in the Catholic Church. At that point, Glenn and Tania went on a “church tour” to find the faith that they could share as a family.

Above from:

Direct quote / reference

"What's that number? What is the number of Islamic terrorists? One percent? I I think it's closer to 10% but the rest of the PC world will tell you: "Oh no! It's miniscule!"

CNN clip contains video clip of Beck talking:

Download link

Note the Orwellian revisionism of of the word 'terrorist', now to include people who 'advocate terrorism'. I suggest to buy a good old dictionary from the bookstore. Preferably one from the 'pre-9/11 world'. I suspect the definition of 'torture' will differ as well.

As I cited the NCTC on Media Roots:

"Almost 58,000 individuals worldwide were either killed or injured by terrorist attacks in 2009. Based upon a combination of reporting and demographic analysis of the countries involved, well over 50 percent of the victims were Muslims, and most were victims of Sunni extremist attacks."

MR Original – The War On Paranoid Rhetoric

By the way, what's Glenn Beck's position on torture? Oh, he just cites Jack Bauer from '24' ....AND OLIVER NORTH:

What Exactly Is 'Torture'? — Glenn Beck, Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Cached version

Glenn Beck is a despicable little propaganda parrot. For a moment there, I forgot how bad it was.

So does the same apply to Geraldo Rivera?

"If he crossed a line, he'd be off the air overnight. That would be the only sign I'd accept that he's changed his ways."
After all, Geraldo also mocked 9/11 truthers awhile back...

I don't trust Beck.

I believe he is being paid a great deal of money to carry water for those who pay him.

He is a dynamic and charismatic speaker, but he is not his own man.

Like Rush Limbaugh, Beck is not paid just to sell the products which are advertised on his show. He is paid to sell an ideology.

He blames Soros and the wealthy socialists but spares the evil Bush crowd from culpability. This is blatant opportunistic cherry picking.

I believe the corruption and criminality transcend party affiliation or systemic preference. I believe it is a class war and always has been a class war.

and I believe you ROBinDALLAS!

call me sometime.

Rivera vs. Beck

Geraldo Rivera is quite a different case from Glenn Beck. Rivera acknowledged that he had made a mistake in dismissing the 9-11 truth movement. He apologized. He directly confronted a 9-11 Truth issue, namely, Building 7, and said it is worth investigating. Rivera is sincere, because people generally do not want to admit they made a mistake. He also risked his career, considering that 9-11 Truth has been the third rail for so many people. Rivera was in a sense joyful that he made that leap. For him, it was a well-grounded epiphany.

In his body language, and the peculiar glint in his eyes, Beck comes over as less than honest, to put it politely. The only reason I can think of that he would want to come over to 9-11 truth is because he would not want to be left behind. The crums he has thrown down about false flags are, in my opinion, not really worth much. The man doesn't sound coherent to me.

Setting up Obama?

Glenn Beck has made a career out of pretending to be a rightwing nutjob battling a vast left wing collectivist socialist communist conspiracy. He's a star on Faux News, a right gatekeeper and MIC propaganda tool for stirring up jingoism and hatred towards any public interest policies.

Perhaps the Obama administration is being set up to take the blame for an impending neocon/MIC false flag attack - and it will turn out that Clinton mined the WTC?

Many examples of Glenn Beck's dishonest deeds have been documented by leftgatekeepers and

Video's worth 10 million words:

Glenn Beck Uses Vicks To Cry On Cue

PS I'm not an Obama supporter- I agree w/ ROBinDALLAS - "the corruption and criminality transcend party affiliation or systemic preference. I believe it is a class war and always has been a class war." That's why the Dems, Reps and MSM have never investigated 9/11 or any of the other crimes of the state/elites. Something really smells about what Fox has been doing - this is the same network that has had Fetzer, Barret, Reynolds and Tarpley on, some of them more than once - all of a sudden they're going to take an honest look at an issue that could undermine the Establishment on which Rupert Murdoch's media empire is built?

Thanks for the comments

I agree that there is a distinction between Geraldo and Beck, in that Geraldo specifically addressed the evidence of WTC 7, which GB certainly did not.

At the same time, I would like to again call attention to the actual statements by GB which I quoted regarding "creating a situation" by " people who didn't respect the Constitution at the top"...

And his seven points of what they would do to "take over" and how they are proceeding with this "take over." Very interesting.

And Alex Jones' recent assessment of GB -- quite a change!


Prof. Jones, I suspect you have a large, forgiving heart. This is a virtue, but not one I can afford with respect to Glenn Beck, I think.

Geraldo is somewhat different. It would be difficult to compare the two but to say they intersect ideologically. Yet, Geraldo behaves much more like a man than Glenn Beck does.

Napolitano seems to me like a man of principle. I cannot say whether principled men can survive on Fox News, or that they will be forced to adjust their principles. Time will tell.

Cynically, this is my assessment of the situation: Fox News has discovered a new market, and is looking to cater to it. Broadly speaking, I think what we see is opportunism. This explains why Fox allows these expressions on their network, and I do not feel we can assess all three (Geraldo, Napolitano, Beck) in the same manner. Nor should we. In other words, I'm separating management from employee. I believe Glenn Beck is a businessman, who plays requests, and I believe he is infatuated with money. His position on torture is where I draw the line: such a position, that is condoning institutionalized torture, I find unforgivable. I hope you'll forgive me for not forgiving him.

I guess we must guard not to let our political differences divide us, but at the same time, I feel obliged to tell it like it is. I hope others will return me the favor, I'm not afraid of some strong discussion.

Not change enough

There are more distinctions than that between Geraldo and Beck. Beck's attacks of the truth movement have been far more radical! Geraldo saying we are the goofiest movement he has seen recently could simply be coming from the fact that Geraldo was "confronted" by Alex Jones and his childish bullhorning rhetoric! If this kind of confrontation was most of what Geraldo knew of 9/11 Truth, than his ignorant view was quite understandable. That clip of Beck above, which SnowCrash posted, attacking the vicitim's family members says it all! Frankly at this point both Beck and Jones are serving as two of the greatest set backs for 9/11 Truth.

These warnings

and claims of an impending event have been pushed by many extremists in the past. The spreading of certain warnings and running around claiming there is an impending attack has served to discredit the truth movement often. Like Tarpley with his bogus predictions and rally's around extreme warnings of specific months of impending attacks (like one related to the repubs "October Suprise"). Tarpley's radically specific predictions especially this one are perfect examples of how 9/11 Truth can be discredited if we all of a sudden start spreading a GB prediction! Your statement above Prof. Jones was not that specific, but I'm just warning that we must be careful in the 'prediction' area.
Also, Glenn Beck is an awful radical racist. Glenn Beck has been feeding on the Alex Jones crowd right wing extremist rhetoric, because it is the cool move among republicans right now and it serves to hurt Obama. I'm frankly surprised to see Prof. Jones suggesting that he feels that GB is somehow warning us of a false-flag event especially based off of these vague quotes above.

What do I think of Beck's quotes? I think he is now playing a game acting (in a generally rhetorical and vague sense) that he is against a number of the very things he and the Fox News/Tea Party crowd have helped solidify control for in America.

GB: “A lot of people that made their decisions, they've made their decision already. They like this new world order. I don't.”

This new world order? Which new world order? What does he mean by NWO? See it's quite vague to the point where it MIGHT be a clever propaganda play on words to lure in the AJ crowd.

GB: “Then you have to grow dependence. You have to get people dependent on the government. Then you have to control the media and control food prices… they're working on it. They're doing this. They just passed the food bill, for your safety -- remember, everything is done for your “safety.” And now, the media.”

As if GB somehow isn't a huge part of this media consolidation and hasn't also been a huge part of fueling it.

GB: “The trap that has been created here, we lose either way, they think -- they think -- unless you do the most dangerous thing, the one thing they're not expecting you to do. Back in a minute. "

Mysterious 'they's' and taps and even perhaps hints at gun led revolutions ie. JUST LIKE THE AJ CROWD!!!

Prof. Jones are there any other quotes that led you to see GB as somehow warning us of an impending terror attack. Also are you aware of the Coke Family connections to Fox News, the right, GB, and the Tea Party?


I very very very much appreciate all of the incredible work and eye opening research that you Professor Jones have done for 9/11 Truth. I don't want you or anyone else to think that just because I have been critical of some things you have posted means that I am not quite aware and incredibly appreciative of all your great work. I hope we can discuss this topic openly.

I hope we can discuss such things in a friendly manner also,


Let me say that I do not put much stock in the left versus right paradigm -- to me, this mind-set misses the point.

I did not support Bush/Cheney -- indeed I called for their impeachment and I have attended anti-war rallies and support the peace movement.
Frankly, I do not trust Obama or Cass Sunstein, either. Do you?

The coming chaos needs to be warned about, in one way or the other, and that is what struck me as significant in GB's talks this past week -- as I quoted. I see a great deal of evidence it is coming and will be a "created event" or series of events, like 9/11.

In my talks, I have consistently and emphatically encouraged people to prepare because I care about people.

Now I will get back to preparing in my family, and to research. Farewell.

Same here. Sometimes when I

Same here. Sometimes when I post and get attacked, it feels personal. When I attack someone else, it feels like a fun debate. I hope this feels like a fun debate for you.

I too think there is something major around the corner; probably biological and probably focused on a poor, large, minority population. Its kind of hard to prepare and predict. We each have to do whatever we can to help ourselves and others.

Yes, that is the point I was trying to make, geoff --

That is the point I was trying to emphasize -- you said it well:
"I too think there is something major around the corner; probably biological and probably focused on a poor, large, minority population. Its kind of hard to prepare and predict. We each have to do whatever we can to help ourselves and others." -- geoff

Just having a few months of food set aside is a good start... and a place to go should one's house become dangerous (e.g., in an earthquake).

And here's a point made by GB I think worth emphasizing:
GB: "They like this New World Order. I don't... In order to preserve the idea that man must be free, that man can be decent enough to rule himself, you must preserve our traditions and our history... Their excuse will be violence. Do not be a part of it…. "

I can...

Do without a friend of Alex Jones', and I can do without someone who had a campaign out against us (where he tried to paint us as holocaust museum murderer lovers, where he said he hates the 9/11 families), etc... and so on. I can also do without someone that would dishonestly use things to make himself cry on camera. I can also do without Geraldo Rivera. I don't trust him. Sue me.

There is an agenda, but . . .

I think the word has come down, for whatever reason, that it's now okay to wade into exposing parts of the 9/11 attack cover-up.

Whether it's Geraldo, Beck or anyone else, they are likely just the messengers. I doubt they do anything on their own -- they are the figureheads at the podium of what a board room of executives decide on behind the curtain. Don't bother getting swept up in their personalities or personal histories of abuse on activists. These people exist as media entities, not average people thinking for themselves. You should see them as avatars.

They have a reason for this decision. On a simple level it could just be to erode support for "government" in general -- all a bunch of crooks, block everything they do! It will grind Obama's efforts to a halt (although this also seems odd since Obama appears more like a Republican everyday).

In any case, forget the "who" and focus on the "what is our role" and how to use these to our advantage. We have zero control over their agenda, and the more this is going on, to me, the more it does not appear to be a "set-up" for us, but an effort to chip away at yet another restraint on the billionaires -- government programs like unemployment, schools, welfare, etc., that Obama would theoretically want to protect and keep stable.

Take down confidence in "government" and its social programs will collapse.

The most important thing to the billionaires like Peter G Peterson right now is to destroy Social Security. Hes stacked his people on the "deficit panel" and he's working constantly to remove this social program. Fox News works for billionaires. Just like the entire Tea Party does.

There is an agenda at work here, and it's not about which avatar who manipulates the public on TV is exposing truths, it's about why they are doing it. FOX is just the low hanging fruit, an easy tool. Almost everything going on, every crime by the government and the corporations, has someone's interests in increasing their own financial status behind it.

Peter G Peterson had a role in 9/11

PETER G. PETERSON: C.E.O. of the Blackstone Group, one of three lease-holders (along with Banc of America Securities and the General Motors Acceptance Corporation) of World Trade Center Building 7 on 9/11/01, thus sharing in unquestioning receipt of $861 million in insurance payments for the demolished WTC 7 (February 2002); also Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Council on Foreign Relations on 9/11/01; the Blackstone Group an investor in Kroll, Inc. (1993) and an investment of the American International Group insurance-firm (receiving $150 million, or a 7% stake, from A.I.G. in 1998), A.I.G. then headed by Maurice Greenberg, a former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and the Blackstone Group a partner with Kissinger Associates and A.I.G. from February 2000 onward (at the time the 'venture' was announced Peter G. Peterson was quoted in a press-release: "In this new global economy, with its requirements ... for cross-border mergers and acquisitions, for government privatizations of major industries and for restructuring of industries battered by the recent global financial crisis, we believe each of these entities bring some special knowledge and expertise to the table. We at Blackstone very much look forward to working with AIG and Kissinger Associates and capitalizing on these opportunities.").

Don't ask how it benefits FOX or Beck or Geraldo . . . ask which billionaire is going to come out on top.

>>"Their excuse will be violence. Do not be a part of it…. "

Good quote. Violence makes money for billionaires also.

Blackstone Group

When I was working at the WTC two years before 9-11, I handled a letter inviting someone to a private address by Richard Holbrooke at the Blackstone Group HQ somewhere in Cali. I knew at the time that Holbrooke was one of the very inner circle by the places where his name often surfaced. I made a strong mental note of it at the time.

This is interesting and maybe

This is interesting and maybe relevant (emphasis mine):
In the email dated Dec. 8 and made public Wednesday by Media Matters for America, Fox News Washington managing editor Bill Sammon instructed staffers to "refrain from asserting that the planet has warmed (or cooled) in any given period without IMMEDIATELY pointing out that such theories are based upon data that critics have called into question.

"It is not our place as journalists to assert such notions as facts, especially as this debate intensifies," he continued.

Might a similar request have been made with regard to 9/11?