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BuildingWhat? Round 2 | Dec. 14, 2010

Following the successful first "BuildingWhat?" wave of TV ads, 9-11 family members are launching the second round of this unprecedented effort to educate New Yorkers and the world on the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7.

This time around, the BuildingWhat? team have set a fundraising goal of $200,000 that they hope to reach by January 1, 2011. The TV ad campaign for Round 2, set to launch in New York City in mid to late January, will be much larger than Round 1, and it will go hand-in-hand with an online viral campaign, a print ad campaign, and even more PR efforts.

World911Truth is a proud and active cosponsor of the BuildingWhat? project and we ask you to please support BuildingWhat? Round 2 with whatever amount is manageable for you. If you donated to Round 1, we are counting on you to match your previous donation. If you were pleased with the results from Round 1—and you are able—we invite you to double your previous donation.

Round 1: A Building 7 Shock Wave in New York and in the Media

Thanks to the generosity of thousands of supporters across the globe, the BuildingWhat? TV ad campaign was able to raise $100,000 and reach a remarkable 1 million viewers in the New York Metropolitan Area during the month of November, most of them seeing footage of World Trade Center Building 7’s destruction for the first time ever.

The campaign also received the media attention it deserved in the form of an appearance on FOX News’ Geraldo At Large in front of a national audience of 1 millon more viewers. After that momentous breakthrough, Geraldo and FOX News’ Andrew Napolitano affirmed their skepticism of the official explanation for Building 7’s destruction, resulting in a flurry of responses from other media outlets including CNN, MSNBC and the Huffington Post.

With the media’s coverage of Building 7 poised to go in one of two directions—subsiding into nothingness or exploding into a bona fide discussion about the government’s bogus explanation for Building 7’s destruction—it is now time for us to dig deep and take the BuildingWhat? campaign to the next level.

The TV ad Seen by Millions of New Yorkers

Great Job BuildingWhat?

The events of 9/11 have created a strange environment in the United States. Are we supposed to say something if we see something or don't ask or tell?


they're keeping the lie big as per Hitler

This piece is front page where it should be

Chip in and watch these guys do the business to the next and the next phase
youll be glad you did

Wonder How Efforts With The NYC City Council Are Proceeding?

Have any commitments to act on behalf of NYCCAN, been obtained from NYC city council members?

Building What is a great

Building What is a great cause. Lack of coverage of the facts is one of the reasons why our Politicians and the American People are so in the dark about what really happened on 9/11. Case in point, Joe Lieberman... helped start the 9/11 Commission and here he is denying that WTC 7 even fell on 9/11!