Ways the 6 foot men could overcome 5.5 foot hijackers

Hani Hanjour, supposedly on Flight 77, was about 5 feet tall and the other hijackers ranged from 5.5 to 5' 7". They were of slim build.

Captain Charles Burlingame of Flight 77 was over 6 feet, a Navy Captain, weight lifter, and a boxer. The OCT says pilots like him gave up their planes to these puny weaklings with box cutters? The story makes no sense.

There are many ways the 6 foot men on the flights could have overcome them.
1. Take a seat cushion as a shield, and punch the hijackers out.
2. Pour hot tea or coffee in their face, then move in to disarm them.
3. Throw luggage at them, then move in for the tackle
4. Take a scarf or towel and snap them in the face
wrap their hand, then turn the box cutter on them.
5. Two or more passengers could overpower each one of the hijackers
6. Push the snack cart down the middle and ram the hijackers
7. Take a fire extinguisher, spray at the terrorists, then move in.

Any more ideas?

Many improbabilities

Attack and defense methods might be somewhat limited in the tight space of the cockpit, but I wouldn't expect that a takeover of the aircraft by the (relatively lightweight) hijackers would be easy. Four successful takeovers seems quite unlikely. There appear to be many improbabilities in the story that we are given about the alleged hijackers.
All four sets of hijackers:
● Escaped detection and restraint prior to 9/11, effectively evading all government security and intelligence operations.
● Got past airport security with knives and/or other weapons in their possession.
● Got past flight attendants and passengers while initiating aircraft takeover.
● Got past the cockpit doors, which normally should be locked and secure.
● Overcame the flight crews, apparently without any impaiment to the hijackers' flying ability, and with no alarm signals being activated on any of the four aircraft.
● Evaded all air defenses for an extended period of time while flying hijacked aircraft toward some of the most secure airspace on the planet.
Three sets of hijackers allegedly:
● Hit three buildings with remarkable precision, while flying at full speed, and in one instance (flight 175), flying into the target while on a turning trajectory (a difficult maneuver to perform accurately at high speed). And this despite limited piloting skills, and no previous flying time in the actual commercial aircraft.
Two sets of hijackers:
● Brought down 3 steel-frame high-rise buildings straight to the ground, with no toppling or stalling (a feat normally achievable only by highly skilled demolition experts). And with no steel-frame highrise having ever previously collapsed due to fire (the alleged cause).
● Succeeded in (apparently) totally destroying 4 flight recorders at the WTC site, to the extent that no remains could be found of the recorders.
And the improbabilities didn't end there. The story as presented appears to have a combined improbability of astronomical proportions.

other ideas/info, in addition

On UAL 93 (others?) there were reports of hijackers claiming to have a bomb/having something that looked like a bomb.
Prior to 9/11, the SOP from the airlines included cooperating w/ hijackers, apparently as most (not all) hijacks up to that point had not turned passenger planes into missiles.
AAL 11- Betty Ong reported they were having trouble breathing- if hijackers cut stewardesses and forced them to appeal to those in the cockpit, who were then gassed when they came out, that is another option for getting access.

There was at least one instruction in the FAA to alert other flights about the hijacks of AA 11 and UA 175- it wasn't passed on thru HQ. Notifications to the military were slow- the 9/11 Commission doesn't explain, no one was held accountable.

There was at least one exercise planned, possibly conducted, in the years before 9/11, that involved a commercial aircraft
EDIT to post text/link re Twin Star; note that what is mentioned in this MFR only covers the plane being shadowed - nothing about the role/awareness of the flight crew:
"Goddard noted that the FAA generated a "Twin Star" hijack exercise in 1995. They invited NORAD to participate since a real commercial airliner was to be shadowed by a fighter intercept. Goddard's understanding is that it involved the entire FAA system, as well as the NMCC."

Here, "real airplane" may simply mean a 'field training exercise' (FTX), not involvement of a commercial airliner:
"Goddard explained that for AV02, to be held in the summer of 2002, the exercise included a real airplane and a role play of terrorists in the cockpit."

Though the MFR does say; "The goal for AV02 was to take the Twin Star model and change it to a thorough NORAD exercise with all the proper procedures and protocols run."

more on Amalgam Virgo and other military exercises at http://www.historycommons.org

possible that crew believed they were participating in a hijack drill and all passengers were actors? No evidence for this- but as it seems likely the planes were flown into their targets by remote or auto pilot, makes me wonder how much else would be left up to chance. Some of the hijacker patsies were not that bright, some of them may not have known they were part of a suicide plot- may not have even known they were part of a hijack plot- remember the video of Jarrah laughing- and he left the US to see his girlfriend, reportedly pissing off Atta.