The Daily Show: 9/11 First Responders React to the Senate Filibuster

Daily Show: 9/11 First Responders React to the Senate Filibuster - Thursday December 16, 2010
9/11 first responders watch as Mitch McConnell cries over a friend's retirement, and Jon Kyl explains why the Senate can't work the week after Christmas.

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9/11 First Responders React to the Senate Filibuster
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Worst Responders
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Jon Stewart to Republicans: You Can't Exploit 9/11 Anymore

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Lame-as-F@#k Congress
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has our world become?

It absolutely disgusts me

to think that so many Americans vote for the careless, heartless people elected to "represent" us, all while our first responders and military veterans continue to die.

For now, until people start waking up and voting these criminals out of office, all we can do is show our support to first responders by means of donations.

One great place to donate is the Feal Good Foundation.

Every single one of us, no matter what side of the 9/11 conspiracy fence we sit on, has a duty and obligation to help our first responders in a time of desperate need. Because unfortunately, it's politics as usual in Washington and our politicians aren't doing what needs to be done to help.


Much as I applaud Jon Stewart for exposing yet more Republican and Fox hypocrisy, how come when he usually has guests to interview he seats them in nice comfortable chairs and yet these brave first responders only rate crappy plasticky canteen chairs? Surely these guys deserve more respect.

Friday Morning on NPR the Diane Rheem Show

Diane said during the domestic hour news round up that she has recieved many emails as a result of a recent Jon Stewart show with 911 first responders. The first responder issue was raised on the show and discussed for a few minutes. The fact that the issue was on the burner for the lame duck session and derailed by Repulicans was noted. The panel did not offer much hope for any progress during the current session but hailed the issue as being of great merit

Diane Rehm ... Ugh

I stopped listening to her about the 100th time some guest on her show reinforced the official al qaeda did it story. She has done as much harm to 911 Truth as anyone in the media because of her "liberal bias". After all, if there was any merit to any 9/11 insider malfeasance, surely a journalist with such burnished liberal credentials would have been all over it, right? That's what I hear my NPR loving friends contend. Rehm's as establishment as they come.

I know how you feel,

But I still email her and have been on the show (call in) a couple of times. I try to artfully craft a question depending on the subject which will get the audience to think for themselves and perhaps get a new perspective. Once she actually said "interesting". Today I was very impressed that she stepped right up on the question of the first responders and in fact said it was due to the amount of email she had recieved concerning the recent Stewart show. NPR gave Bernie Sanders quite a bit of air time yesterday about his five hour talk against the rich recieving the tax break extension. I have emailed the producer on occasion saying that the liberal anti-war position is never represented with her continued use of the same washington think tanks who just think tanks! I have been on the local NPR affiliate radio station numerous times questioning the host on various issues surrounding the 911 attacks, Osama Bin Laden and the War etc. Again I try hard to ask thought provoking questions which will make it past the delay and on to the air. Sometimes I admit I will wear camoflague to get past the check points.



Does anyone know if those

Does anyone know if those firefighters were some that called BS on the government version of the day? I wish one of them could convince Stewart to cover the issue honestly and more extensively than the albeit very important issue of them being cared for. That is despicable enough for our country to turn its back on them. Then add insult to injury, and injury to insult, to all, our government has shown to be participator in the event, at least that is what the evidence points to, obviously, so, saving lives of first responders isn't high on the list of their agenda.

Getting nauseatingly wealthy is apparently though. Operating with the perps, is the media and the many Congressional reps and senators. I can't help but think there is some ominous threat upon any that speak out. One Senator that is really a remarkable, and outspoken Senator is Bernie Sanders, truly a man of the people, but even he won't hear of the evidence we all have to share from the many fine professionals who speak out on that which is actually so obvious, and layperson could see for themselves, of course if they only looked. I dare say, a tthis point my friends are fearful of ANYthing I have to offer in news, documentary, ANYthing. They are afraid they are going to believe me, so they afraid to look, I think, don't you? Are others here having such challenges?

I think the media needs to be shamed. I think Stewart knows how shaming the act of his writer was, that happened a few weeks ago, punching a fellow Truther, and Stewart camp, and the low place he was standing in dissing the Truth Movement, and here we are with this. I say good on him, for having the firefighters on, but we have another issue to deal with. Who is he standing for? Remember our numbers? Last count (and I am sure we continue to grow, have grown since) was 108 million. Any one that knows has got to feel passionate about this. We need to exploit the numbers now, we have every right to. We do have a tangible media network of our own.

Well, what I was going to say, before rambling off, was- did anyone talk to Stewart about the dishonesty of the the government version of the day? How many of the many firefighters that were there are ones that support the official version. Seems from my perspective that most all firefighters knew that the government was someway involved? Any insights out there?

I liked Bernie Sanders for a

I liked Bernie Sanders for a while, up until he caved into pressure and passed a version of Ron Paul's "Audit the Fed" bill that was a shadow of what it should have been.

It never fails to amaze me

how rotten our so-called government has become. We need a complete house cleaning. This video is living proof of it. My God I use to be proud to be an American. I love this country and it's people but now the government can go to hell as far as I am concerned.

Nice piece

but I wish Stewart would have flat out urged his young audience, to call their Senators to voted YES. Espcially if they are a R.

Joe Lieberman " "I have no evidence that this really occurred"

Senator Joe Lieberman, during his campaign for John McCain, on World Trade Center building 7...

"I have no evidence that this really occurred."

Maybe he actually didn't know

The person questioning Senator Lieberman in the above clip was articulate, and persisted in getting to the point. However, it is impossible to know for sure whether the senator actually did know anything about the collapse of WTC 7.

Many people did not know for years that there was a collapse of a third tower on Sept. 11, 2001, and many still don't know. It is a mistake to assume people do know and that they are simply denying facts until it is known that they have been given the information.

The reason for the Building What? campaign is to create full public awareness of this third tower, which was not hit by a plane, and yet collapsed at freefall acceleration.

The senator should be sent the information and a follow up done to see what he says then.


I've never seen a worse politician and totalitarian than Lieberman. It's useful to confront him but I see him as one of our foremost adversaries, not as a possible ally. Lieberman seems constantly drunk from phony patriotism of the worst kind. I have no doubt he would do everything in his power to cover up government wrongdoing on 9/11.

That may be true,

but what I am saying in general is that it shouldn't be assumed that someone knows about the freefall collapse of WTC 7 before they are judged as to what their motives are concerning the issue.

It is best to give the benefit of the doubt first, and make sure they get the information about it. Only at that point can whatever conclusions you come to about how they are handling the information have a leg to stand on.

The website link should be being passed around by 911 activists en masse, as though there were no tomorrow. It is by far the best chance to secure a real investigation into the events which transpired in NYC on Sept. 11, 2001 and the aftermath of it.

No excuses for Lieberman's ignorance IMO

This man even admitted that "conspiracy theorists" have brought up this Building 7 issue with him previously and he continues to feign ignorance on the subject. After one or two people asked him about it, he should have AT LEAST looked into the issue.

But, what would you expect from an opportunistic Politician that continues to spout lies like "the 9/11 Commission was independent and unimpeded" which numerous whistleblowers have proven to be an utter fallacy.


Lieberman, like most politicians, is a joke. He knows what happened on 9/11. They all do. I have no respect for any of them. Like I always say, we need a complete house cleaning. We need a PEACEFUL revolution. Stop obeying their stupid, unconstitutional laws. Personally I am not going to file my income tax this year. I NEVER serve jury duty. I won't even pay a parking ticket. If enough people would do what I am doing the whole system would collapse. Remember they get their power from us. Income tax is the big one. If nobody paid by,by, NWO.
Aaron Russo proved that tax on your labor is against the law. So is double taxation. I am retired and pay taxes on my social security and retirement check. Not this year. I have already been taxed on my SS and retirement. If this country goes under we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Off Topic

Sorry to post something off topic but it's an important video. It's Jesse Ventura latest show on the Pentagon attack. It's a good one.

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this deserves its own post

this episode deserves it own post.

btw this article write-up at was very good and could serve as an excellent introductory article for new researchers.

Peace everyone.


I agree

I agree. Most of his shows are right on the money. This Pentagon one really caught my eye. We should have a discussion on it. He just about proves what really happened there that day. Obviously a 757 never hit the building. Like he said, it was a free-bee. Good way to cover up the missing 2.3 trillion.

Another way

to cover up the missing 2.3 trillion, would be to fly a plane into the building. Just a thought.

It only took Jon Stewart 9 years

To become aware of the 9/11 First Responder health issue and then some amount of time
(months? weeks? days?) to decide that he is in support of helping them.

Where have you been all this time, Jon?

While all of the so-called "9/11 Truthers" have been supporting them and fighting for them and
trying to make people aware of their plight for years.

And when will you get up off of your ash and pull your head out of your ash and
realize that it isn't just the 9/11 First Responders that are at issue???

Another 9 years?

Even Geraldo Rivera is making you look bad at this point.


Both these corrupt political parties need to be destroyed