entry into this blog space was acquired by promising a story about flight 93, which is complete and ready to install.
Something came up however that needs to be passed on, especially now, in light of the accelerated collapse of this nations freedoms.

A 9-11 meet-up was scheduled for the Gainesville City Commission (worthless organization) where your humble narrator was allowed three minutes to speak. Exactly how it went will have to be a matter for others to decide but what was gained personally is truly worth passing on.

I felt high on something (the best of those recollections). An exhilaration not felt in many years. The feeling of relief and accomplishment. All that can be said is that more of that feeling will be necessary, and worthwhile.

Please....if you haven't experienced the euphoria of getting down and dirty, unburdening your soul with truth that so many still will not acknowledge....you know not what you are missing.

In the words of Jerry Lewis...."try it, you'll like it" AND it will be good for your country.

The TRUTH even in a minority of one, is still the Truth.- Ghandi