FLIGHT 93 2010 Thanksgiving weekend featured an ‘In Memoriam’ segment on Sunday NFL Football with Terry Bradshaw, Rocky Blier, Franco Harris and other ‘70s Pittsburgh Steelers players from one of the greatest football dynasty’s in NFL history. The celebration of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) honored the passengers and crew of flight 93 as heroes who brought the plane down in a Pennsylvania field before it could strike yet another target on that fateful day of September 11, 2001. As everyone eulogized and spoke of the heroics as a voice over, original footage played on the screen. It’s been shown over and over these past years from every conceivable angle, but it’s easy to have forgotten just how bizarre the scene was. Besides the great praise and touching music, and through the naturally occurring misty eyes everyone gets when viewing a tragedy like that, something was none the less wrong and it reared its ugly head yet again as a reminder of just what this government is requiring us to swallow. No bodies. No luggage, no wreckage parts, no engines, NO PLANE, not even any fire or smoke to speak of except in the background in the middle of some trees. There’s always some SEATS in these crashes, many having bodies still strapped in to them. Where were these?There was only an almost perfectly formed hole, not very big and not even very deep and Déjà vu ‘, the scene of 20 men and women at arm’s length in a line starting from about 250 feet outside the hole walking toward the hole, picking up tiny scraps of anything that wasn’t grass, certainly nothing larger than a grapefruit. The scene was vaguely reminiscent of the scene in front of the hole in the Pentagon wall, same scenario with the walkers, may have even been the same walkers if they had a fast jet, and again finding only small fragments to confiscate, hardy the type of wreckage you have seen time and again in a REAL air Jet crash, but neatness is important you see. Wouldn’t want anyone to step on a rusty screw, right? Also not present, same as in the Pentagon so-called crash site was no hint of any damage in the hole (or wall) that would indicate that the object that entered, had WINGS. All ‘evidence’ rules and statutes read in any jurisdiction, would indicate that these people are disturbing and modifying a crime scene, a Felony for all except the government who are exempt from all rules and laws, unless they fail to do what they are told to do by their masters. They are then promptly hung out to dry. That the “plane” didn’t hit anything of value, if indeed it even was a plane, and it all but vanished, plus the fact that building 7 had to go to protect the Pentagons 3.4 Trillion shortfall, makes it obvious that building 7 was the intended target of flight 93. When 93 was a ‘no show’ the perpetrators had no choice but to order a risky demolition and “pull” the building. The question begs to be asked, if this is the reality of 93, what the heck happened to the REAL 93? What happened to the passengers? That question could also be asked even if the government’s scenario is correct. Yeah, RIGHT!

wreckage scenes

reminiscent of post shoot down

the point about 93 having been originally intended to hit building 7- I've speculated on this too but no solid research has convinced me of much on it

I think that 93 got delayed so maybe that scuppered their original plans

point about pentagon not having airliner crashed there will earn you swift rebuke here so hold on tight!

(i side with snowcrash's opinion on the pentagon)


Yes Douglas I freely acknowledge there has been no solid 'research' on this matter or very many other connected matters.

The point being, this is why we MUST HAVE a NOW, truly INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION, the first one ever done. You have made my case very well. I truly hope I'm wrong about everything and indeed 19 bearded Arabs, with scary beards and turbans comitted these horrors.

We must ALL, have in our minds one thing. This act must be thoroughly investigated.
Thank you for responding.