Kevin Bracken at LaborTech 2010

Video from December 11, 2010 University of San Francisco. Filmed by John Parulis

Key Note Speaker: Kevin Bracken:

Kevin Bracken is the Secretary of the Maritime Union of Australian (MUA) Victoria Branch and President of the Australia Victorian Trades Council Hall, which represents 400, 000 workers will be speaking (In a personal capacity) on “Corporate Media, The Trade Unions, War And 9/11”. Bracken is one of the leading trade unionists in the world, who has publicly challenged the US official explanation of 9/11, and the political use of “terrorism” by governments internationally to escalate the attacks on democratic rights and repression of the labor movement and working people around the world.

[ FTR - Mr. Bracken made it very clear that he was speaking as an individual and not as a representative of either organization - LW ]


Thanks Kevin-that was powerful. I bet it felt good as well.
You just moved us closer to our goal.


Thanks John for filming and posting.


Thanks John

Kevin Bracken

Thank You John for making this video and posting it here.... and Thanks to Kevin for making the long flight here from Australia to voice his concern about the ongoing cover-up of Sept. 11th.

All the Best,

Mike Marino
at YouTube ... sjot345


The world deserves a second chance...

Excellent man

Excellent speech

Finally a unionist grew a pair and brought up 9/11

From the heart and from the people to victory over the tyrants!

Great job Kevin!

For the record;

I am now a Delegate for the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association and last week attended our national conference. I have broad support within our members and the executive for the call for a new investigation and hope to have a motion passed soon to back up Kevin, the MUA and the VTHC.

While at the conference I was able to get copies of Blue Print for Truth to the Delegates and the Executive but even more importantly I got a copy to the CEO of the Australian Civil Aviation & Safety Authority (CASA), John McCormick and one of its senior policy development executives, Nick Ward. I also was able to get a copy to a Senior Transport Accident Investigator for the National Transport & Safety Bureau (NTSB), Bob Kells and to the Secretary General of Aircraft Engineers International (AEI), Fred Bruggeman. I also managed to get agreement during conversations with these people that aircraft safety is suffering budget constraints because of a focus on security issues which are largely irrational when looking at the reality of the risk.

Interesting to note that the Delegates and Executive of my Association did not treat me with suspicion or as a danger to there credibility rather as an asset to them in their understanding of the Geo-Political reality in the American Empire. Funny enough our Association head Secretary Steve Purvinas chose me to set next to at our Formal Dinner when he had over a hundred spots to chose from.

The reason I wrote this here is so that the dedicated activist out there realize that our work has and is making change world wide and we should be proud and fearless in our resolve to expose ourselves in any forum confidently. We are seen in many places as the visionaries and the revolutionary's, it's just not talked about publicly.

It is the work that Kevin has done recently that allows the seeds that I and you many others have planted to grow in the halls of power within the union movement. Putting his neck out and his balls on the line has moved us forward as only true courage can!

Be courageous, confident but more importantly reasonable and every post will be a winner :-)

Kind regards John

Thanks John. As I'm fond of

Thanks John. As I'm fond of saying lately, our Truth Movement is unique in social activist movements because given the severity of what's at stake and the targeted disruption thrown our way by the press and the official mouthpieces , we keep growing bigger and stronger. Welcome Kevin fine a human as I've ever met and a proud member of the class that is changing the world.... the worker!

Aircraft safety is a reality that needs constant attention

and it would be disgraceful if money is being diverted from that for security reasons which have little basis.

It is a good angle you are pursuing here John and it sounds like responsible people are listening.

Tony your right....responsible people are listening to....

...reasonable and conservative 9/11 Truth Advocates you and Bob being good cases in point!

On the other hand we see so many getting behind loose topics like the Pentagon saga "plane/no plane" or "cell calls" etc which hurt our standing with the victims families and the ones that want an excuse to ridicule avoid the subject.

Any way thanks for your work as it is inspiring :-)

Kindest regards John

I believe that issue is more properly framed as:

plane hit/no plane hit

or for you mathematical types

(plane, no plane) hit

It seems some folks are quite touchy (even techy) about this (yes, that is humor).

Kevin Bracken ROCKS !, btw, I had a delightful time drinking a pint with him, chatting him up, and very much look forward to working with him in the future.

Keep up the great work down under, I hope you are having a joyous holiday season and congrats.

Cheers John!


( You'd think with all the John's around here, we'd have more women in the movement ! - another attempt at humor)

ha ha...I not sure you've made comedian status just

Thanks John

PS - I'm out dating at a few more girls would be nice... :-)

Thanks to all involved in this conference

and a special thanks to Kevin Bracken for having the fortitude to speak out from his position and face the attempts at unwarranted ridicule by those who would keep the majority in the dark concerning what really occurred on Sept. 11, 2001. Democracy cannot survive if people don't speak out when truth and reality is being subverted.

The present official explanations for the events of Sept. 11, 2001 do not withstand scientific scrutiny. They are a sham that require full exposure as such, and it was good to see the poll by the Herald Sun showing 77% of the respondents supported what Kevin said in this vein.

There are those who claim to oppose a new investigation of the events of Sept. 11, 2001 based on its cost. However, the cost of a new investigation is trivial and insignificant compared to the monstrous cost in blood and treasure which has already occurred and will continue to occur if the present myth about it is allowed to be perpetuated. With cost being eliminated, as the only possible valid excuse for not wanting a new investigation, it is logical to suspect those who are adamant in not wanting a new investigation of either being involved in the crimes themselves or illicitly gaining from the perpetuation of the myth about their cause somehow.

My Union Boss David Coles would be proud

Today is another one of those days I can say I'm very proud to be a Union Man!
255G CEP Newspaper Pressmen Union , Thank You Kevin Bracken .

David Coles ( my union boss) was the Union President with CEP during a peaceful picket line/ protest in Quebec Canada who exposed several undercover Quebec Police dressed up as protesters ( agent Provocateurs) trying to ignite violence with rocks during the Security Prosperity Partnership SPP in Montebello. I hope more Union Leaders take up the 9/11 cause. I've given my own local AE material, and have shared the story about Kevin with some of our executive. Perhaps Kevin could try to contact Canada's David Coles and discuss 9/11. I've tried with no success.

Communications, Energy and Paperworkers
Union of Canada National Office

301 Laurier Avenue West,
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 6M6
1-877-230-5201 1-877-230-5201

On the subject of agent provocateurs

and on the subject mentioned by Kevin Bracken of the scab bus parked at the gates for 40 minutes to provoke in a different way.

Perhaps the best is a sit down protest.

That would render the scab bus attempt null and void.

Also in general protest or demo any provocateurs that stand up can be shouted down by those sitting.

Recently in London UK in a student demo a police van was deliberately left empty for the students

when they attacked the van the police used the excuse that laws had been broken to employ the kettling technique

I think Ghandi did sit down protest- I think its the most non violent way.

bravo aux australiens!

great job.

France is also looking at your efforts with admiration.

We will soon post here (currently subtitling but holidays slow us down...) a tremendous news: our former foreign affairs minister Roland Dumas (7 years at the head of the "quai d'Orsay" under the Mitterrand years) said last thursday on the 3rd national public channel FRANCE3 that he "didn't believe the official theory", adding "how can you imagine you can find pilots able to fly jetliners in Afghanistan?", answering to a silly insinuation from an opponent.... He repeated it 2 days later to a journalist, adding "I have red many books, digged the subject, and many things do not add up in the official theory, like the Pentagon hole, and many other less known issues"...

preparing sept 2011 / why not an international call for a new inquiry undersigned by the most prominent members of the international movement? With ads in the main US and european and japanese newspapers? "They" want us to adopt globalization.. well, let's give them what "they" want, don't we?

regards to all for your great job!

stay tuned! BR, member of

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