Al Jazeera: Hollywood and the war machine - 12/23/10

Empire examines the symbiotic relationship between the movie industry and the military-industrial complex. Featuring interviews with Oliver Stone, Michael Moore, and Chris Hedges.

That was good.

That was good.

stone's wtc is a subtle truther film

points- the cops gun superheated by material dripping onto it and the explosions at the base of the wtc complex

sorry about the weirdness of the site i link but the points there about stones movie are interesting i think

Ask yourself why Hurt Locker beat Avatar out for best picture

Let's see a support the troops movie about good old American GI's disarming some roadside bombs, ignoring the shock and awe perpetrated on the civilians in an illegal war has to be more valid then the story of a future destruction of a planet and or race of spiritually connected beings by a resouce grabbing "superior" war machine. Duh!

I was glad to see

that both Michael Moore and Chris Hedges were as disgusted by Hurt Locker's "war porn" as I was...particularly Hedges, since the film opens with a quote from one of his books. I also agree with Moore that Green Zone is very good, though its' director Paul Greengrass was also responsible for the abhorrent United 93. As for Avatar, the fact that the world made it the biggest box-office success in history is better than any Academy Award. The message in that film is very clear and it is one that the whole planet responded to.

All very true I agree, however even after the pentagon

decided not to help with the hurt still won best picture over the mass support of Avatar. Perhaps the reasons are indirect or hollywood polictics however the exact opposing themes of the movies and hollywood's favoring the traditional propaganda model is suspicious and very dissappointing at the very least. I too was surprised by Green Zone and appreciated the portrayal by Damon of a patriot as many are who stands up for what's right in the end. That seems like a good message to send right about now.

Also see this.

Top Ten 9/11 Truth-Related Films of All Time ~ by Mekt_Ranzz

9/11 must have had psy-op script writers, and

special effects specialists very close to Hollywood, show-biz, and magicians. It brings to mind Dustin Hoffman's performance in “Wag the Dog”.

Remember also the scripted “”witness accounts” of how the WTCs collapsed, advance knowledge at the BBC and FOX about WTC 7 scripted total demolition through “structural weakening”, and the admitted Pentagon psy-ops learning the ropes inside the US main-stream television networks.

Evelien Gilbert is a special effects expert & computer simulations professional who recently sent Richard Gage and Kevin Barrett a paper, still in the beta stage, entitled "Demolition sequences and the willful suspension of disbelief: Analyzing the 911 storyboard." She called in to "No Lies Radio" last night from New Zealand, archived here : (part I had an audio-glitch, but in part II her voice comes through more clearly.) ( She has a 9/11 related New-Zealand blog here:

I remember seeing an itemized Pentagon Budget report for 2001, with quite significant sums paid out to Hollywood groups like MGM for consulting, etc. I was not able to find this today on google. Did this raise eye-brows for any-one else? Has these Pentagon expenses been studied by any-one?

About Hollywood post-9/11: here is a quote I found at :

"The Pentagon sought the advice of Hollywood screenwriters in the weeks after 9/11, to help “brainstorm” possible terrorist scenarios. (ABC 21/10/04) Then in November of 2001, key Bush advisor Karl Rove met with Jack Valanti the director of the Motion Picture Association of America and leaders of the major Hollywood studios and television networks. Although the meeting was widely reported and although both sides were keen to emphasise that the White House was not trying to dictate or censor film content, it remains unclear what if anything was decided at the meeting.

According to CNN (12/11/2001) Valenti said the meeting “was about contributing Hollywood's creative imagination and their persuasion skills to help in this war effort so that one day Americans can lead normal lives again.”

Rove is reported to have led discussion around a set of key themes that he suggested the film industry could help address:

o The antiterrorism campaign is not a war against Islam.

o There is an opportunity to issue a call to service for Americans.

o U.S. troops and their families need support.

o The September 11 attacks were an attack against civilization and require a global response.

o Children need to be reassured of their safety and security in the wake of the attacks.

o The antiterrorism campaign is a war against evil. (CNN 12/11/2001)"

See also : Operation Hollywood: How the Pentagon shapes and censors the movies by David L. Robb, 2004 :

Happy New-Year my friends,

let us all work together, in our daily routines and conversations, to puncture the pernicious lies of 9/11 well before its 10 year anniversary!