3rd Zeitgeist film to debut Jan. 2011

The 3rd film in the Zeitgeist documentary series by writer/producer Peter Joseph will debut Jan 15, 2011 in over 60 countries and 20 languages. Immensely popular, The Oct. 2007 release of Zeitgiest was one the most watch internet films ever enlightening vast numbers of people, including yours truly, to the lies behind the 9/11 attacks. The 2nd film in the series entitled "Addendum" places much less emphasis on the crimes of the state and features The Venus Project and its founder Jacque Fresco. The Venus Project offers its' vision of what the future could be if mankind were able to break its shackles from the current monetary system that holds it down and threatens to destroy it.

This third installment entitled Zeitgeist: Moving Forward looks to focus on making the transition from our repressive monetary system to what it terms as a "resource based economy" featured in Addendum. The theatrical trailer for Moving Forward is below. All Zeitgeist films can be viewed at zeitgeistmovie.com

I, for one, am looking forward to its' release. It seems that most documentary films I have seen do well in pointing out the problems with 9/11 and other facets of our corrupted society, but do little in the way of offering ideas for change. We'll see what this 3rd evolution of this series offers up.

Peace everyone.

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"If the human race wishes to have a prolonged and indefinite period of material prosperity, they have only got to behave in a peaceful and helpful way toward one another." -- Winston Churchill
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For those who haven't seen it...

The Secret of Oz.

by Bill Still

off the back of seeing that docu

i read met and drove ellen brown and she said to my face that she's with 9/11 truth

Bring it ON!

With respect to the current population levels and trends the current economic model can't last another 50 years. People are already discovering there can never be enough jobs in the world in the current for profit models etc. The current economic model in our world exists to support competing oligarchies period. The exchange of goods and services is the propaganda they have used to sell it to the workers. The real question is what will the ruling class do to consolidate and keep the power and wealth as the current model falls apart. I for one don't trust them and worry about depopulation methods and tactics of various kinds. What can we really expect from the governments who have given us 911, 7/7, the moscow bombings, the palestinian concentration camps, shock and awe, guantanamo, abu ghraib, bagram, etc. As life extention technology continues to improve who will be eligible? The true potential of humanity has been squandered for centuries because of greed and selfishness by the ruling sociopaths. IMO we are not ready for the Venus Project but we could transition to it. I like the work of Richard C. Cook and his endorsement of a social credit system which could support the economic model thru a transition phase to a truly human model.

Here is more:

Zeitgeist 3 - Moving Forward (Non Official long trailer) w/Behind the Scenes

SYNOPSIS: Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, by director Peter Joseph, is a feature length documentary work which will present a case for a needed transition out of the current socioeconomic monetary paradigm which governs the entire world society. This subject matter will transcend the issues of cultural relativism and traditional ideology and move to relate the core, empirical "life ground" attributes of human and social survival, extrapolating those immutable natural laws into a new sustainable social paradigm called a "Resource-Based Economy".

THEATRICAL RELEASE - Zeitgeist: Moving Forward is planned to be released in 60+ countries and in 20+ languages starting January 15th 2011. This large scale release is not associated with any major distributor.

DVD/INTERNET RELEASE - This is a non-commercial project, which means it will be available for free acquisition via internet in both viewing form and full DVD download. ZeitgeistMovingForward.com will also have a physical $5.00 DVD available in mid to late January.

Alternative energies

Your comment that

"It seems that most documentary films I have seen do well in pointing out the problems with 9/11 and other facets of our corrupted society, but do little in the way of offering ideas for change."

is correct and is the reason I always bring up alternative energies. In my opinion it isn't the money system so much as the needs for limited resources which are causing much of the corruption. To wit, Dick Cheney's involvement in a 180 million dollar bribery scheme in Nigeria that was recently in the news because Nigeria indicted Cheney for it. Even if he could be extradited, Cheney will never see a courtroom as Halliburton quickly offered 250 million for Nigeria to forget about it and we haven't heard any more about it.

We can harvest energy renewably with wind, solar, and algae oil. These are much more viable than most people realize and we could probably be energy independent like Brazil in about five to ten years if the political will was there. Watch the movie called "the fuel film" available on the Internet to see. The problem is the oil companies don't want to go to alternatives until they use up the remaining naturally occurring oil and gas and they are controlling our governments.

Watching it now...



Edit: snagfilms much better than hulu.

cant watch it

on hulu in uk

Me neither

I feel geographically discriminated :-P

Did I mention I hate DRM? I hate DRM.

found good link

Fuel is a great film

The same amount of money put into Iraq's war put into wind turbines would result in much more energy than Iraq's oil will ever produce. Algae bio-fuel is very exciting. Another great film is Who killed the Electric Car. With the EV1 ready to roll up to 300 miles in a single charge in 1994 who knows where we would be now! Probably a solar powered recharging car perhaps? And that's just the unclassified energy sources, who knows what electrogravitics and anti-gravity secrets are being kept out of the market. According to gary mckinnon that was his moral basis and resulting discovery in searching the defense department's computers!

Absolutely right Tony

Energy is a crucial key. Solar, Wind, Tidal, & Geo-Thermal energy sources contain vast resources of renewable clean energy. I will check out the film soon. However, the monetary system is the main tool that energy companies use for control to put paid for politicians in place to keep the current system running.

Energy sources like wind, solar, geo-thermal and others must compete for market share and procure pre-determined and unrealistic profit margins to be viable under our corporate oligarchy. Like my father told me 30 years ago which I've repeated since then and is pointed out in the zeitgeist films and that is unless a profit can made by fixing a particular problem, it won't get fixed.

What often gets overlooked is the amount of energy put in to get a certain amount of energy out. For example, the huge undertakings and capital it takes to find, extract, store, and refine resources such as oil and coal to produce our energy needs. Couple that with an inherently inflationary monetary system and what we see going on today was inevitable and probably even predictable. It will take a tremendous change in political and societal wills to change our values and culture in order to develop an economy that serves ALL people. Here's hoping that 9/11 truth holds the key to unlocking the true potential of the human race.

To PeacefulWarrior: Richard C Cook's book is an excellent read. Thanks for mentioning it. I read it some time ago and it has great ideas that can easily be accepted by the masses (IMO) and begin us on a much better path. I highly recommend it. For those unfamiliar Richard Cook is the author "We Hold These Truths: The Hope of Monetary Reform " found at amazon. To learn more about Richard Cook, his website is simply richardccook.com

good words

im in favour of deep bore geothermal power plants making electricity

and ultra capacitors (MIT) that charge up super quick instead of a limited amount of afghan rare earth metal-built batteries

to refine slightly i would say in the west apart from a few exceptions eg the island of Guernsey, "the monetary system is the main tool that energy companies use for control to put paid for politicians in place to keep the current system running."

and i think thats an amazingly concise sentence you wrote - from coal (see Psywar) to oil to the FED we see the same faces

fortunately the US monetary system from lincolns time is alive and well but unfortunately for the US it's not living in the US any more- it's in the PRC thanks to the fact that Dr sun yat sen studied under lincolns economists in hawaii

the chinese government doesnt borrow from a bank or deficit spend

i read about this in Ellen Hodgson Brown's book 'The Web of Debt'

Ellen is pro 9/11 truth (I met her and we talked about it)

FInished watching Fuel.

Yes, very good film. Excellent approach and well rounded. Will definitely recommend. thank Tony


For Those Who Haven't Seen...


A vision of how the world could work is presented.


I personally did not like Zeitgeist's affiliation with the 9/11 Truth Movement. Their coverage of the subject in the first one was weak. What is worse is that they mix in "religion conspiracy" and mysticism and anti-federal reserve stuff with 9/11 Truth. This movie was spread far and wide. It's probably the film I have heard people bring up the most now when I bring up 9/11. To bad it comes off as a big tent party which lumps ideas about 9/11 with all kinds of other stuff that will turn off many who see it.

" It seems that most documentary films I have seen do well in pointing out the problems with 9/11 and other facets of our corrupted society"

Completely disagree!! Most documentaries about the subject have made lots of mistakes, especially by inserting many subjects which have been discredited and serve as disinformation. Most documentaries have failed by leaping to to many conclusions, theorizing as to 'what might have happened' instead of sticking to the facts and letting them speak for themselves. I don't know it is hard to think of more than one or two doc's that touch on 9/11 truth that I would feel comfortable showing my intelligent friends.

I felt the original zeitgeist

insulted the religious beliefs of many people in its first breath

therefore in their minds it would be a discredited source

some say that disinfo is:

lies from a trusted source


the truth from a discredited source

then when they mix some amount of self - discrediting with 9/11 truth what do religious peeps think of the TM? discredited in the minds of some religious peeps!

(i actually agreed with their first breath but that shouldnt be mixed with 9/11T it's a divisive topic)

Stripped Out

I've made many many handout copies of Zeitgeist, but with Part 1 removed for that very reason although I'm personally on board with what Part 1 says...

But with my first and foremost goal being to spread 9/11 Truth, Part 1 had to go!

Of the 44,000 DVDs our group has given out...

hundreds of copies of "Zeitgeist Part 2&3" were among them.

I also agreed with most of part 1.

Do not underestimate the power and influence of the Zeitgeist Films and Movement.

lake and joe youre using different meanings of the word 'part' !

lake.- right on!
joe- good man doing street action

The original Zeitgeist is in three parts

Part 1 Religion
Part 2 9/11
Part 3 Federal Reserve

A version of Zeitgeist leaving out Part 1 Religion has been distributed widely.

ah i get it

you're saying the same thing- i got it wrong
seasons greetings btw

I understand why Part 1 was about religion..

It was to break the membrane of denial and magical thinking. Once you see that Christianity is a derivative of astrology you can then use that same newly formed "critical eye" to realize that the official 911 story is merely a useful myth.

I look forward to this new release.

Worked for you; worked for me, but

I think some religiouses would go into denial and retreat into their shells, whereas part 2+3 can have a good influence on religious people, perhaps with a link to part one if people want to follow that. I love part 1 but I think it's divisive to include it as an opening statement. Many would switch off. It's a bit like saying, you are gullible, you are superstitious and believe a load of rubbish, and oh by the way here's how the government works
like slapping someone in the face with a wet fish and then saying 'Now here is the news...' a la monty python

I agree.

It worked for me, but you are correct that it has offended many and likely has been counterproductive as it elicits recoils from the devout.


Religious perspectives have to be kept out. That aspect really did take away from the central message of the film. I found more videos and discussions "debunking" ( I hate that term) the religious chapter of that film than anything else. Of course, it was used to discredit the rest of the film. Certainly that is why both 9/11 and religion were left out of "Addendum" and put in a broader context for the film's central theme. I personally wasn't too offended by the claims made by the first film no more so than the claims many religions make themselves of miracles and unearthly places to spend eternity after we pass on. These beliefs are for own personal comfort and should remain there.

I can see your point about most documentaries having mistakes, factual errors, and speculative conclusions, however this can be said to any documentary IMHO. Whether they're about 9/11 Truth, history of banking, war documentaries, etc... they all take a certain perspective and interpretation of the same set of facts. It is the degree in which the facts they present support the writers conclusions and/or support or disassociate us from our own predetermined beliefs (if any) of the subject that we seem to judge the effectiveness or correctness of the film. What I try to judge is the intent of the writer/producer. Are they purposefully intending to misinform me or is the is the intent to enlighten me, but got some basic facts wrong. There were numerous mistakes in Loose Change 2nd edition, but I never felt like I was intentionally being misled. Sept. Clues on the other hand I felt like the intent was mislead me.

With that in mind you said "it is hard to think of more than one or two doc's that touch on 9/11 truth that I would feel comfortable showing my intelligent friends." and you should see now that are a good number of documentaries to show them. A common tendency is to predetermine what and how an "intelligent" person will perceive information shown to them. A good salesperson knows this is the biggest mistake one can make because we do not know what information forms their perspective regardless of their intelligence. A very good (intelligent) friend I watched zeitgeist with had an entirely different reaction. He didn't believe a word of it. He holds two master's degrees, one in engineering and one in science. I even showed him David Chandler's work since he too is a HS science teacher. Nope, no good, didn't convince him. What convinced him? He watched Nat Geo's 9/11 Science and Conspiracy. He explained to me, "The experiments were so poor, I'm now convinced that we are horribly being lied to. I saw the results of the experiments coming 10 miles away." He asked me to email him links to David Chandlers work again and we both watched LC American Coup together with far different results. What will be the next piece of information he receives that will compel him to activism? I don't know. He told me was afraid of signing any petition or public stance because he doesn't want to be "Van Jonesed" as he put it referring to the heavy right wing leanings of his school board director.

So go ahead and watch it with your "intelligent" friends, get the discussion going. Post their reactions, I am sure we'll all benefit from their point of view. Oh and thank you (and to all) for reading and responding to my blog. The comments are always educational. Good luck everyone, keep fighting the good fight and keep speaking truth to power. We owe to future generations.

Peace everyone.


I think Press for Truth for your friend...

...and you can give him the building what web address just after he sees Bob McIlvaine at the end of the docu.

The Cumulative Effect!

I suggest your friend had a psychological resistance that broke down via repeated exposure to FACTS.
Although, his conscious mind would not admit it, the absurdities, anomalies, incongruities, fabrications were busy making connections in his sub-conscious, preparing him for the "straw" presented in the Nat Geo program.

Repeated exposure prepped him to see through his "trusted" source.

I'm sure this is happening all over.

"A very good (intelligent) friend I watched zeitgeist with had an entirely different reaction. He didn't believe a word of it. He holds two master's degrees, one in engineering and one in science. I even showed him David Chandler's work since he too is a HS science teacher. Nope, no good, didn't convince him. What convinced him? He watched Nat Geo's 9/11 Science and Conspiracy."