Laurie Manwell on Psychological Resistance to 9/11 Truth, on "9/11 In Context"

On this week's "9/11 In Context" show, which airs Thursday, December 30, at 3pm ET, I will interview Laurie Manwell, Ph.D. candidate in Applied Cognitive Sciences at the University of Guelph. We will discuss the results of her research into the many reasons for the intense psychological resistance to 9/11 truth, and her positive strategies to present our information in ways that minimize denial and negative reactions. Laurie has published on the subject in the Journal of 9/11 Studies and is the author of "In Denial of Democracy: Social Psychological Implications for Public Discourse on State Crimes Against Democracy Post-9/11" in the recent breakthrough issue of American Behavioral Scientist on "state crimes against democracy."

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Don't miss the show! It is sure to be worthwhile.

Perhaps you or your guest have a comment on this:

The Transparent Conspiracy is a collection of essays written between 2006 and 2010, mainly about the 911 and JFK conspiracies and cover up, with a short collection of poems on the same topic. Morrisey’s latest book is a definite departure from other conspiracy literature. Morrissey has no interest in proving or disproving either the 911 or the JFK conspiracy – he feels this territory is well-covered by other authors. The topic of this book is mass psychology. Morrissey believes our government’s propaganda arm (whatever they call it now) is fully aware that a well-managed conspiracy cover-up can have a very intimidating effect, which can be very effective in keeping the public docile and obedient.

Specifically he argues there is major value (from the government point of view) in disclosing a limited amount of information concerning government culpability in atrocities such as the JFK assassination and 911. He bases his view on something he calls “Transparency Theory” – thus his title The Transparent Conspiracy. He says the CIA has long recognized that “telling part of the truth is the best way to lie.” They even have a term for it: “white propaganda.” Morrissey argues that for the government to brazenly commit criminal acts can be quite effective in demoralizing and alienating the tuned-in segment of the population that fully comprehends the corrupt nature of our government institutions.

They Want Us to Know: On Conspiracies and Cover-ups

This MO seems designed to make it obvious that the named perp could not have been solely responsible for committing the crime. OTOH, the cover up seems intended to withhold evidence leading to other perps. One obvious question--are the benefits (i.e. intimidation, demoralization, confusion) of a transparent MO worth all the trouble involved in an extensive government/media cover up?

IMO it is a mistake to assume all anomalies are intentional. There could be unintended sloppiness (i.e. due to a factor like compartmentalization) or sloppiness due to arrogance of power.

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Don't want to be repetitive, but ...

Thanks again Joe! Appreciate your help.

Well, I am not a great writer...

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but I contribute what I can.

We are all in this together.

Thanks Tod.



I think you do more than nine-tenths of the people on this website.

You're clearly a great researcher and organizer.

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Happy New Year and may you continue your Excellent work.

Great show Tod

Laurie Manwell is one of our most interesting and knowledgeable speakers.

I agree

We barely scratched the surface of what Laurie knows -- it's amazing how much scholarly research she has mastered. And she's got it all at ready command on the radio. Pretty impressive! Glad you liked the show, Danse!

Link to open it up in your own player...

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Here it is if anyone is having problems finding a way to be able to listen to it. Great Interview and Topic.

Thanks Laurie & Tod

With so many deep psychological-emotional factors working against us, it's a wonder that we have made the gains we have...... I think exposing other false flags has helped our cause tremendously and we need to keep talking about SCADS, false flags (past and current) to overcome the psychological resistance to truth.

I especially like comparing 9/11 to the JFK Assassination since a vast majority of Americans (80%) already view this as a conspiracy. And because there are some striking parallels:

1. The Zapruder Film and Building 7 footage changing public opinion.
2. The magic bullet found in the stretcher and the magic passport found on the street.
3. Eyewitnesses to gunshots on the Grassy Knoll and WTC explosion eyewitnesses.
4. Stand-down of security at Dealy Plaza and stand-down of air defenses on 9/11.
5. CIA connection to Lee Harvey Oswald and CIA connection to Osama Bin Laden.
6. Rifle experts cannot replicate Oswald's shots from sniper's nest and pilots cannot replicate Hanjour's flight path in simulator.
7. Lost or destroyed evidence from JFK assassination and lost or destroyed evidence from 9/11 crime scene.
8. Shifting stories for the kind of rifle found implicating Oswald and shifting stories for where Atta's bag was found implicating the alleged hijackers.
9. The Warren Commission Cover-up and the 9/11 Commission Cover-up.
10. Vietnam war policy change immediately followed JFK assassination and Afghanistan & Iraq war policy allowed by the 9/11 pretext.

etc. I loved Daniel Sunjata's narration of "The Zapruder Film of 9/11" and would like to expand on this theme...

Also, people have a need to be in majority I have noticed, so if we can credibly emphasize that a MAJORITY of Americans want a new investigation of the September 11, attacks...... it could pay dividends. "Bandwagon effect." A MAJORITY of New Yorkers...

And a MAJORITY of the former commissioners say their own report is a cover-up and we need a new investigation.

9/11 Truth Changes Everything.

The "TRUTH" is getting easier to grasp...

as each new person gets it.

morphic resonance

Morphic resonance is a term coined by Rupert Sheldrake in his 1981 book A New Science of Life. He uses the expression to refer to what he thinks is "the basis of memory in nature....the idea of mysterious telepathy-type interconnections between organisms and of collective memories within species."

'Morphic resonance' (MR) is put forth as if it were an empirical term, but it is no more empirical than L. Ron Hubbard's 'engram', the alleged source of all mental and physical illness. The term is more on par with the Stoic's notion of the logos. Bergson's notion of the élan vital, or Plato's notion of the eidos than it is with any scientific notion of the laws of nature. What the rest of the scientific world terms lawfulness--the tendency of things to follow patterns we call laws of nature--Sheldrake calls morphic resonance. He describes it as a kind of memory in things determined not by their inherent natures, but by repetition. He also describes MR as something which is transmitted via "morphogenetic fields." This gives him a conceptual framework wherein information is transmitted mysteriously and miraculously through any amount of space and time without loss of energy, and presumably without loss or change of content through something like mutation in DNA replication. Thus, room is made for psychical as well as physical transmission of information.

Ten Methods of Mind Control
1. Education
2. Advertising and Propaganda
3. Predictive Programming
4. Sports, Politics, Religion
5. Food, Water, and Air
6. Drugs
7. Military testing
8. Electromagnetic spectrum
9. Television, Computer, and “flicker rate”
10. Nanobots