Canadian MP Lawrie Hawn comes un-done when asked about Afganistan and 9/11: New Years Eve

During New Years Eve celebrations Edmonton Center MP Laurie Hawn took center stage with his own political play by play on Afghanistan to 20,000 revelers "All is well with the troops and mission in Afghanistan. Problem is not all is well back in Afghanistan, and he forgot to mention his own Government breaking a promise at bringing the troops home in 2011. Canadian Troops will change from a military role to training Afghans to kill Afghans. Women and children continue to take the bulk of casualties as the United Nations warns. Canada's war of 9/11 Retribution continues in 2011.

9/11 Edmonton Speakers Corner New Years Eve 2010/11
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Canadians Question 9/11? Yet no 9/11 investigation was ever considered or implemented by our Government in Ottawa or pursued by any police investigation. Canada placed it's military into harms way into a war for 9/11 Retribution as proclaimed by former defense Minister Gordon O Connor on January 2007 in Edmonton.
Today 1 in 3 Canadians doubt the official 9/11 story according to CBC The Fifth Estate November 2009 broadcast. The Official 9/11 story arrived to the world with-in hours after the attacks and later became enshrined by the former Bush administration's 9/11 commission report. Try explaining that to family, friends of military members serving in Afghanistan and to all Canadians who morn the 154 dead why Ottawa neglected to investigate 9/11 and the 24 Canadians.
This was the same administration that tried to convince the world Saddam Hussein had connection to al-Qaeda and later lied about Iraq's alleged stock-piles of weapons of mass destruction .
Canada continues it's war of 9/11 Retribution in 2011
In 2011 Canada's troops will change from a military role to a training role teaching Afghans how to kill other Afghans in order to carry on this 9/11 retribution. Canadians remain confused and dumbfounded as to why we got mixed up in this bloody war in the first place.
Today our nation seems filled with guilt and embarrassment to the idea of leaving the mess we started in Afghanistan. Most are willing to except Prime Minister Harper's broken promises of troop with-drawl and continue the retribution to save face perhaps. This new role of training Afghans to battle amongst themselves will continue Afghan civilian casualties for mostly women and children .
Friendlier days with MP Laurie Hawn, perhaps no more
Two years ago I met my Ottawa representative Laurie Hawn attending his town hall meetings. I discovered a common interest shared by us both supporting our troops, just not this war of retribution. I asked Laurie to lead the charge in Ottawa for a "Made in Canada Investigation" into the crimes of 9/11 and 24 Canadians murdered. It's never too late to question the terror attacks of 9/11 with no statute of limitations to murder. He was nice enough to phone me on the day of the last Federal Election to say he supports what I do as a 9/11 truth activist but emphasized that he was not a conspiracy theorist. Not surprising he would say this since his boss Stephan Harper had sent out a press release during that same election demanding Jack Layton leader of the NDP, fire all his candidates who question 9/11 just as Liberal Leader Stephane Dion did by firing Winnipeg's Lesley Hughes out of politics for her questioning 9/11 years before. Even the National Post claimed" Question 9/11 and there goes any chance of having a political career." A couple years earlier I shared a copy of Richard Gage's 9/11 Blueprint for truth with Laurie Hawn, he watched it and later responded with " It Raises Questions." I published his remarks during that election on 9/11 Blogger.

The 9/11 War of Retribution Continues in Afghanistan Today!


Dion & the Jewish Congress vs. Lesley Hughes

Canadian MP Libby Davies reads 9/11 petition in Parliament

Canada's War of 9/11 Retribution Continues Today

A newly-released United Nations report says civilian casualties in Afghanistan have risen by 20 percent in the first ten months of 2010.The UN says civilian casualties have also been caused by what it describes as pro-government forces, including US-led foreign troops as well as the Afghan army and police."Civilians continued to bear the brunt of intensified armed conflict as civilian casualties, including deaths and injuries, increased by 20 percent in the first 10 months of 2010," UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in the report comparing the figures with the same period last year.The report blames over half of the Afghan civilian casualties on what it calls anti-government elements constituting of the Taliban and other militants.

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