The Psychological Implications of 9/11 by Laurie Manwell pt 1 of 6

Peace Through Truth - 9/11 & State Crimes Against Democracy
presented by the 9/11 Working Group of Bloomington

Saturday, September 4, 2010. 7PM at Buskirk Chumley Theater.
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Watch this and Take Notes!

Laurie Manwells work is essential for me in becoming a master listener and communicator of 9/11 Truth to the broad spectrum of the population. You don't need a degree to have a conversation about your feelings, and when people display 9/11 cognititve dissonance, you need to meet them in 2011 where THEY are.

Peace through Truth

Great into from Kevin Ryan too.

Meet them where "they" are at

This has been my perspective for the last couple of years. I am fortunate to know and work with a couple of activists who understand the importance of this perspective, and the handful of activities where we employed this perspective were very successful.

It's the way to go.

Thank you for posting this!

A great, thoughtful intro by Kevin Ryan, and a fantastic presentation by Laurie Manwell. Laurie should go on a North American tour!

Tour idea

I would love to see Laurie Manwell at a 10th anniversary NYC Truth symposium.

together with

Michael Parenti

Laurie rocks

Simply outstanding.


Yes, she is right... a time comes when YOUR silence is betrayal... We have to stop these wars of madness being justified as self-defense. And end the bankseters powers....

Significant contribution


Laurie Manwell

Thank you Laurie!

I hope you do a US tour as well.

Thanks, and a request:

Why not (also) put this on a site like Blip, where (1) the whole talk could be presented as one piece, and (2) it could be downloaded so anyone could put it on a dvd or whatever to share with friends?


Full agreement. Why submit to a format that demands a video be cut up into pieces? I never understood this. So much great material, in chunks! I hate what Youtube has done in some respects to the exchange of video!

I like to store these things.. in case they get taken down. And they do get taken down eventually, for whatever reasons. Always.


This material is important; very valuable to the 9/11 Truth Movement. However, as it is presented here it will have a very small audience, which is unfortunate. Most people (me included) have a hard time listening to “normal college/university lectures” for many reasons, the first of which is that they are dull, dull, dull. Even when the material is great, even when the ideas are powerful, few people will endure a presentation which is roughly as engaging as watching someone lay bricks.
I know that this is not what most people here want to hear, but we can do a more effective job of communicating with ourselves [within the 9/11 Truth Movement] and our target audience.
Mrs. Manwell’s lecture, for all of its brilliance, loses impact when the messenger is incongruent with the message. Here is what I mean:
1. When the message is about being truly present to people who show signs of defensiveness due to cognitive dissonance, the messenger needs to be present to the audience. This is difficult to accomplish when much of the material is read.
2. Much of the read material is rushed, making it sometimes difficult to understand, much less digest.

Academics are rarely skilled at connecting with audiences. If we could synergize our assets: academics, communicators, writers, entertainers, video and sound experts . . . then we might garner a greater audience for this fantastic material. The point is about communicating key information. We can sharpen this point considerably.

i reccomend you to look up

michael parenti on video google
his speeches are cool
he's a bronx italian with attitude as well as a doctor of political science
he's also an activist of many years experience