Jack Straw on 9/11 Miracles, on "9/11 In Context," Resistance Radio

On this week's "9/11 In Context" show, which airs Thursday, January 6, at 3pm ET, I will interview researcher and activist Jack Straw on the subject of David Ray Griffin's nine "9/11 miracles" which must be believed in to uphold the official account of the destruction of the buildings at the World Trade Center (plus two more from Jim Hoffman's research), in a discussion of the failure of the organized or mainstream "Left" to question the official account of 9/11.

Listen live at:


or listen to the mp3 which is available at the same link right after the broadcast.

Click "Play" or click on "Download" under the show title ("Jack Straw ...").

A page of links to key articles by Griffin, Hoffman, Straw and others is posted at the Resistance Radio forum show page, at http://www.resistradio.com/forum/4-show-links/107-jack-straw-on-q911-miraclesq-jan-6-9ic#107

Don't miss the show! It is sure to be worthwhile.

Here it is

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