Richard Gage and David Long Launch Canadian Petition for 9/11 Investigation

Richard Gage, AIA, of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and David Long of Truth Action Ottawa appeared on the Thursday Morning Blend radio program on CKCU 93.1 FM Ottawa on Thurdsay, January 6, 2011. They joined host David Yazbeck to discuss a new petition to the Canadian government to conduct an independent investigation into the events of 9/11. Truth Action Ottawa would like to encourage all Canadian 9/11 activists to download the petition and collect signatures in their area.

You can learn more about the petition and how to coordinate with us on this effort at

David Long's testimony as to what he witnessed on 9/11/2001 can be seen here:

Truth Action Ottawa can be contacted at

The obvious...

And well documented cover-ups pertaining to 9/11 are ignored by the majority of the 9/11 Truth Movement, and instead, missiles, flyovers and other things are focused on. This has to stop.

UR off-topic, Jon

I checked out all three links on this post and there is no mention of a flyover, missiles, etc. in any of them . So why are you bringing it up? I'm gonna assume by "other things" you mean evidence of controlled demolition, which most of us already know is not your "schtick." What you need to come to terms with, Jon, is that the "majority of the 911 truth movement" to which you refer justifiably thinks the cover-up and falsification of information by NIST is equally apparent as anything that transpired during the 911 Commission hearings.

So IMO what "has to stop" is injecting off-topic comments onto 911Blogger threads. What UR doing here is no different than the tactics of the CIT crowd, even if your information and sources are highly credible.

You're putting words in my mouth...

I didn't say "controlled demolition." I don't know if you've noticed or not, but with the exception of my thread about my action coming up on 1/31/2011, I haven't created a blog here in a long time. Reason being, this site doesn't represent what I'm trying to do anymore for the most part. So I periodically post important information in threads that are on the front page (because they're not being posted here). Sorry if those posts are off topic.

And just because something is posted about the most, doesn't mean the majority agrees with it. Kind of like Gandhi's quote about truth, and "multiplied propagation." I know many people that are tired of how the movement is more about proving those buildings were brought down in a Controlled Demolition than it is about justice and accountability for the attacks.


I put words in your mouth because you used ambiguous language ("other things") and I was trying to find something that related to the topic of this thread. You have the same privileges, freedom and responsibility here as the rest of us. Flip it around and contemplate how you would feel if someone posted a controlled demolition comment on one of your (hypothetical) posts about Sibel.

If UR truly "sorry," then it's all good and we can move on, and maybe, we can all live, learn and work together to actually get somewhere with ALL OF IT!

"Justice & Accountability"

require bringing the murderers to justice--the terrorists who murdered over 2,000 people in the controlled demolition of the WTC. These terrorists are still at large. The families and the American people deserve justice for these murders. People like Bob McIlvaine and the Jersery Girls who support AE911Truth, which this thread is about.

I don't think your logic is

I don't think your logic is sound here Jon. You say:

"I know many people that are tired of how the movement is more about proving those buildings were brought down in a Controlled Demolition than it is about justice and accountability for the attacks."

But in my perspective, you can't have one without the other.

Do you think justice and accountability will happen from us going to the streets and to the WH alone? Personaly I like seeking answers instead of waiting for them in a protest or rally. How many people marched for fair labor, civil rights and anti war movements in the past - and where are we? Civil? Right? Fair? Nope.

However important all of these factors are in the entire scheme of it all are not to be ignored, but none alone have accomplished the goal of the movement, ours or others. (Which are essentially the same in a metaphysical way, right?)

The majority of people murdered on 9/11 were murderd in the demolitions of 2 buildings, the third one (WTC7) was evacuated. This can't be ignored in my opinon.


The Canadian Security Intelligence Service ( CSIS ) say there has already been a thorough and complete investigation done concerning the events that took place on September 11, 2001. They also said they are not interested in looking at any information to the contrary.

Justice and accountability

require calling out the Canadian military and government complicity in the false flag and the cover up. Remember it was a Canadian at the helm of NORAD on the morning of 9\11.

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