Sibel Edmonds: The "Exceptionally" Redacted 9/11 Commission Interview

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By Sibel Edmonds
Thursday, 6. January 2011

Newly Released 9/11 Commission Files at Cryptome.Org

Last week John Young’s information site Cryptome.Org began publishing documents related to the interviews conducted by the 9/11 Commission which were released for the first time. On January 3, Cryptome posted the 9/11 Commission’s report on my interview (the infamous Sibel Edmonds Case), and aptly titled this particular file as “Sibel Edmonds Censored Yet Again.” Once you read the PDF document you’ll quickly see the reason for Cryptome’s appropriate label. The entire report, by that I mean the entire report, is blacked out (actually, whited-out;-). It took me less than one minute to scan the entire document; basically, scrolling down the white pages-one white page after another. Initially, I was not a bit surprised. Hey, I’ve been declared the most gagged and classified person in US history, after all- State Secrets Privilege invocation twice, gagging the entire Congress for the first (and only) time in US history, hundreds of pages of blacked out DOJ-IG report… So, as I said, I didn’t find it a bit surprising. However, after the minute it took to go over these blank pages, I started clicking and scanning all the other files (interviews by the 9/11 Commission), and that’s where I was truly surprised:

Despite some redactions here and there, and in a few cases fairly extensive redaction, there were no interviews where the entire interview (and the report on the interview) was blacked out in its entirety. Mine was the only one privileged and honored to such degree! Why? I mean, come on, we are talking about interviews with: FBI Special Agent in Charge on Counterterrorism, CIA Officers with Directorate of Intelligence with a Specific Focus on Drugs & Thugs, The Chairman of National Intelligence Council, NSA Chief of Counterintelligence & SIGNIT Support, Senior CIA Analysts…Yet, none of these interviews was redacted in its entirety. None. Please be my guest and make your own comparison; My 9/11 Commission interview document here, and the rest, here, here, here, here, here…You can check out the rest published by Cryptome here, and if you want more here for thousands of them.

I e-mailed Mr. Young to get his opinion and ask whether he had noticed the same interesting phenomena. He confirmed my observation and we shared the exact same conclusion: This particular interview was ‘exceptionally’ redacted.

Next, I started all over again, and this time I checked for the location of these interviews conducted by the 9/11 Commission. Why? Because after checking with the DOJ/FBI/State Department/DOD, the 9/11 Commissioners insisted that my interview to be conducted in a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility). I was stuck inside one of these almost airless highly claustrophobic dungeons for over three hours for my interview. I was told by the commission staff that this was due to the ‘extreme secret and sensitive nature of Ms. Edmonds’ information.’ Yet, none of the high-level counterterrorism officials, CIA operatives and agents, senior analysts…(at least all the ones I’ve scanned so far) were required to give their interviews inside a SCIF, or even a cleared room (they have specialists come and declare the room/facility clear & free of bugs). When you go to my interview document (here), look at the top of the page, find ‘location’ and see what it says. For mine it says: GSA SCIF. Now, if you were to go to all the other documents and check the interviewees’ location for the interview, you’ll see No SCIF, and locations like: Commission’s K Street Office (regular meeting room), or, regular offices or meeting rooms within various government agencies & HQs.

Another interesting point that came to me later had to do with the length of the Commission’s redacted interview with me. I know I was in there for over three hours, and at the top of the report they actually confirm that. I know I didn’t waste time talking about the employment and whistle blowing aspects of my case, instead I asked them to get that info from the IG or various congressional offices. I spent over three hours talking, answering questions, and writing for the 9/11 Commission investigators, with no break, no interruptions, and not even a pause for side conversations. I have transcribed interviews, I have typed many pages of phone/recorded conversations at the FBI while a translator, I have prepared many reports based on interviews, and I know that there is no way in this world you can transcribe or report on three hours of nonstop interview, especially mine, in less than 10-12 pages (single spaced!). Yet, the total number of redacted pages released by the 9/11 Commission totals about 5 pages. What else did they do with my interview besides redacting? This is what I call ‘sending it to a never-to-be retrieved Black Hole.’

I wonder what the US media has to say on this; especially the ones who’ve done their share of censoring and redacting on this particular case. Any ideas?

We aren't supposed to talk about the abuse

of secrecy laws to conceal corruption. AFAIK most people on the 9/11 Commission don't believe there is such a thing as corruption in government.

Speaking of secrecy we haven't heard a word from the CIA and FBI agents (Blee and Middleton) who were in charge of Bin Laden units in the lead up to 9/11. There has been no media interest in these two officials. Why is that?

...the only way we are

...the only way we are going to credibly deconstruct the Final Report at this point for the public is to throw out the speculations and theories and get to their own evidence. Their documents, interviews and records are finally being released. We need to go chapter by chapter and link the statement to the footnote to the cited reference in the released documents and then work back to the claim from the evidence. This is how we demolished the Warren Report years ago, their own evidence failed to prove it and often disproved it. I am sure the Final Report is similarly flawed. It was written as a "narrative" by Timothy Naftali (Blind Spot), Ernest May (now deceased) and Philip Zelikow (all of the Miller Center at U. VA., all involved in distortions in writing about the historical record, all linked to CIA financed studies at Yale and Harvard, all part of government work and ties to Condi Rice and others in the Bush administration. Zelikow had even more serious conflicts of interest, having been forced to recuse himself and testify to his own Commission at points. And Chairman Governor Keane replied, "all of us will have to recuse ourselves at some point in this investigation" when the victim families demanded Zelikow step down.

Zelikow also wrote disclaimers to the two released investigative team reports ("monographs") that came out at the time of the Report (Terrorist Travel and Terrorist Financing", saying that they were "not official documents of the 9/11 Commission. Only 3 of 9 teams have had their reports released. Many openly disagreed with the Commission conclusions, and the air response team almost quit over lies from FAA and NORAD officials who testified. Their report was further vetted by the White House for over a year before being released. If Zelikow distances himself from his own investigative teams it is because he already had a narrative and conclusion to present to the public and their evidence just got in the way.

I am sure this approach will crack it wide open and once discredited then we can start to ask that the unanswered questions be addressed. Demanding that our own theories be accepted and verified will not get us anywhere. However, forcing the media, the Congress and others to look at the evidence that contradicts the Report and points in the direction of our suspicions might unearth the truth in a better way. We can also call on whistle blowers who know more about the botched investigation to come forward.


A government acting in good faith

would have released the records years ago.

The report is discredited by the fact that the commission did not live up to their mandate:

The Commission's mandate is to provide a “full and complete accounting” of the attacks of September 11, 2001 and recommendations as to how to prevent such attacks in the future."

Didn't we just move into yet

Didn't we just move into yet a more draconian state, where now, whistle blowers get court marshalled? Seems to be the case.

The irony is, there's already so much damning evidence, it's ridiculous, and breaking the ice of their denial, and willingness to peek behind their fingers. That grip of fear, fear of being belittled, fear of the horror it makes us all realize, and yet, these OCT drain brains, and their willingness to turn their back on what might be an honest and necessary defense of our country, when only minds engaged and the willingness to make the information to all, seems only reasonable, DVD documentaries which make their way around the country and world gives us a chance to overcome the curtain drawing on this country. So, we share it and share it and share it, deal with the backlash of it, the cool receptions, and the derision. All we have going is our own objectivity, and they don't. ALL the evidence, they have none to speak of. How in the world can they breeze on by this mass of information proving the government story BS?

Or, we get ignored. They don't care??? I have a very hard time understanding that. Seriously, isn't it just mind-blowing, and infuriating?

Thanks for letting me vent.

Authoritarianism is a key factor

I find it bizarre the way government officials are held to a pathetically low standard of conduct while they in turn demand more and more power. The establishment media is a huge problem because they have access to power but waste it by refusing to ask difficult questions.

The Cohen Group

William Cohen, who was Secretary of Defense for Clinton, also led the 1997 QDR which reduced the number of active fighters protecting the US from 100 to 14. He is now CEO of The Cohen Group.

In 1997, Cohen said -- "There are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations…It’s real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our [counter terrorism] efforts.”

During the Reagan and Bush I administrations, Cohen was a leader of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. The staff director for that committee was George Tenet.

The vice chairman of the Cohen Group is Marc Grossman, someone that Sibel Edmonds says is "very important" to her story. During the Reagan administration, Grossman was an assistant to a British baron (Peter Carington). During the Bush I administration he was Deputy Ambassador to Turkey. Clinton promoted him to Ambassador to Turkey.

As good as Wikileaks....

....or better.

This is very encouraging. Sibel is sitting on a huge volume of damaging info and as a movement we need to step up our efforts to bring it to light. She is putting a lot a risk for herself and her family by continuing to press these issues. The least we can do is ramp up our efforts and spread her story far and wide in lieu of the fact that MSM won't touch it.

Glad to see John Young picking up the ball for 9/11 truth and trying to capitalize on the current Wikileaks phenomenon. For those who don't know, Young used to be associated with Wikileaks.

And Sibel's podcast with Young is a "must listen."

I don't get why you, Sibel,

I don't get why you, Sibel, don't fill us in some more.

We don't have any context of the discussion. If you, Sibel, would be so kind, a video camera and YouTube upload would provide very insightful for us all.

The Commission is bunk, many stories were not told just the same if not more (or less) than yours Sibel.

Please, give at least a write up of what you think they didn't want us to hear.

She's a target

She might as well have a big fucking bulls eye on her back. Cut her some slack. She's on record as saying this whole mess (9/11, the wars, wiretaps, etc) involves bribes, money laundering, drug trafficking, black market trading of weapons secrets, etc. and it reaches to the highest levels of government -- and while in the FBI she read enough documents to prove it. The ramifications for her, should she get specific, are larger than for anyone I can think of who has spoken out.

To a certain extent, I share your frustration. But I've listened to every podcast and read many of her blog posts at Boiling Frogs. She's doing huge work. She's got a genuine truther as a co-host for her podcasts. She has made her objective clear -- she is trying to put enough out there to pique the interest of journalists without getting herself thrown in jail. If she did wind up in jail, she'd be of no use to us. She believes that only when enough people in media start addressing these issues will the message get out to affect meaningful change. I kinda agree with her on that.

She's a target

You bet she is 911Peacenik. I am surprised she is still alive. Same with her family. Remember we are not dealing with sane, normal people. The Globalists are monsters. Sometimes I wonder if they are even human. Murder is a pleasure for these bullies but their day will come. It's just a matter of time.

Could someone

get Sibel to try to recount everything that was redacted, instead of her simply bragging that her's was the most redacted?! Could she please relate what she provided when in that SCIF facility? Thanks.


for the audio from this interview.

Also, here is a link to the American Conservative interview:

Who's Afraid of Sibel Edmonds?