New! Building 7 Postcard Mailer

January Action: AE911Truth Action Group -- Mail postcards to architects and engineers in your community.


These effective postcards give the crux of the controlled demolition evidence for Building 7. One side is the front of our WTC 7 Evidence Card and the other side has room for a mailing address and a postage stamp. A convenient way to get the evidence out to every architect and engineer in your community and everybody else that you know without having to be there in person.

Just open your Yellow Pages to get the addresses of A/E's, then put on a 28-cent stamp and drop in the mail!

Excellent marketing and dissemination!!!

This is something anyone can do !!!

"Repeat the Message" by sending postcards...
...we can also mail postcards to fire departments, police departments, local and statewide political representatives, local executives of agencies, judges, City and County and State and Federal District Attorney Offices, college and university professors, TV anchors and newspaper writers, church leaders, celebrities, rich people, business owners, etc.

plus ...

there's little chance of a postcard igniting in the mailroom.