The Fictional Basis For The War On Terror by Dr. Graeme MacQueen

The Fictional Basis For The War On Terror by Dr. Graeme MacQueen
Peace Through Truth - 9/11 & State Crimes Against Democracy
presented by the 9/11 Working Group of Bloomington

Saturday, September 4, 2010. 7PM at Buskirk Chumley Theater.

The Fictional Basis For The War On Terror by Dr. Graeme MacQueen
Graeme MacQueen is a retired member of the Religious Studies Department at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, where he was Associate Professor. His academic specialization is Buddhist Studies, in which he received his doctorate from Harvard University. In 1989 Graeme helped found McMaster's Centre for Peace Studies, of which he became director from 1989 until 1996. He was also a founder and co-director of the Centre's War and Health programme committee and was co-director of the three year Health of Children in War Zones project funded by Health Canada. The project was active in three war zones.
Graeme has been active in organizations committed to peace and human rights for many years and has at various times chaired the Hamilton Disarmament Coalition, the Board of Directors of Peace Magazine, and the National Coordinating Committee of Peace Brigades --International (Canada). He is also a committed teacher and has been awarded a teaching award for his undergraduate course, Theory and Practice of Nonviolence, as well as a Lifetime Achievement Award by the McMaster Student Union.
* Interview 11/19/06: "... theres no way those 3 towers were brought down by planes, jet fuel and fire. One tower, maybe. A structural flaw in the tower, a set of coincidences. Two towers — were getting into a highly unlikely situation, even though their construction was similar, because the planes hit in different ways. Three towers (including WTC 7 now, which wasn't hit by a plane), the odds against this are astronomical." * Essay 8/21/06: Regarding the recorded oral accounts of 503 members of the Fire Department of New York taken by the Department shortly after 9/11. "Claims that explosions contributed to the collapses were made on 9/11 and have persisted, but studies supportive of the U.S. governments account of events have ignored or denied these claims. ... We begin by facing the simple number of individual witnesses (118) and the even greater number of references, direct or indirect, in their accounts to explosions. We next have to deal with the rich, mutually supportive detail of these accounts. ... I cannot read this material without being struck by the ways in which the witnesses testimony is not merely cumulative but complementary and multidimensional. ... It appears (references are somewhat unclear) that the Commission did, in fact, make fairly extensive use of the oral histories. ... But what about all the references in the FDNY material to explosions? The Report makes no mention of them." * Member: Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice Association Statement: "Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice is a non-partisan organization consisting of independent researchers and activists engaged in uncovering the true nature of the September 11, 2001 attacks." * Member: Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth Association Statement "When faced with actions that conflict with the universal moral principle that we should not do to others what we would not want done to ourselves or our loved ones, members of faith communities have a responsibility to voice their opposition to those actions. Many religious leaders throughout history have publicly challenged morally unacceptable practices---recently, for example, in the civil rights and anti-apartheid movements. A significant moral challenge has emerged due to glaring discrepancies between the official version of the events of September 11, 2001, and the results of extensive independent research by individuals with relevant scientific or professional expertise. . . . As a result of this extensive research carried out by scientists and professionals, it can now be seen that the official account of 9/11 is false beyond any reasonable doubt. ... Because the false account of 9/11 has led to [numerous] evils, it is incumbent on religious leaders, once they realize that the official account is a lie, to speak out."

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Taken as a whole, this is one of the most compelling presentations I've seen.

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Thank you Graeme

The analogy of war as a child playing with toys is apt. Whenever I see a swat team busting down a door or soldiers training with high-tech weapons I'm reminded of playing cowboys and Indians as a boy. Our leaders are not philosophers and warrior poets. They are infantile and emotionally illiterate. They are bullies with nuclear weapons. It's time for the human race to grow up.

Growing Up

The monsters need to grow up, and try to get out of the STONE AGE...

Good stuff


I listened last night

Great Job Graeme!


Question: Have the firefighters and first responders interviewed been revisited?


Joe: Do you mean have I tracked them down and interviewed them myself? No, unfortunately. I made a couple of efforts a few years ago right after I wrote the 118 witnesses article, and it seemed there was a reluctance to discuss the issue. I didn't want to intrude since many were ill and many were traumatized, so I backed off. If anyone has a contact among these folks (firefighters and others) please let me know.

It's a great shame they haven't been re-interviewed. It's almost 10 years now and memories may be distorted or faded. It's a good thing we have so many records of what people said at the time (ranging from seconds after the events to several months). The witness records are invaluable... but it would be great if some of these folks were willing to speak out now.

"have I tracked them down and interviewed them myself?"

I was wondering if anyone had heard from any of them again. Just a broad question that crossed my mind.
I would hope that the oral histories could be followed up on in a real (International) investigation.