The Power of Facebook Concerning 9/11

The Power of Facebook Concerning 9/11

Recently I have noticed that facebook has become a very popular tool when it comes to trying to bring the truth out about September 11, 2001. Unfortunately, as some have been aware of for years, interesting conspiracy theories continue to win out over the truth when it comes to people's opinions. Why? Because disinfo is always working harder than the truth! All the other groups are full of conspiracy theories and few, if any FACTS! People that don't care about the truth are trying their hardest at making sure it stays that way as long as they can.

If Alex Jones gets one thing right, there is a war on for our minds!

Now that we are approaching the tenth year anniversary of nothing getting done, I am asking anybody and everybody that cares about the truth, not conspiracy theories, to please join the facebook group I made called "The Truth Movement". Just by joining and having your name there makes a BIG difference. So please consider my request and help me help you.

The group can be located at the following link on facebook:

The Truth Movement

The Truth Movement

Category:Common Interest - History


We are dedicated people trying to bring justice to the victims of the events which took place on September 11, 2001. These attacks resulted in over 3000 immediate deaths of innocent people while the numbers continue to grow everyday because of this atrocity.

As the tenth anniversary of 9/11 soon approaches, a lot of truly sincere people out there have did their best to try and get some answers to the many unanswered questions concerning events surrounding that day.

Unfortunately too many good people have been systematically lead down the wrong path by chasing baseless conspiracy theories! As a result of this, nothing postitive gets accomplished and only leads to endless, time wasting, debates over various opinions.

This could also be the reason why the subject of 9/11 has been marginalized by the main stream media for so many years, just as most of us have marginalized the REAL research for so many years!

This group has been constructed as a place where people can come to find REAL FACTS and HARD EVIDENCE which conclusively proves, beyond any reasonable doubt, that we have still not been told the truth concerning what really happened on the morning of September 11, 2001.

The only way we are going to credibly deconstruct the Final 9/11 Report at this point is to throw out all the speculation and theories and get them with their own evidence. Their documents, interviews and records are finally being released. We need to go chapter by chapter and link the statement to the footnote to the cited reference in the released documents and then work back to the claim from the evidence.

Please try to take the time to go through some of the various information presented here so you will be better equipped to give answers as to why you say "9/11 was an inside job!".

Thank you for taking the time to do some REAL research!


The Truth Movement.



.ps; if anyone has a problem with me linking to their sites, please just let me know and I will remove the links. If anyone would like me to link to their sites, please also let me know.

Thank you...

Thank you for posting this blog.

Thank you...

Thank you Michael Wolsey and John Bursill for becoming administrators for this facebook group.

Thank you...

Thank you David Chandler for becoming an admin on the group.

Thank you...

Thank you Kevin Ryan for joining.

Thank you...

Thank you Frank Legge for joining Michael, John and David as an administrator on the group.

Request for Statements

On Monday January 10th 2010 I posted this link:

on Mr. Hill's new FaceBook group's wall being called "The Truth Movement".

I did this as what i thought would be obviously seen and enjoyed as a joke by all. It was my one and only action there.

In the comment thread that followed after Mr. Hill's angry response I told him that it was just a joke and that he had my consent to remove my post. After that one or more of the 3 Amins there at the time, Jeff Hill, John Bursill, and Michael Wolsey made the decision to remove the post and ban me from participation there. Mr. Hill has refused any form of private communication on this.

I ask all the Admins there currently to my knowledge including Jeff Hill, John Bursill, Michael Wolsey, Frank Legge, Kevin Ryan, and David Chandler to make individual public statements about this now on this 911blogger .com thread.

Thank you,

that joke went down

like a lead balloon!

i have the same problem myself sometimes

i recently attempted something humorous on this site and swiftly got voted to -2 :(

but the next time i saw it it was back to 0, and the time after that into 1,2,3

Perhaps blogger would be a better place to trial new 9/11 truth humour and we do need it !

(and i cant spell that the american way - tomaytos tomartos!)

you wouldnt get so easily banned here

found some 9/11t jokes:
(dont know much about these mujca peeps but search engine found this)

(the subversive lecture of tinfoil hat lady is good too- video google)

Yes, Mr. Hilton.

Douglas Hilton - "that joke went down like a lead balloon!"

I'm afraid so, but I'm still happy that I made the effort and it doesn't mean that people in the future won't enjoy it. Currently at least one person besides me got a good laugh out of it, I think.

[NOTE FOR VIEWER CLARIFICATION: At the time of my post there the 3 Admins were Jeff Hill, Michael Wolsey, and John Bursill. These are 3 of the greatest opponents to the Citizen Investigation Team and they all know that I know the great scope and degree of their opposition. For me to place that link there in that context at that time was clearly a joke. I find it amazing that anyone with an understanding of this situation didn't see that and I find the subsequent series of events equally amazing.]


911ARTISTS - "I ask all the Admins there currently to my knowledge including Jeff Hill, John Bursill, Michael Wolsey, Frank Legge, Kevin Ryan, and David Chandler to make individual public statements about this now on this 911blogger .com thread."

I see now that Kevin Ryan is not an Admin there. Apologies to you, Mr. Ryan. I make no request to you, sir.


Potential concerns have become reality -

"Aldo Marquis (CIT) and Supporters Propagating LIES Through facebook"

(jpeg intensive pages at the following link)



Aldo is no longer an admin at the "group". Although, my old friend "kt" has come to town. He shouldn't be there too long though ;)