Hillary Clinton compares Gabrielle Giffords shooting to 9/11 attacks


Hillary Clinton compares Gabrielle Giffords shooting to 9/11 attacks
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton compared the man who shot Gabrielle Giffords to Islamist terrorists and the 9/11 attackers and said the incident showed America and the Arab world faced similar problems.
Hillary Clinton compares Gabrielle Giffords shooting to 9/11 attacks

By Richard Spencer, Abu Dhabi 6:33PM GMT 10 Jan 2011

In a television broadcast filmed before students in Abu Dhabi, Mrs Clinton was asked why the 9/11 terror attacks, the work of a handful of men, had been allowed to colour American views of a whole people.

She replied that America was "proud" of its many Muslim citizens and public servants, and said that the media exaggerated the voices of those who presented hostile views of the Muslim and Arab worlds.

She then raised the shooting at the weekend of the Arizona Democratic congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords.

"We have extremists in our country," she said. "A wonderful and incredibly brave young woman congress member was just shot by extremists in our country.

"We have the same kinds of problems, so rather than standing off of each other we should work to try and prevent the extremists wherever they are from being able to commit violence."

Ascribing the Arizona shootings to political extremism rather than the work of a mentally deranged loner has already proved controversial, and President Barack Obama avoided doing so directly in his address to the American people afterwards.

Mrs Clinton may be taking an even bigger risk in comparing the attack, even obliquely, to al-Qaeda's war on America.

She was taking part in the first event of a tour of the Middle East aimed at securing continued support for sanctions against Iran and showing American diplomatic commitment to the region. The state department was severely embarrassed by WikiLeaks cables which revealed private conversations between the region's leaders and American diplomats, often contradicting governments' official policies.

The television broadcast took the form of a sit-down interview with three women journalists from Kalam Nawaem, or Sweet Talk, a series loosely based on "The View", an American current affairs chat show.

Amongst other things, it aims to advertise the larger roles being played by women in public life in the Gulf region.

Mrs Clinton was asked questions about how to balance personal and public roles as a woman, but the most intense questioning concerned American Middle East policy, the Israel-Palestinian peace process, and the image of the Arab world in America.

She said that since 9/11, Islamist terrorists had been far more destructive to the lives of Muslims, and said they were often nihilists whose actions could win support from no one.

"This president and this administration are trying to isolate the extremists and not to let the extremists colour the views of any place," she said.

Jared Loughner was NOT a 9/11 Truther

I suppose most of you have heard that this dumb-ass watched Loose Change back in 2006, when he was still in high school (AP is reporting it). In the flurry of trying to find something...anything to pin his heinous actions on (because there is seemingly no such thing as just plain crazy anymore), I expect this will gain some traction in the MSM anytime now. But Jared Loughner was no 9/11 Truther, no matter if he 'believed' 9/11 was an inside job or not. 9/11 Truth is a PEACEFUL, information-based movement. Our JOB is to attempt to EDUCATE, civilly, and raise awareness to the many unanswered questions about the 9/11 attacks. Our motivation is the humble shame we feel toward the international violence, done in our name and the names of the victims and families of 9/11, at the hands of the state in response to the events of 9/11. I had never heard of Jared Loughner before Saturday's shootings. I am not aware of anyone in this movement who had. Show me anything Loughner has done to help our cause since he allegedly watched Loose Change and came to the conclusion that 9/11 was an inside job. His incoherent, schizophrenic YouTube videos say nothing about 9/11...in fact, they say nothing, period, that makes ANY sense. Like his book list, I'm guessing 9/11 was just another novelty to him. Something to hang his own personal anger issues on. As far as I know he went to Giffords' event to shoot her because she supposedly couldn't answer one of his insane riddle-questions he had asked her at another event in the past. That is what I have heard in news reports according to friends who knew him. It had nothing to do with a movie he watched in 2006. It had nothing to do with 'gold & silver', the Tea Party, or Sarah Palin. It had nothing to do with The Communist Manifesto or Mein Kampf or any of the other books he probably never even read. It only had to do with the fact that this kid was severely mentally-ill, and the bitter, distorted flame he held in the back of his mind about a congresswoman he felt had snubbed him. The kid was crazy with a capital C...that's all I can take away from what he did...and crazy happens.

As for Hillary Clinton, she's just another shameless politician grandstanding on tragedy. Thanks Joe, for the post, and to anyone who took the time to read what I had to say. PEACE.

You are welcome


A handful of Muslim Extremists?

If only that was the real danger to the world. The bullets, the bombs, the torture, the theft, the killing, the destruction, propagated by our Govt is my major concern Ms. Clinton. As secretary of state I hold you responsible for not doing enough to bring real peace and justice to this world. You are now in a long line of secretaries who deserve to be held accountable for your actions or lack of actions which has brought untold destruction and misery to humanity at large.

For the record I personally liked Tariq Aziz , even while working for a brutal dictator he tried to tell the truth about the effect of sanctions and the lack of WMD's. He was betrayed by the US and recently his own corrupt country. Shame on all of those involved!