Interview with "Deceptions" filmmaker, Chris Pratt


A Vermont neural plasticity expert produces
a film about awareness and critical thinking

Life was so much better when I lived in the “bubble”

unaware that my freedoms had some very distinct

boundaries. If I stayed in my sandbox I was OK.

But if I ventured out, if I became a critical thinker,

read, questioned authority, thought beyond

Democrat or Republican, realized that my

opinion and perceptions were being

managed by a corporate media,

realized that there was no public

policy only corporate policy,

I became a subversive. But how could

I reconcile continual war, wiretapping,

unanswered 9/11 questions, torture,

rendition, terrorism, the loss of freedom,

police brutality, news suppression, the bailouts,

 evaporation of the public option, a toothless

financial reform, no real audit of the Fed,

BP's constant lies, political bribery,

uncharged war criminals and corruption

beyond belief. My country was disappearing. 

How could I do nothing?


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Each chapter stands on its own.

Chap 1 - 9/11; Chap 2 - Bush/Cheney

Chap 3 - Obama; Chap 4 - Power Elite;

Chap 5 - Media Control; Chap 6 - New World Order


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Here is CHAPTER 1- 9/11

Connecting with the bigger picture

Chris Pratt calls himself a "newbie" regarding 9/11 awareness. Yet his compilation and perception of key evidence of glaring unanswered questions and deceptions regarding September 11, 2001, along with other chapters, show a deep understanding of why so little progress has been accomplished in the last decade in our uniting our awareness behind truth and solidarity with the public at large. The control of the media is a big part of it, as well as the traumatic mind-controlling events of that day, and one new crisis leading into another.

I believe this film could be most helpful in uniting a progressive 9/11 truth movement, if it has enough support in sharing this positive independent media production, rather than picking out details to find blame. Chris has copies of his film (and my interview with him) to share with anyone wanting to provide a public screening. I got this interview to 58 minutes which is good for community TV access station formatting. Thanks in advance for anyone helping to promote this film and awareness.

Radio Interview of Crhis Pratt by Robert Barron

Robert Barron on my facebook page posted a link to a different interview with Chris Pratt, from his radio show 9-11pm sundays 103.3 WXOJ Northampton, MA.