9/11, Anthrax, SCAD - Graeme MacQueen & Laurie Manwell on WFHB

Graeme MacQueen and Laurie Manwell discuss their talks given on Saturday, September 4, 2010 at the Buskirk Chumley Theater in Bloomington, Indiana on WFHB radio.

The Fictional Basis For The War On Terror by Dr. Graeme MacQueen
The Psychological Implications of 9/11 by Laurie Manwell

Peace Through Truth - 9/11 & State Crimes Against Democracy
presented by the 9/11 Working Group of Bloomington

Fire House Broadcasting: http://www.wfhb.org/

SCAD: State Crimes Against Democracy petition:


Those two do a nice job, don't they?

Kind of makes you want to watch a movie of them chatting up a cocktail party or something. People would watch that. Their minds are geared for it.

Getting the average someone to think a little about 911 is like trying to lead a donkey to a fire. People just don't want to admit the information into their minds. Must be tiresome to have to dwell on such basic points of logic over and over again.

Steve Jones commented on this intransigence. It does seem designed into the whole 911 psy-op. Also, it's easy for the MSM to disabuse the public of silly notions, but It's just as easy to abuse the public of a few notions too. That's a lot of raw psychological power to be up against. People are so afraid of peer-pressure. They won't do anything that could possibly rock their boat. They tend not to deviate from what they see on TV as accepted by everyone.


People are programmed.

and 9/11 Truth can break the spell.

Thank you, yes I did --

and I am enjoying the interview by Graeme and Laurie. They do so well, so articulate. The 9/11-truth seeking community is honored to have them speaking out and doing meaningful research. I want to thank Laurie and Graeme for their work.

911 truth

911 truth is not out there as an avalanche of deceptions because we live in a shameless world that ought to change....

911 was an inside job and there is not doubt about it.... we just need to learn how to live with it.