Power Madness and the Truth Movement

I think the 9/11 Truth epiphany is quite a shock to people. It makes them feel powerless. Then as our ancestors have done since the beginning many go on a quest for power and rightfully so, I think. Then like so many before them they come to this correct equation beneath:


In our situation this is not enough though. I think we all must realize that power leads to attachment, attachment leads to fear of loss, fear leads to anger, and this causes great suffering both internally and in our relationship to others. I believe that the solution to this might be found through a direct and sincere observation of our own minds, and hearts, and experience.


(Dedicated to Jeff Hill)

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If people were simply honest and admitted when they are wrong we wouldn't have most of the problems we do in the movement.

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For viewer clarification "shure" is Jeff Hill of http://www.pumpitout.com/. You can see above that I dedicated this effort to him.

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The axiom, Knowledge equals Power is true, but it's a confining way to think. It's an outgrowth of a "survival of the fittest" mentality. Knowledge and power can be used for good or evil. Evil people realize the truth in it, too.

What we really need in the movement and society is wisdom -- a survival of the wisest mentality. We fight over truth and knowledge. There is no fight when seeking wisdom, only peace.

I say, focus on wisdom, not knowledge. This is what will lead to enlightenment and lasting, transforming peace.

Dharma Combat

911peacenik - "There is no fight when seeking wisdom, only peace."
I think there may be a fight there as well, and a beautiful one, and one that benefits all.


For me, so many times the conversation becomes about a disagreement regarding the nature of the world/universe and/or methods for dealing with this situation. I think for some reason this is usually experienced as a spiritual conflict or "combat" by the people involved very similar to this traditional Buddhist practice. I think that when George Bush declared what happened after 9/11 he was presenting an untrue description of the world/universe and this threw us all into a state of external and possibly internal spiritual conflict. I believe that this deep psychology may be shaping many of our personal interactions. To me, this experience is usually being misinterpreted as a negative and run away from when it should actually be embraced, refined, and used as an opportunity to increase the level of enlightenment for all concerned.


911ARTISTS: "To me, this experience is usually being misinterpreted as a negative and run away from when it should actually be embraced, refined, and used as an opportunity to increase the level of enlightenment for all concerned."

All I'd ask you to consider is changing the word "negative" for the word "conflict" and then listen to how it sounds.

I am not suggesting that spiritual conflict does not exist. What I am suggesting is that the only effective and winning antidote for the conflict is wisdom and enlightenment, and not more knowledge. These conflicts arise from the clash of differing bodies of knowledge. They are not clashes of different stages of enlightenment. Differing stages of enlightenment would be supportive of each other and void of any significant conflict.

For instance, the decision to distance ourselves from conflicting bodies of knowledge regarding the Pentagon attack is a decision based on wisdom, not on the veracity of one set of knowledge over another. So yes, knowledge can be a good thing, but wisdom is the vehicle or channel through which knowledge can manifest in a way to benefit everyone.

It's not the knowledge that truthers possess that makes us a special breed of activists. There are plenty of people far more knowledgable than truthers. But it's the enlightenment from the knowledge we have that makes us unique and ultimately, game changers.

in the houses of shadow.

The LIE presented as TRUTH is the heart of the matter. Dichotomy. Bi-polar split. or B actor[Bauer,Berger, Bush,Chertoff -Abramoff to Zelikow] split.

When state sanctioned force is organized to ram that lie by all its means down the throat of a bewildered population, it most defiantly IS trauma - spiritual, intellectual imaginative trauma we are all dealing with right now.
We are suffering the actions of psychotic men who play with reason itself.
You'll find these guys on the board of the pill companies and factories selling the pharmacures for 'thinking disorder'.

BUSH also called anyone not 'with him' a terrorist. So the parameters [believe the lie or be a terrorist]were set with little or no opposition from the fourth estate or Judiciary.
In fact, 'embedded' meant exactly that. In bed together. Entwined. these once supposed safe guards of our civilizational well-being were and are at the very forefront of the attack projection of the LIE.
Are now totally part of that revolving complexity of doubt.
When the secretive control networks of society arrange to OWN and then corrupt the central tenet of its evolutionary track [truth.democracy freedom.CARE.JUSTICE. ] by ordering 'the people' to accept obvious lies ['building collapse due to office furnishings fire' as reason for a 47 storied, 81 steel columned behemoth to completely collapse in 6.5 seconds]
as true,

the wires are gonna cross.
Things are going to get unsteady in the thinking..

And we need to think. To look at the original Photographs.


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