9/11 Whistleblower Shaffer: I’m Not a Truther

Author: Jon Gold
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On January 20th, Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer came to Wayne PA to speak at the Anthony Wayne Movie Theater. Shaffer is a 9/11 whistleblower. Within the last year, he released a book entitled, Operation Dark Heart. The Pentagon heavily redacted the book. They purchased the first 10,000 copies that weren't redacted, and burned them. As Peter Lance points out:

"Shaffer’s book rips the lid off several stories the bureaucrats wanted to suppress: the role of a program named Able Danger in yielding information that could have uncovered the 9/11 plot; Operation Dark Heart, which could have nabbed Al Qaeda’s number two leader; and early indications that Pakistan’s spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence, or ISI, actively supported the Taliban. These are the incendiary bombs the censors tried to defuse. And this is the real story of Tony Shaffer’s book."

The Pakistani ISI was alleged to have a role in the 9/11 attacks. The United States Government has gone to great lengths to cover up their alleged involvement. I wanted to ask Anthony if he thought this was part of the reason the Pentagon wanted the ISI's relationship to the Taliban/terrorists redacted from the book. I got my chance.

Anthony will tell you that he's not a "truther." However, he acknowledges that there needs to be a common ground between us if we are to be successful. With that, I agree.

The following videos are from Anthony's talk:

Jon Gold Questions 9/11 Whistleblower Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer

The "Best Of" Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer

Q&A With 9/11 Whistleblower Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer

Common Ground


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We all know he's not a truther

Sibel Edmonds will likely tell you she's not a truther.
Same with Colleen Rowley.
I kinda put all of them in the same category

The most important thing we can take away is that they don't put us down for our convictions and more importantly, they speak with authority only about what they really know, instead of engaging in rabid speculation. That's gonna pay big dividends some day. And together, the testimony of the three of them puts the official 9/11 narrative on very shaky ground, plenty to warrant a new investigation.

I agree with Tony that we should work together on the issues about which we agree. We should not be attacking him (them) because they don't see things exactly as we do. But we should still pursue or own beliefs, with or without them. "To thine own self be true."

Jon has proven time and again that we can make huge strides if we are reasonable and respectful with those who have differing opinions. And Tony, Sibel and Colleen prove time and again that the passion of the 9/11 truth movement is a force to reckoned with, and they are not afraid to associate with us, and actually, probably admire our sincere passion.

Watch out, PTB.

Incompetence theory = speculation

Yes, this accords with previous statements of his views. We can still hope some good comes from what common ground there is--his agreement that we need a real investigation.

Where I differ with the preceding comment, though (at least with respect to Shaffer, maybe not the others mentioned), is where you say he sticks to what he really knows instead of engaging in 'rabid speculation.' It would be alright if he stuck to what he knew; but instead, I've heard him actively propound incompetence theory as the likely explanation for what went wrong on 9/11. I consider that to be engaging in speculation and going outside of what he knowns first-hand.


....he has personally witnessed incompetence in doing his job. The operative word in my comment is "rabid," as in Webster Tarpley, for example. It is this type of speculation that can be very dangerous. I don't see any of that from Tony. I also think that it is a misconception that incompetence, LIHOP and MIHOP are all mutually exclusive or couldn't happen simultaneously. I personally think it is reasonable to entertain the idea that the people who could MIHOP would taken advantage of those who might LIHOP (willingly or unwillingly) or be incompetent, especially for creating an alibi in the event that things get a little too hot.

Now I'm starting to speculate a little too much...........and this is where Tony is spot-on. Focusing on common ground precludes allowing our opinions to get in our own way.

It's important to note...

That NONE of us are "truthers." At least not according to the definition put forward by the media and debunkers. Tony is saying he isn't a "truther" as depicted by them. However, I bet if he knew what the real definition for a "9/11 Truther" is, he might think differently.

In my mind, a "9/11 Truther" is someone who fights alongside the family members seeking truth and accountability for the 9/11 attacks. In my mind, a "9/11 Truther" is someone who fights for the sick and dying 9/11 First Responders who need health care desperately. In my mind, a "9/11 Truther" is someone who does not like how the day of 9/11 is being used to inflict pain and suffering around the world, and is trying to stop it. Stop it by using the truth. Something we have been denied by our Government regarding the 9/11 attacks.

I don't even refer to myself as a "9/11 Truther" anymore. I say I am a 9/11 Peace & Justice Activist.

This comment is critical!

Jon you are spot on here!

Speak of the...


"Taliban atrocities aren't happening in a vacuum," said Ali Dayan Hasan, senior South Asia Researcher for Human Rights Watch, "but instead with covert support from elements in the intelligence services and law enforcement agencies."

sounds like someone's

been reading their Nafeez Ahmed.

For many...

Years. He liked my questions to Tony. From Nafeez:

Good questions Jon, and good answers from Tony. Observation: The film Charlie Wilson's War is partially and generically accurate on some things, but overall is demonstrably disinformation in charting the real causes and trajectory of the US decision to finance the Afghan mujahideen. The film tries to show that Wilson and a relatively small but powerful cohort of neocons was the prime mover in getting the US into Afghanistan. That's just bullshit, as documented in many things I've written over the years.

Holy Crap!


In my definition of a truther

I am someone who believes we have been lied to about the events of september 11th and wants the American people and the rest of the world to know the truth. In my definition of a truther I am one who wants those involved in the attacks of september 11th and the resulting collateral carnage around the world brought to justice. In my definition of a truther I am one who wants to live in a true republic where the truth is paramount and the rule of law is above all.

I find it ironic that Tony Shaffer insists he is not a truther when he admits we don't know the truth and that the truth has been covered up. I think his refusal to "speculate" is camuflage for he is afraid. With good reason he has much to fear as do we all. What level of incompetence can be responsible for demo charges in the three towers tony?

Finally I hold him responsible for his role as an agent in the illegal, immoral, destructive force to the people of Afganistan and most notably the torture and inhumane military prison in Bagram. Should he be forgiven? That is not my call, I could personally forgive him and would hope he would repent.

Finally, yes I am a truther not just for the victims and family members in NYC but for the world at large which has suffered immensely at the hands of those who perpetrated and continue to perpetuate the terror events, warcrimes and torture.

First of all...

How do you know he took part in "illegal, immoral, destructive force?" Should all of the soldiers who were sent to that region BY THE WHITE HOUSE be held "responsible" as well? Also, please show me where Tony took part in the "torture and inhumane" treatment of a prisoner at Bagram.

Sorry to offend you Jon

but being a part or playing any role in the Bagram torture and illegal capture and imprisonment there is a crime in my book. There is no justification for the carnage and crimes against humanity which continues there. The old defense it was my job or I was just following orders doesn't cut it with me.
What exactly was his specific role I cannot say, can you? Perhaps if all the soldiers who were sent to that region by our corrupt regime to steal assets and fund corporate military interests at the expense of and in the name of US citizens took personal responsibility we would all be better off.


You make it sound like he personally tortured someone without any knowledge of him torturing someone. You know that he interrogated someone, but does that qualify as torture? If you think I somehow condone what has taken place in the entirety of the Middle East, you would be sorely mistaken. You do understand that our soldiers are fed an enormous amount of propaganda in order to be brainwashed correct? There was a poll at one time that talked about a whopping 80+% of the soldiers that were serving in Iraq believed Saddam had something to do with 9/11. I believe individual soldiers should be held accountable for individual war crimes, no matter who it is, but the majority of the blame should be on the individuals that put them in this impossible situation.

I will agree with your last statement..................

" I believe individual soldiers should be held accountable for individual war crimes, no matter who it is, but the majority of the blame should be on the individuals that put them in this impossible situation."

I did not imply that he directly tortured anyone, however considering the documented history of the Bagram Military Prison he most certainly at the very least was indirectly involved. This in itself is a problem in my book. Why don't you ask him about his role and if he regrets anything he has done? The treatment and violation of human rights at that facility was and most likely still is Horrendus and the illegal and immoral occupation has been nothing short of Catastrophic for Afganistan. The fact that he would essentially pull out if he was commander and chief says a great deal about the situation, and I credit him for that. I am ashamed as an American for the devastation the US has brought to both Iraq and Afganistan. I doubt anyone who blogs on this site can truly imagine the level of destruction we have wrought unless they were first hand witnesses.


"We all knew that harsher-than-normal interrogation techniques had been approved, and if you really wanted to do something, you could probably get approval to do it, but I didn't-and still don't-believe such methods work.John and I were trained interrogators, and that wasn't the way we operated." Page 94 Operation Dark Heart

"At another level, though, the U.S. military was involved in some bad stuff. For weeks, Jack Foster had been bugging me to come over ________________________to show me how they'd converted the former ___________HQ ___________clearly set up for the "enhanced interrogation" program, and offered me a tour."

"I knew what he was trying to do, and so I kept putting him off. I had known that there was a "special" system for handling HVT prisoners that the Pentagon leadership didn't want going to the BCP. They also had to be kept from the FBI since the agents who weren't told that an "enhanced interrogation" program had been authorized at the highest level of the U.S. government were legally required to report any prison abuses they witnessed. The interrogation program, _____________ was authorized, but a lot of us felt it wasn't appropriate and just wasn't right. We also all knew that the CIA had a separate secret prison at Bagram. We just stayed away from it." Page 257 Operation Dark Heart

"The 1099 facility was an "enhanced interrogation program," Jack told me. "You ought to come over and see it."
"Finally I said I'd take a look."

"I was blown away-and not in a good way-by what I saw. The building had been completely gutted. Rooms had been converted into holding cells or open areas, framed in wood and steel, that Jack told me were for interrogation..........."

"Jack leaned forward forward eagerly. "You know," he gestured at the interrogation areas, "you could help me with this."

"Jack, don't ever bring me back here, I snapped. " I have no desire to get involved in this." I turned and walked out. "
Page 258 Operation Dark Heart

peacefulwarrior said...."What exactly was his specific role I cannot say, can you?"

Then maybe you should stop making accusations in the name of being a "truther"

peacefulwarrior said..."I hold him responsible for his role as an agent in the illegal, immoral, destructive force to the people of Afganistan and most notably the torture and inhumane military prison in Bagram. Should he be forgiven?"

Should you be forgiven for your slander?

"What exactly was his specific role I cannot say"------"I hold him responsible" ---peacefulwarrior

Frankly I consider Shaffer more of a " truther", than many I see in a so called "truth" movement. Speaking truth to power--he's done that, how many "truthers" have?




for writing this up.

But the right thing to do for Anthony Shaffer at that point was resign immediately and blow the whistle on Bagram.

Shoot me.

Not everyone...

is perfect.


And I'm not going to vilify Anthony Shaffer, like I'm not vilifying Col. Wilkerson (he did admit he helped Condoleezza Rice prepare for her part in the 9/11 cover up). Just had to speak my mind on this issue here.

The main reason I'm not vilifying either is because they've done positive and courageous things since that mitigate.

I'll make no secret of this... the whole torture issue possibly angers me equally, if not more, than 9/11. Bush brazenly declared responsibility in his book related interview with Matt Lauer... Nothing happens. Nothing ever happens.

Did I miss something?

There is nothing to indicate he witnesses torture. Unless I missed something. He was given a tour of an interrogation facility but as far as I know it wasn't being used at the time. What is he supposed to be whistle blowing on? He knew just like we did water boarding and "enhanced interrogation" methods were being used. There is nothing I know of that suggests he participated or even witnessed them being used. So what is all the fuss? He in fact is speaking out against them.

"We all knew that harsher-than-normal interrogation techniques had been approved, and if you really wanted to do something, you could probably get approval to do it, but I didn't-and still don't-believe such methods work. John and I were trained interrogators, and that wasn't the way we operated." Page 94 Operation Dark Heart

"We also all knew that the CIA had a separate secret prison at Bagram. We just stayed away from it." Page 257 Operation Dark Heart

the number one reason given by

young uk muslims when detained trying to leave manchester airport to go join the taliban was their main motivation was the torture of muslims

using our 2 reactions:

torture is bad
bush administration is evil

they want an excuse without end to justify the war without end
they got america to its feet by 9/11
they got some muslIms ready to fight by the torture
oh well theres a fight on and america can be just and valiant now to go on invading, occupying and spending your tax money without end

i say 9/11 is psywar to guide the west to war
i say torture is psywar to guide muslims to war to justify some and smokescreen some other objectives

Being snarky

does you no favors, Jon. Never has, and never will.

9/11 Truther

The Wikipedia has this one right, with a dozen references. A 9/11 Truther does not believe part or all of the official story, and wants the truth about what happened.

Other than that, we may all disagree about anything or everything else, but all 9/11 Truthers agree about that one thing. It also means we most likely want a new (independent) investigation.

So that's what that means, and that is where I think a person should make a stand, instead of the other take, which I think is where the name is being avoided out of fear from how some people use it, or some other false definition. I'd make a stand (and would recommend doing so) at the point of defining the term properly. I think that's what we all have in common here.

Proud to be a truther and

not even afraid to be called a conspiracy theorist. thanks

You're welcome

I'm referring to Schaffer.


You want to stand up for him go ahead. He should have reported and immediately documented the abuse he saw if he had refused to participate. I don't think some quote in a book serves as evidence of anything. He still denies that 911 was an inside job! Do you? When he donates the proceeds of the book to a humane cause then perhaps his standing will improve. Also the main prison facility at Bagram is what has been documented as violating human rights and torture not just the secret prison discussed. Do you really think he could have done his job without being a part of that. Well I don't. As far as speaking truth to power that is a valid point but what chance do most of us have to do that? I have protested in front of the white house, in front of the FBI headquarters, and even today in front of my local Federal Building to protest the FBI targeting peace activists! Perhaps you should stop evaluating truthers. IMO anyone who is committed to a real investigation of 911 and contends that we have been royally lied to should be given respect period.

"He still denies that 911 was an inside job!"

And that is one of the reasons we have failed as of today, and one of the reasons no one wants to associate with us. The idea that you must believe something in order to participate.

I never said anyone must believe

I just pointed out his lack of support for all aspects of the evidence. His theory is not supported by the evidence and in my opinion he knows it. The reason we have failed as of today is strictly due to the unfair advantage the empire holds. We do not live in a Republic, our leaders are mostly compromised, there is no free press, so don't be surprised if the truth never officially comes out in our lifetimes. History has more than adequately supported what I have been saying all this time. Scholarship and evidence can never win the day without a mass uprising. The real reasons people don't want to associate with us ? Because the odds are stacked against us and they know it, because their livelihoods are involved, because their safety is involved.

PS - please know I think very highly of you, your efforts, your scholarship and committment. Without a doubt I will support you even if I disagree on strategies.

Common Ground:


Great work, thanks for filming this event with A.S.

I wonder if you invited him out to share common ground with you at the White House on the 31st?

Though I doubt it his style. I would love to support you if it was in driving distance, but I am in Ca. - and I don't fly anymore.

I can apprciate Anthonys position, though it can be frustrating to not hear him say "whats up with building 7". Rational discussion is by far the most constructive way to build bridges.

He does have questions about...

WTC7, and has said so.


I might not know to when he spoke on WTC 7.

I found this, but I dont know if this is legitamate.


Is there something else you can reference for me?

He told me...


Related to OP...

Related -

Nafeez Ahmed talked about his book The War on Truth: 9/11, Disinformation, and the Anatomy of Terrorism - C-span video link -
(2005, 1 hour, 23 minutes)

(Especially from 52min:15sec on)