Guns and Butter - "Cognitive Infiltration" with Tod Fletcher
Guns and Butter - "Cognitive Infiltration" with Tod Fletcher
January 26, 2011

Guns and Butter -
Guns and Butter - "Cognitive Infiltration" with Tod Fletcher

We discuss David Ray Griffin's newest book, Cognitive Infiltration, which is a deconstruction and debunking of Obama appointee, Cass Sunstein's, paper, "Conspiracy Theories: Causes and Cures", in which Sunstein proposes a new government COINTELPRO type infiltration of groups which research and promote ideas and explanations that run contrary to US government narratives, most specifically about the events of September 11th. First aired in part on fund drive, today we air the entire show.


thanks for posting this..its essential.


See here:

and here

DRG has some explaining to do and re-retracting of this bad info. It is obviously becoming a problem from his and the truth movements credibility.

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Excellent Show Tod!

Guns and Butter -


I have read Cognitive Infiltration top to bottom
I think it's an excellent and uplifting decode which seems to mean that the preeminent legal mind of the US (as the democrats described Mr Sunstein) is against the neocons' 911conspiracy theory