Kurt Haskell tells Fox News how the government was involved

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Attempted Plane Attack: Trial Date Set for Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab
Passengers Have Theory on What Really Happened

EXCERPT: ..."The U.S. government escorted them through security without a passport and, we believe, gave him an intentionally defective bomb," said Kurt Haskell....

Attempted Plane Attack: Trial Date Set for Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab: MyFoxDETROIT.com

DETROIT (WJBK)(by Amy Lange) - Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the man accused of trying to blow up an airplane over metro Detroit on Christmas Day 2009, appeared in federal court Tuesday. A trial date has now been set.

However, it was actually more interesting to hear from a couple of the passengers that showed up at court. They had an interesting theory about what really happened.

"The U.S. government escorted them through security without a passport and, we believe, gave him an intentionally defective bomb," said Kurt Haskell.

It's a startling allegation from two local attorneys that were on-board the 2009 Christmas Day flight to Detroit when Abdulmutallab allegedly tried to blow up a bomb hidden in his underwear.

Kurt and Lori Haskell think the U.S. government was behind the whole thing.

"It was intentional that it went this far to further the war on terror, to get body scanners in the airports, to increase the TSA's budget, to renew the Patriot Act and whatever other reasons you want to list," Kurt Haskell told FOX 2.

The Haskells say in Amsterdam before boarding the flight to Detroit, they witnessed Abdulmutallab arguing with a ticket agent at the gate because he didn't have a passport when a man in a tan suit with an American accent intervened.

"The ticket agent did not want to allow Abdulmutallab on the flight and this man was very insistent of it, and then she referred them to a manager down the hallway," said Kurt Haskell.

They next saw Abdulmutallab on-board the plane when they saw fire and people screaming.

Abdulmutallab has insisted on representing himself in the case. The trial date has now been set for October 4 and could include up to 400 witnesses.

"It's a very serious case," said Anthony Chambers, Abdulmutallab's stand-by attorney. "(There's) a lot of evidence that has to be reviewed and a lot of witnesses which must be interviewed in order to properly prepare the case."

Although the judge has urged Abdulmutallab to have Chambers represent him, so far he has refused.

"I think that this (is) a case that we can help him with greatly. It's a very defensible case," Chambers said.

Kurt and Lori Haskell Blog

911Blogger Article with a running record of related links in comment section

The Kurt Haskell Show - BlogTalkRadio
Upcoming Episode 1/27/2011 Thursday - 4:00 PM EST
A discussion of fraud and corruption within the federal, state and local government. Host Kurt Haskell is an attorney and passenger/eyewitness to the Underwear Bomber false flag event on Christmas Day 2009. Criminal attorney Mark Mandell will join us. We will discuss the Underwear Bomber's court hearing on January 25, 2011 and discuss with Mark whether the Underwear Bomber has a legitimate entrapment defense.

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I wish the "Underwear Bomber" deception had remained forefront.

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I have tremendous admiration for Kurt and Lori Haskell

Like you guys, I greatly admire the courage and tenacity of Kurt and Lori Haskell.
They stand tall.
Virtually alone, they are trying to expose the government's involvement.
This upcoming court case is a huge liability to Big Sis.
Comments help to show them that we support their endeavors. Thank you!

Kurt has known about the 9/11 false flag operation since before Christmas 2009.
Christmas 2009 was the first domestic terror attack since 9/11/01; another false flag event.
I wish more people were aware of this scenario.

The list of coincidences surrounding Flight 253 and the subsequent cover-up go on and on.
An American speaking "government" agent helped to ramrod the bomber through the ticket agent without a passport (witnessed by several people).
The authorites refused to show the video footage of this event, nor even seriously investigate this alarming allegation.
Flight 253 occurred just prior to the expiration of parts of The Patriot Act.
Vested interests had been adamantly pushing to justify a reason to install body scanners into airports, along with trying to justify a need for greater homeland security measures.
Other passengers on the Flight appear to have been part of the covert government operation. For example: A man at the rear section of the plane was filming the flight BEFORE and during the incident.
When the plane landed, odd moron-type security measures in searching for other bombs occurred. Examples: Passengers and their carry-on luggage were grouped together in the terminal to be checked for explosives. The method of how the plane taxied and how passengers were detained was blatantly stupid if there had been other explosives onboard or in luggage.
Bomb sniffing dogs pointed out a "man in orange" which was witnessed by many of the passengers. The man was led away in handcuffs. The government dynamically changed their story more than 6 times about this occurrence, because they were caught in a bold-faced lie each time. It is probable that the man in orange helped to expedite the bomb placement with Mutallab for a variety of reasons (e.g. to make sure that Mutallab did not get cold feet, to be sure that the explosive went through unnoticed).
The lack of serious government investigations points to a cover-up. The silence by mainstream news about these issues reinforces the fact that this was a false flag event.
There are more oddities which the Haskells have been noting on their blog over the past year.

Kurt Haskell Blows Whistle On Underwear Bomber: Given Bomb By U


Kurt Haskell Blows Whistle On Underwear Bomber: Given Bomb By US Government To Boost TSA Budget & Implement Body Scanners

We Are Change/Infowars
Jan 28, 2011

I contend that this story is just the tip of the iceberg into the US government’s black operations to further the Patriot Act, funding for Homeland Security and the TSA, and to keep intensity up for the so called War on Terror. Respected lawyer and community leader, Kurt Haskell, has nothing to gain from pointing his finger at the federal government. He witnessed the underwear bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, being whisked past security and led onto NorthWest Airlines flight 253, by a well-dressed man with an American accent- all without the passenger’s proper visa and passport documentation. What the news piece doesn’t mention is that the State Dept did indeed put Mutallab on the plane, at the behest of “an unnamed US intelligence agency.” Undersecretary Patrick F. Kennedy (Detroit news article was removed from web!).

THIS is why we are being groped, molested, and body scanned at the airport by the TSA! Because the government claims the underwear bomber is a real threat! Stand up America- the politicians say our rhetoric is dangerous. Maybe the government itself is terribly dangerous….

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News piece aired January 25, 2011 – FOX 2 WJBK Detroit, Michigan

Crotch and testicles on fire, but no screaming?

On Thursday's blog radio show, a caller brought up a valid point about the underwear bomber...
Typically, if a man's testicles are kicked, the man doubles over in pain.
The underwear bomber had his crotch and testicles burning... ...yes, burning on fire.
He did not scream. He did not double over, squirming in pain.
He was almost stoic.


State Department Told Not to Revoke Christmas Day Bomber’s Visa

January 27, 2010: State Department Told Not to Revoke Christmas Day Bomber’s Visa

I wish stuff like the above would get more attention. The above timeline is a work in progress - i haven't been following the underwear bomber's story closely, but I recall there are other suspicious elements involving actions and lack of actions on the part of US officials. For instance, the report that Abdulmutallab's dad warned the US that his son was a potentially violent radical. I don't know if that was before or after he was under surveillance, but details like that should be investigated, and would be if the US government wasn't almost entirely corrupted, and if Americans were paying more attention.

The Haskell's story is interesting, but should be corroborated - I'm not aware of any confirmation of this sharp-dressed man account, by other witnesses or official records - it may be entirely true, but we should nothing and no person should be trusted simply because what they say appears to contradict the official version of events.

Personally, i was really disappointed when Haskell released his cartoon accusing Chertoff of orchestrating the entire episode to scare Americans into accepting the porno scanners or personal grope sessions. No doubt that was part of it, but the cartoon was simplistic and cartoonish.

Haskell's an attorney; I'm surprised he hasn't been digging into the Abdulmutallab story more, and using the other suspicious elements, which are part of official records, to flesh out the big picture, rather than indulging in speculation which, while it may true, isn't supported by hard evidence.

Death Threat - timeline context of the video

I want to explain my perspective about the video which Kurt made.

There is some context to this video.
Kurt and Lori Haskell often travel.
Kurt made this video just prior to traveling and just following a death threat.
It is my opinion that one of the reasons he made this video is to paint a map-it-out-scenario. I think that part of the intention was to act as insurance against possible self-hangings or airplane crashes or mysterious car crashes or weird black PR stunts against them.
He and his wife are virtually alone on making a stand exposing the government's deceptions in this case.
I believe that the visibility helps to keep them healthy.

Kurt Haskell at 911blogger:

Kurt Haskell's comment - Tues January 25, 2011

Kurt made a comment following his blog post on Tuesday January 25th

This is Kurt Haskell:

If I talk to Umar, it will be through standby attorney Anthony Chambers. I have talked to him a couple of times and we will be meeting shortly.

With time, I am now more convinced than ever as to what transpired. I would now say that I am 99% certain as to what happened.
There are many pieces of evidence that support my theory on what happened. The evidence that supports the government theory is nonsensical and contradictory. I know that it is hard for some of you on the outside to accept our theory. Starting October 4, 2011, things will become very clear.

More thoughts from Kurt - Friday Jan 28th

From Kurt and Lori's Blog...

Friday January 28, 2011
Thoughts on Umar's Hearing This Week and a Look Ahead to the October 4th Trial
by Kurt Haskell:

Lori and I attended Umar's status conference this week. The proceedings were extremely interesting to me. First of all, Umar walked into the courtroom in a white t-shirt. He turned and stood about 20 feet in front of me. I kind of had a deja vu moment as when I saw him in Amsterdam, he stood about 10 feet in front of me with a white t-shirt on. I finally got to hear Umar speak. I've never heard him speak until this hearing. His English seemed pretty good, although he had a fairly heavy accent. He did have a Nigerian translator present and he did consult with him a few times. Most of the hearing was spent in a back and forth discussion between Judge Edmunds and Umar. The discussion centered around the need for Umar to accept standby attorney Chambers as his regular attorney. Umar refused over and over again. Everyone in the court room seemed to just want to stand up and say "LET HIM BE YOUR ATTORNEY!". Judge Edmunds finally gave up. Another part of the hearing discussed the fact that Chambers is not Umar's attorney right now, and therefore, Umar and Chambers don't have the attorney client privilege. Thus, anything Umar tells or shows Chambers can be found out by third parties. The U.S. Attorneys seemed particularly troubled with the fact that some of the information they turned over to Umar, could be obtained by third parties and used in a civil case. I wonder why? The hearing then proceeded with a discussion of if and how the evidence held by Umar's previously fired attorney (given to her by the prosecution) would be turned over to Chambers. The result was that it would only be turned over to Umar at Milan Prison and Umar could show Chambers only what he wants to. Note that Chambers, during this discussion, indicated that Milan prison had not been providing faxes or messages of his to Umar or being helpful in scheduling appointments. He went on to state that it was his belief that Milan prison was doing this intentionally, and he suspected that it had received a call from "higher up" to do this. Note that I had a similar experience with Milan prison last year. The hearing concluded with Judge Edmunds setting a trial date. She first suggested June 23, but Chambers wasn't available. She then suggested September 10, but Chambers again wasn't available. She then suggested October 4 and noted that she wouldn't likely reschedule that date. When she set that date, Umar stated that he needed more time than that to read up on how to do the trial. He then asked for a trial date in 2012. Judge Edmunds immediately refused. I was shocked at how adamant Umar was that he was going to represent himself. I now strongly believe that this matter will proceed to trial. What I am concerned about is that Umar will likely represent himself at the trial. If he does so, he may not know how to get the important evidence admitted into the record. If I am correct and Umar does not use Chambers in the trial, I fear that the facts will never be known. I was very impressed with Chambers and Judge Edmunds. I did not get the impression that either is biased towards the prosecution and the "official" story. I talked to Chambers for a few minutes after the hearing and we will be having a conference soon. It was strangely odd that no other passengers were present. This fact put Lori and I back in the crosshairs of the media crunch. We talked to at least 7 reporters, but only Fox 2 Detroit reported the interview. What is also strange is that nearly all of the passengers seem to have disappeared. I no longer have a valid email address or phone number for any other passenger. I am not sure what to make of this.